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The only people who regularly edit Soyjak Wiki are autists, schizos, and CIA agents attempting to rewrite history. Often these factions have disputes and resort to edit-warring as a stand-in for Soy Duels.

For more recent edit wars or vandalism attacks, perpetrators will generally choose a time when Angeleno Doll is asleep.


Between 30 March—7 April, 2021, the page on Chudjak was created and quickly became the subject of the first edit war seen on Soyjak Wiki. Editors autistically battled over the political positions of the article's namesake, the origins of the word "chud", and whether the use of chudjak was genuine or astroturfing. This debate settled along ideological lines. Eventually, the "right wing chudcel" version and the "left wing tranny" version were merged into the same article as a compromise, but the edit warring still continued until Soot himself y'all can't behave'd and locked the page, which is the state it remains in today.

Impish Soyak Ears

On April 1st, there was a short edit war on the Impish Soyak Ears, Guinness World Record Soyjak, and the Forced Meme (now deleted) pages which started when someone edited the Impish Soyak Ears page and pages that mention this variant to claim that this variant is a fail. This spawned an edit war that lasted about an hour. After 100+ edits the editors reached an agreement which ended the short edit war.


On July 11, 2021, a user named Scatman John edited the Colorjaks page to add a section on "Operation Bleached Bowl", an unconfirmed conspiracy theory, alleging that mods intentionally allowed Colorjaks to be spammed, while banning his scat posts. This spawned an edit war between Scatman John and his fellow promoters of the Operation Bleached Bowl theory, and User:Sootknowsyourlocation, who dismissed the theory as schizophrenic. At one point, the page was experiencing around 40 edits per hour.

Further conflict

After swapping over 70 biased edits to match his own biases,[1] Sootknowsyourlocation admitted defeat by replacing all of the page's content with the words "Have fun.". [2] This was seen as a win for Scatman John and his associates, mainly User:Jew and User:Soyward. After hostilities ceased, Soot locked the page, keeping it in an anti-Colorjak and pro-OBB conspiracy state. The page was locked at 03:30 on June 12th 2021 and remained that way until 19:40 that same day, at which point a second, smaller edit war immediately took place. This second conflict soon fizzled out, and for a while, aside from a few small edit battles, the page remained in a reasonably unbiased state.

A third edit war broke out on 25 June 2021, when User:Y'all edited the page to focus almost entirely on OBB, removing much of the accumulated content, adding a foreword and a few new templates, and redirecting the article to a new article named "Operation Bleached Bowl".


After intermittent warring between the OBB and neutral versions of the pages, a two-state solution was enacted; OBB received its own page that remains wholly uncensored. All seemed peaceful in the land of Soyjak Wiki.


Operation Bleached Bowl: Never Forget

A massive attack that targeted the wiki in protest of moderation, all the pages were renamed to "Operation Bleached Bowl" and all the images were changed to a Chef Impjak.

Soot reversed all the damage a day later, but moving pages has been disabled on this wiki.


Regularly flipflops between actual futanari pornography and "nigger".

BBC war/Critical BBC Theory

A huge fight between anti-kuz[3] vandals and jannies that broke in this wiki.


Kuz was the subject of many vandalisms until his page was split into multiple "perspectives" similar to Chudjak.


The French samefag repeatedly tried to erase the Ongezellig article.

Alternate History

There was an edit war on the Alternate History page between enjoyers and detractors of the genre until the page was split up into two articles for each perspective.

Pony war

There was an eight day conflict between bronies and anti-bronies on the my little pony page, it ended when mata desktop protected the page.

Zebra prespective

It got ended up being a coinslot. This made impossible for editors to remove.

Skibidi war

A small fight against the Skibidi toilet page has a small conflict against babyjaks and Elmer Fudd. Now it turned into a islam page

The Frog Rain

The pepe and froge, as well as frog-related articles is being raided by The Frog Pond


Beginning in January 2024, an edit war on the Islam page has been flaming between three users: BigStallingist, NiggerRapeGroyper1488, and Xx×Spr0k310rd×xX, with the users fighting over baised and non-baised page versions.

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