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Soyjak Wiki is a community-driven knowledge base featuring independently fact-checked and peer-reviewed information about soyjaks, imageboard culture, and many other topics.

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Current Events

  • Nemlei, dev of COAL goes full schizo after 'teens try dorking xer twitter account and deletes all xer socials sells the game to another dev company. Troons are seething massively, 4cucks are seething massively on /v/ and /vg/, Twitter pedos are seething massively, and the party gets away with it after doing the bare minimum of OSINT. Overall considered a massive 'arty win, potentially being the gem that saved the party.
  • FNAC demo has been released on Though, it only lasted a few days before being banned. Currently, FNAC Demo can be downloaded here
  • FNAC enters its final stages of development.
  • hahaha disregard the latter message.
  • Porkbun drops
  • 50 board plan is enacted and along with it The Great Purge happens.
  • Froot enters the scene, signifying a new frootist order.
  • hahaha disregard the latter message.
  • officially shuts down, signifying that it's over... or is it?
  • Dynadot drops, following the doxxing of Giggly Goonclown
  • Max sells to DOLL for $10,700
  • YouTuber RealProdisty gets a large amount of kids to post their accounts on /soy/, promising free robux if they do.
  • Soyteens attempt to get a 'jak on a Times Square billboard. Besides a Twitter user doing so earlier, this fails because of a snitch.
  • Kuz steps down as admin on, citing his HIV developing into AIDS and mental health reasons relating to the site.

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