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Luke Smith
OccupationHead of the Anti-Kuz Assocation
Years active2022-
Best known forCreating and owning
TitleOwner (
Political partySootist
TripcodeChud ## Admin (on the jarty)
IAS?Yes, but it's coal
This topic was created by or has connections to THE JARTY
Don't goon to anything you see. Falseflag every revision in the page's history to become Warsaw's rapist of the year.
That's good. You should be blatantly hostile to kuz and his supporters on the sharty and vice versa. Obviously I can't delete their posts on the jarty because but you need to make fun of them wherever they post. Post threads asking about the site on the sharty to get people more interested, etc.

Luke Smith, also known by his nickname Lute, is the creator and owner of, the most popular sharty splinter. Creating the site under libertarian ideals, his ultimate goal is the 'decentralization' of soy culture. He is a vehement anti-Kuzist, participating in a long-standing pissing match between himself and Kuz, as well as Angeleno.

Lute also owns and operates the LSS, an organization dedicated to hooking up melanated swarthoids with sissy whitebois.

He is an extremely controversial figure, having been accused of spamming the sharty with 'p and samefagging by multiple individuals. Lute himself has denied these allegations, and has claimed they are part of a gayop against him.

Despite his controversy, he was almost universally praised for his response to the Soypocalypse, collaborating with other splinters to form a unified defense system against 'p spam, most notably implementing's anti 'p system.

In 2020, Lute was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. In 2022, Lute was diagnosed with Kuz Derangement syndrome.


Creation of

Lute created the jarty on July 18th, 2022, in response to The Great Purchase.

Internet Presence

Lute, under the name Luke Smith, makes tutorials for the tranny niggerware operating system Leenux on the jewish datamining platform Lute says he's "TECHNICALLY" not a tech channel because he makes videos on "EPIC AND BASED" Orthodox Christianity and hosts a knock off Joe Rogan Experience podcast called Not Related!.

Lute hosts various other websites as well:

Relationship to Mental Outlaw

Lute is the sissy slut of famous technology influencer Mental Outlaw. The reasoning behind this relationship is unknown, however, scientists theorize massive that it's because Lute is a massive BBC addict who loves the thought of Mental Outlaw raping him.


Luteism a soylitical philosophy created by Lute. It is heavily based off Sootism but over the following months it would develop differences from Sootism. Luteists are more conservative sharty-wise than sootists.

Differences from Sootism


Many people criticize Lute for being too lenient with NAS and other coal such as pony porn. He deleted Cobson bait yet did not delete furfag bait. Although, its mostly just the w7 namefag tranny who is complaining.

Alt-Chan Ownership

Lute infamously is the owner of various dead altchans, almost all were splinters of site's owned by Temuçin. Some of these site's include:

  • Shrekchan, a site that splintered from 9channel after the 9channel Directorate banned all shrek-related BBC porn on all boards
  • 8chan, a pro-pedophile, pro-Trump, MAGA orientated website organized by both Temuçin and Lute during their former business partnership. Lute left the site after Temuçin doxed Lute for stealing Temuçin's former girlfriend Prizma.
  •, a tranime-orientated drama website created after Moot sold 4chan to Temuçin. Currently under the administration by the FBI following government seizure of the site due to Lute's tax delinquency.
  • G3, a network of gore and loli orientated imageboards. The only original creation made by Lute.
  •, a dead website dedicated to criticizing Lute's arch-nemesis Temuçin. Originally owned by Soot, but following his arrest and subsequent suicide, was given to Lute due to his status as second in command.


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