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The 'za has been ordered.

aw hell nah (insert racist word here) looks ZESTY ong fr [1]
'em on the 'ainesville

Alex Brad Casanas, also known as MISTER MANTICORE, is an American analog horror youtuber who lives at 6021 Nw 44th Pl Gainesville, Fl 32606. He is best known for creating the Monument Mythos series, an analog horror project centering around American monuments and politics which has since devolved into quite literally calling republicans demons [2]. On October 11th, he announced his troonout.[3] Just a week afterward, he was doxxed on the sharty[4], leading to the usual sending of pizzas, boxes, missionaries, and religious texts. A Floridian soyteen visited Alex's house and placed a gem on his driveway, capturing it all on video.

Crimes against the Sharty

  • Beating his girlfriend (Well what did she do? what if she's a whore NIGGER, But if she didn't do anything wrong then yea beating her is pretty retarded)
  • Being a troon
  • Making brim
  • Attempting to get the domain dropped again (by proxy, through Adam "Lev Myskin" Hopkins)

The MANTICORE Residence

Fun facts

Alex’s house is located in Gainesville, Florida, which is the city that the University of Florida is located (go gators!).

Alex's house is not currently on the market, but it has a Zestimate® of $330,000. (GOD DAMN)

Other doxxes directly related to MISTER MANTICORE

On October 31st, 2023, a thread was posted to the sharty showing a tweet from Monument Mythos voice actor Lev Myskin (Powerword: Adam Hopkins) announcing his plans to get Soyjak Party's domain dropped. A reply to that tweet by some random fat troon named TheMagicFolf (troon name Stella A Cox, birth name [UNKNOWN] A Cox) compared the sharty to 4cuck, deeply angering teens. Both were doxxed within the day.[5]

Lev Myskin (Real name Adam Hopkins, voice of James Dean in Monument Mythos)

Name: Adam Hopkins

Alias: Lev Myskin

Adam Hopkins

DOB: 1981-03-26

Address: 15, Mill Lane, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV6 8EU

Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Phone Number (UK, +44): 07829463582

IP (found when his dumb ass tried to edit this very page):

Stella A Cox/The Magic Folf (birth name unknown, fat mentally unstable troon)

Troon Name: Stella A Cox

Birth name: Unknown (possibly Aidan Or Isaac)

Age: 18 (Born March 31st, 2005)

Address: 2216 Monterey Dr Belleville, IL 62221

Mother: Nancy Cox, 43

Phone number: (260) 579-1912

Email:[email protected]

Father: Paul Cox, 43

Phone number: (260) 579-1914? (most likely wrong but still worth a try)

Email:[email protected]


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