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The 'za has been ordered.

This Person is trans btw, if that matters.
Southern California
OccupationGas station clerk
Best known forBeing a retard, twitch streams.
SpousesUnknown woman, 2013 - 2022. Unknown man, ??? - 2022

LifeInMasterMode (also known as Desiray, Dustin, and the LIMM), is a child-abusing,[1] meth-addicted,[1] 38 year old who regularly drunkenly streams to about 5 or so other middle aged troons. His toxic and narcissistic behavior recently grabbed the attention of the party, who were instantly captivated by his eccentric[a] behavior. On his Facebook profile he lists his occupation as streaming on Twitch & Tiktok, although it is highly questionable if these endeavors can be classified as employment, with his position as a gas station clerk seemingly being his primary source of income. Desiray is a deeply disturbed man whose mental issues seem to stem from his mother (who currently heads the moderation of his twitch chat), who forced him to dress up like a girl from a young age[2].



1984 - Born

2012 - Troons out (age 27)

2013 - Gets engaged (child born prior to this)

???? - Child is later taken by the CPS due to the both of them being addicted to meth and unsafe for a child to be around.

2021 - LIMM Develops cancer in his left knee. Unfortunately,[3] he survived this.[4]

Extremely Late 2022 - LIMM gets into a polyamorous relationship(composed of his then wife and a 2nd man), which almost immediately breaks off after the other 2 people in it decide they don't want to be with him (presumably due to his addiction to methamphetamine, history of child abuse, and general deficiency of character). He was essentially ditched while his 2 former lovers continued the relationship on their own.

Before the party

The first n-bomb dropped on LIMM
Operation Hydration: Channel points were used by 'teens to get LIMM to "hydrate" so he would be too busy using the bathroom to kick them from his discord channel while they used their soundboard on his stream.

LIMM was the personal lolcow of a soyteen, who had a tendency to sit in his 'cord channel while streaming on twitch. The aforementioned 'teen often took full advantage of this to spam his soundboard to get him suspended from twitch, which did happen multiple times. This repeated process eventually resulted in LIMM putting tighter restrictions on his Discord, prompted the soyteen to respond in Operation Hydration. .


Once, when LIMM had fallen asleep while drunk on stream, a 'teen joined his discord server and, utilizing his soundboard, gave LIMM various reasons to consider the importance of black lives. LIMM, in his tired drunken transvestite fury, began to yell "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" causing him to be abandoned by the few friends he had left.[5] and leading to a temporary 'nishment from twitch.

LIMM's nigger moment

Discovery by the party.

On the 2nd of March, 2023, During a thread meant to coordinate raids on Twitch streamers playing Jackbox, a Soyteen, seemingly randomly proposed that LIMM be raided. This proposal, however, was in fact not random - the user had actually seen a thread on /raid/ a few days prior created by another 'teen that had been keeping tabs on this deranged sociopath for a while[6], and had rather nobly chosen to reveal his existence to the party, in the hopes that he would be punished for being a blemish upon this Earth.[7]

This led to an extraordinarily entertaining series of events that caused severe humiliation to LIMM. His stream was raided by about 2 dozen people, his discord server, flooded with images of Cado's asshole, and his appearance, thoroughly made fun of. A particularly crafty soyteen managed to find the number of this this pathetic shell of a human being, and chose to call in a complaint. What followed was perhaps the single most entertaining conversation in party history.[b]

After this, a soyteen placed an order for an anchovy pizza to LIMM's apartment (turns out this was an old address he currently lives in the trailer in baker). He was able to do this, because a couple of minutes prior, the 'jakker who told /soy/ about LIMM in the first place doxxed him.[8]

The humiliation suffered during that night sent LIMM into a bout of alcoholism. He spent the first part of the streaming counting out dimes to buy vodka with before he ecstatically found $10 in his pocket. He then left the stream for 10 minutes to buy alcohol. When he returned he downed the entire bottle of in a short amount of time before desperately closing his stream and passing out. His moderators had to beg him to close his stream before he lost consciousness, he was barely coherent and absolutely shit-faced off the cheap vodka, and they did not want him to further humiliate himself by livestreaming his body blacked out on the floor for 10 hours.

But even after his loss of consciousness, LIMM's humiliation did not end. The 'teen who placed an order for pizza decided to do it four more times[9] [10] and the pizzas arrived at his home around presumably 2 in the morning.

Call to Papa's
Dominos Order

Soyjak variant

A soyjak variant based off of LIMM was created during the discovery thread.


Video talking about the assault

LIMM seems to have a habit of sharing his life online and frequently uploads disturbing videos to his tiktok. Some highlights of this include an incident where a group of wild chuds were ”trying to flirt with him”. The group allegedly busted out the rear window of the car he was living in at the time with his wife then kicked the shit out of him. The claims that the group was attempting to flirt with him are highly defamatory and most likely untrue. The supposed assault was most likely the result of thousands of years of evolution that have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. The group of chuds most likely picked up on the scent of xer’s axe wound and followed it back to his home (shitbox coupe) before they let their natural instincts take over. LIMM did not receive any major injuries from the assault,  asides from a fat lip and a few bruises, and never reported the incident because he was parked in park after hours causing some doubt about the legitimacy of the event.


  1. retarded
  2. This is only a very short excerpt from the extremely gemmy call.