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Major Cloog

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This page is a gemerald.

Ryan Alexander white may be a pedo nigger but this page is an AGARTHAN VANTAWHITE GEMERALD straight from the FREEZING PEAKS OF ARYANHEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!


This individual is a no longer a lively cow, you can help them by not making unfunny memes of them and moving on to fresher material.
They have been milked dry and are no longer funny or interesting or are no longer a lol-cow

This nigger has Assburgers Syndrome

Please remind him to breathe deeply from the toilet bowl.

The 'za has been ordered.

Cloog "Ryan" as a "soyjak" trying to ACK himself

Ryan Alexander White (aka Major Cloog, Major Nigger, Major Tranny, Major Loser,You Name It) is a closeted Furry, nigger, tranny, jewish, autistic, Down syndrome, groomer and alleged Pedophile and doxxer. He is the son of Mary Levert White and his dad is apparently unknown ( He left for the milk ). His hobbies include trooning out on Discord, Furry Erotic Roleplay, and being a sped. Oh yeah, he animates reddit tier coal on his overrated Youtube channel, don't forget that. On Sep 15th, 2023 his dox was released on /raid/ and Doxbin (the dox in general was around way before this however), and as of right now, the Cloog thread is the 4th most active thread on /raid/.

Ryan currently studies at The University of art at Atlanta ( SCAD ) for an animation degree or something ( he doesn't know either ).

General Summary

Description Of Him

He has a Youtube channel where he has amassed 100k 12 year old subscribers, beginning activity in August of 2018 at age 14 - 15, he first began his Jewtube venture as a cyber bully "tough guy" ( Look at his fucking face and fucking try to not ROFL!!! ) who would mostly target an equally retarded troon called "SophtheNeko" who's kind of a retarted sped herself ( Both will end up overdosing themself with bleach and hashish ). As his channel grew, so did his skill level in art and editing, and he began branching out to other furniggers to bully, either because he had a shitty home life and upbringing or because he's black or something and NIGGERS ARE NATURALLY VIOLENT TOTAL NIGGER DEATH IN ACTION NOW! Major Cloog would utilize childish reddit soy humor, overly violent edgy humor and potty language that you'd see from a fucking modern borderlands game. This would go on for a while until he gradually began trooning out overtime, and went through the "FURRY'S ARE LE BAD BECAUSE.. THEY JUST ARE, OKAY!? to OMIGOD I LOVE FURRIES SOOO MUCH btw im trans if that matters" pipeline and in 2023 he does nothing but goon off to furry porn with his buds on Pisscord and covering furry drama, like the discount Turkey Tom he has become. Yeah, he's 19-20 or something ( Faggot GROW UP! ). His channel blew up exponentially growing from just 20k subscriber in 2022, to 100k in 2023 following the "Anti Furry" trend within Gen Alpha and latter born zoomers.

Major Cloog's Internet persona consisted of a violent "Anti-Sex" ( Even if he goons everyday to Vaporeon on E621 ) sentiment, where he would bully kids who draw porn underage with his goon buddies on discord and film it, as autistic as that fucking sounds morally grandstanding about minors drawing porn even doe we've all drawn a cock and balls in Microsoft Paint and every artfag in 2023 having had a "XHE DREW PORN AT THE AGE OF 17" controversy (Oh, just wait until you hear about that autistic little piscell of sashley. That mf drew porn at 11). As mentioned previously he also had an edgy murderous side to him, he would kill the furnigger children depicted in his videos VIOLENTLY. Many soyteens suspect that this is his fetish, brutally murdering people over the internet ( Prob Mary Destruction and 1 Man 1 Jar were his favorite gore videos ). This has resulted in Ryan's internet persona catching the gaze of many "ANTI DEGENERCY" children whom spend 16 hours on Pisscord a day. Bringing him to stardom.

Ryan as a child (what a handsome Youngman! I wonder what he will be when he grows up.)

Life of Ryan

>be born and get beat by dad.

>start watching cartel beheadings and CP.

>start watching BFDI and other animation channels.

*skip to 2024*

>establish youtube channel where you get 11 year old girls to see their tits.

Ryan when the 'ops come to xis college dorm vvhile 'ooning
Ryan after the cops come to his house.

what the freak happened bros?

Ryan In A Nutshell

Step I - Create goofy persona while attracting minors to your server

Step II - Lure them into your disgusting degeneracy

Step III - Dump them when you don't need them anymore

Step IV - Silence everyone who speak about your pedo urges

Step V - ????


Archive And Links

I 'Chive: ( Old one i kinda shit only a few images load )

II 'Chive: ( Newer one more images load )

Note: use both of them if you want to see all images on the thread!

Note II: the thread is very long is approximately 1200 replies! so is gonna take a long time for achive dot org to load!

