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Long-term abuse

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How very tiny minded you must be, to be so eager to prevent improvements being made to the encyclopaedia. You cannot prevent me from editing though. It's simply impossible. You block some IPs but you miss the vast majority of them, and it is the work of a few seconds for me to get a new one. So you can keep on fighting this absurd and offensive game, and you can keep on losing for as long as you like. I like winning, and I'll be delighted to continue doing so. - Best known for IP, responding to a Wikipedia janny's blocking of one of his IPs. [1]

Wikipedia:Long-term abuse is a list of innocent men, users, and Soyjak Wiki contributors who have been subject to long-term abuse by the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia jannies. The first documented case of long-term abuse was that of Alex Sazonov, who simply wanted to know the degree to which human knowledge of electricity had helped the world.

One would think that after the Soyjak Wiki's brave exposée on the abuse of Sazonov, Wikipedia would at least be less open about their immoral acts. However, this is not the case: they keep a list[2] of their crimes as if parading around on pikes the heads of inexperienced users.

Fortunately, the individuals listed on the page are experts at 'nishment evasion, likely due to having suffered during purges of soyposters on the /qa/ board of 4chan. 'nishment evasion is a staple among these cases, and Wikipedia maintains this list to try and stamp it out. This, of course, necessarily involves leaking every IP address they've used and crowdsourcing public attempts to find out where they live and work, part of Wikipedia jannies' disturbing obsession with the physical locations of editors they abuse. In one particularly egregious example, they revealed one of these editors to live in a town with a population of 344, something which could be convincingly argued to be an act of doxxing. [3] On a lighter note, they also appear to believe that certain editors regularly travel around the world in order to evade IP 'nishments. [4] [5] Of course, it is more likely that these ostensibly globe-trotting users simply use proxies.

Some long-term abuse survivors and their stories are told below.

Long-term abuse cases on Wikipedia
Name or Pseudonym of Victim Short description of their "crimes"
Cow cleaner 5000 "Targets articles related to Weekly Shōnen Jump, and [extremely active Wikipedia janny] Justin Knapp. Seems to have a fixation on linking these to terrorist groups or finding ways to link them to non existent controversies."

"Cleaner has also been known to create hoax articles such as The Big Four (conspiracy theory), Al-Qaeda in Japan, Futanari (criminal organization), and Criticism of manga."

Selected alternate accounts (

  • User:Justin is sleepy and needs to take a Knapp
  • User:Justin Me Up To Knapp Me Down
  • User:Challenge the Destruction of Western Culture
  • User:This wiki is made by people like ME
  • User:Peace = Love but Weekly Shōnen Jump = hate
Snuffereet "Fond of nonsense made-up words, such as "ba-limp" and various attempts at onomatopoeia. [Adds nonsensical details to] an extremely eclectic but relatively limited array of articles such as The Portsmouth Herald, Bert (Sesame Street), Candlepin bowling, Losin' Myself, Jon Bauman. Only consistent area of focus is [wrestling] and various wrestlers' articles, especially Andre the Giant. Vandalism is low-volume but very persistent. Often gets verbally aggressive when discovered or reverted, but gives up fairly quickly—until the next time. Often blanks his socks' user talk pages to remove warnings and block notices."
Korean hanja/"sexdoll" LTA "IP-hopping anon from South Korea deletes hanja (Soynote: Chinese characters in Korean, basically Korean kanji) across numerous actor articles against consensus and vandalizes pages with phrases such as sex or sexdoll."

"This guy also likes to persistently add the Lunar calendar birthday to Lee Byung-hun, even when told multiple times that Wikipedia only uses the Gregorian calendar for modern figures."

Caidin-Johnson "Nonsense edits at television shows for young children, Looney Tunes articles, and topics related to Happy Tree Friends; also known for hoaxing at List of Crayola crayon colors. Obsessed with inflatable, bursting, popping, and bouncing objects." Some fake Crayola colors he has added include "Mommy Blue," "Caidin Red," and "Bungyung Purple."
Best known for IP      Main article: Best known for

"IP editor, regularly engaged in edit-warring and personal attacks, particularly over the phrase best known for."

Catcreekcitycouncil "Prolific sockpuppeter with over 500 socks which inserts hoaxes about lions existing in Montana."

"More recent (mid–2018 onward) socks from impersonators have been focusing on adding hoaxes about outbreaks of "zombie birds" to the pages of various Michigan cities (specifically by User:Jeffman12345, under the name "Glapz")."

The UPN Vandal "Talk page edits often start with "Joshua Raymond Hahn", and often contain "YOU UNDERSTAND?" and/or "IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH?"."

"Often targets articles involving the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, including false nominations, host predictions months before anyone has been offered the job to host the ceremony and new categories; often this vandal and [a vaccinated user] tread the same articles and patterns, so care should be taken to determine which vandal is actually doing so."

David Beals
  • "He inserts random images of ceiling fans into any articles."
  • "He links to YouTube videos of ceiling fans."
  • "He engages in random thanking to certain users."

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