I Link: ( A lot lot of gems were made here! { only 14 to 21 were accepted unfortunately D: cuz JANNIES=FAGS } )

"Cloog. Incorporated """lore""" "

Autism lore
Sam the toaster
The Giant Red Fridge and The demon guy.

Basically Major Cloog has this big ass building where he and his discord buddies make advanced technology (>HOLY MOLY JUST LIKE RICK AND MORTY I LOVE YOU JUSTIN ROILAND) to kill cringe furries.

His workers (merch money purposes) are the following.

"Sam the toaster"

Sam is Cloog's favorite OC who uses his disconnected cable to hang furries (maybe Cloog should be smarter and use it as a bathtub joke)

Giant Red Fridge

I don't know what he does, I swear pretty much 99.999% of these characters are object show shit, I swear I never watched that crap (instead I watched keyed content like FunVideoTV and FGTEEV and formerly annoying orange)

Weird demon guy ("spoon man")

random idk xhey all just goon on Pisscord

The Annoying Astronaut ("axis")

Annoying Astronaut
Either the demon guy or astronaut guy with Ryan.

The punching bag who gets treated like crap.

Stupid eye

There's a stupid eye that never is used or explained because Cloog is in college with a bunch of other trannies.

"Cyber Steel Corperated"

Literally a bunch of furries that Cloog made but with the excuse that zhey were his rivals(BTW TRANNIES LIKE THIS GEEEEEEEG)[1]

There's a balloon dog that is made by clowns(......)

and some furry cat that was part of Cloogs mental deterioration.

^stuff no one cares about but don't delete I put a lot of effort into it.

The Attention of the Soyteens

The Soyteens were quick to notice the negro tranny chud when he posted sharty culture on his community page, referencing the 'it's over' meme and Rapeson, and jumped on the Major Cloog Pedophile train on /Raid/ and a discussion on /Incel/, and a few posts about him on the booru. Soyteens seem to care less about him being a potential pedophile and more so about him being a nigger RIGHTFULLY SO and being a furry tranny RIGHTFULLY SO and being an unfunny retard in general who is an adult fucking man appealing to an audience of mudslime and spick children with his unholy unfunny brimstone content. Rightfully so. His mention had also been spotted in /Qa/ and /Soy/, and /Q/ genuinely thought this man was a transfem and /Raid/ were just being incel losers bullying trans people again and tried to get Froot to ban doxxing from the site, which he promptly refused. /raid/ won you faggots!

The War Itself


Location : - /raid/ & /incel/ board ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ- 'Jarty and 7chan ㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤ - Cloog's Pisscord Server

The Great Cloogian War also know as The Great Dox, Cloogians Vs Chudnation and Clooggate, was a war involving the /raid/ & /incel/ soyteens against Major Cloog and his retarded fans. It all began when two Anonymous posted on Doxbin ( probably from the Sharty or 4chan { this is still disputed among the Soyhistorians } ) a dox against Major Cloog on Sep 15th, 2023, one hour later a random Chud posted his dox on the /raid/ board with the title "Major Cloog Pedophile" that thread was so fucking popular that included around 1210 posts and 450 image replies omitted as writing this now ( We can't know for sure how many because Jewarchivedotorg didn't archive the replies and images statistics for some reason. You can count all of the replies to be exactly precise doe,For your mental sanity don't do this! ). Cloog's fans get so mad about this dox that and a lot of mods and random people left his shitty pisscord server, because a lot of them feared to be doxed for some fucking reason.

Phase I - The Dox

Here 12 year esl's personal army request Cloog begun (what in the science does this mean)

In that dox included the reason for it to exist in the first place:

Phase II - The Sins Of Cloog ( OH MY FAUCI, GROOMING ALLEGATIONS????? )

- He groomed two minors while he was 17 to 19 ( he is still doing that to this days ) ( 🥺i fucking love it so fucking much fuck you're amazingggg I literally do not know anyone who is as sweet as you are and I really mean that 🥴 and also you probably already know is but you are so frickin great at art )

Cloog and his shitty roblox persona wanting to create a harem full of furries e-girls. { GAYEST OC EVER NGL DRINK BLEACH YOU FAGGOT }

- He doxes everyone who mentions his Pedo urges ( whenever he sees a girl 100% he will get a boner ), in shorts words STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM.

- He manipulates everyone that they may have something he is interested in

- He sends his autistic fans to harass anyone he thinks can be a problem to him

- He is a dick in general to everyone ( duh he is a nigger IRL what did you expect? )

- He is praised like an Anti-Furry king of my ass, but he has a lot of furries friends to ERP with ( zero consistency within him )

- He makes shitty cringy animation about whatever comes to his retard mind

- He likes posting Coal

- He called us Kiwifarms offbrand and the autistic version of 4cuck ( YOU ARE GONNA PAY WITH YOUR LIFE NOW )


- It is believed that he's a communist.

- It has confirmed to have groomed minors on Pisscord when he was 17 to 19 years of age.

Names Victims:

- Hallee

- Evan

- Graffiti

Graffiti was a retarded tranny who falsified screenshots against Cloog and was doxxed lol (partially validating the major Cloog doxxing allegations, they were mostly his friends behind them tho)

- SophtheNeko

She's a bitch and also lied about Cloog, I think, I dont know.

(I edited the thing to cut out owlfinch because evan and owlfinch are the same people. Owlfinch aka Evan just goes by Fruwffle now)

- It has not been confirmed that Cloog is ACKshually a pedophile, the only grooming allegation of his that has been confirmed took place in 2020 when he was 16 - 17 years old and y'know, he wasn't an adult when he did it

His Personal Information

- His full name, surname, chubby little nigger face, shitty degree, where he went on high school, where is going now in college, his home address and his garbage social media are now everywhere!

- All of his relatives most important his mom Mary Levert White ( don't harass any of his relatives, only Cloog deserve to die. )

- He is going at this shitty art college called SCAD from Atlanta

Phase III - A Little Bit Of Trolling

We discovered that this is his home address and we decide to troll him a little bit ( 5750 W Oak Dr Satsuma, AL 36572 ) ( BTW his mom has dementia and she will probably pay the stuff you will send to her )

- We ordered some garbage banana pizza and a sproke to his home

- We ordered a Quran to his home ( Allah would be ashamed about this monkey )

- We ordered a Bible to his home ( Neither God himself don't wanna have to do with a being like him )


- We ordered some seeds to his home ( So he can improve his shitty lonely house )

- We Swatted his fucking ass ( Atleast the police will have him in the records )

- Some Anonymous South Vietnamese wanted to put a photo to Cloog's front door. Every soyteen supported him ( Just to scare Ryan wink, wink. )

- That South Vietnamese succeeded in his mission he delivered a little message to him. The message is a threat that they're watching him, along with a Vietnamese message, which literally says "fuck you" (Did we mention that there's also a South Vietnamese flag with it?) ( :) )

Phase IV - Shitty Copypastas ( Irrelevant You Can Skip This Made Just For Goof )

These are the copypasta we used to troll him

- >And what exactly did you all dumbass 3rd world retards accomplish with this? That's right, nothing, as if doxxing would do anythingAlso it's just hilarious how you moronic bastards suddenly just care for some guy that did things with two underage users 3 years ago, while in the meantime you all regulary post shit like loli and cunny on this shitstain rip off of 4chan, fucking low-life racist neo-nazi losers y'all are all bark but no bite, just worthless scumbags living in their mom's basement acting tough behind a screen while using 37+ different slurs purely for them being slurs and spamming gore'n shit while y'all keep typing and typing with those cheeto dust covered fatass fingers, just giving you all a taste of reality, respond to this comment all you want, or not idc Hope this dogshit website gets shut down one day.

Hey guys Ryan White here btw did you know that i bullied a girl on vc and force her to sing goofy goobers!!!


- 🥺i fucking love it so fucking much fuck you're amazingggg I literally do not know anyone who is as sweet as you are and I really mean that 🥴 and also you probably already know this but you are so frickin great at art

- "Ryan Alexander White is a pedophile.

He tricked two girls into talking to him.

At that time, he was only 17 - 19 years old.

In general, he is a scum of society.

He drew pornographic drawings of his friend & his victims.

He made a cartoon about killing furries but he still joined that group.

Hypocrite! That guy deserves to die!"


Ryan Alexander White là một thằng ấu dâm.

Anh ta đã lừa 2 cô gái để nói chuyện với mình.

Lúc đó, anh mới chỉ 17 - 19 tuổi.

Nói chung là anh ấy là một thằng cạn bã của xã hội.

Anh ta vẽ bản khiêu dâm của bạn & nạn nhân của mình.

Anh ta làm phim hoạt hình về việc giết furry nhưng anh ta vấn tham gia nhóm đó.

Thằng giả mạo! Thằng đó phải đáng chết!

- So lads what can we gather from this, child predator and doxxer finally receives his just deserts by receiving pizzas, religious texts and the swat team at his door. Next thing we gotta try and do is fuck his server up fr or force his hand in to leaving the internet/condemning his actions.

This retard has unironically covered pedophiles, zoophiles and racists on his channel, he is literally worse than all of them combined despite being racist not being a sin at all, major cloog is also black and has cried racism against him before.

Why are all nigger artists disgusting horrible people. Either cyber bully troons or straight up pedophiles. Total nigger death is inaction now chudbros.

Phase V - Ost ( Also Irrelevant Only /raid/GODS Can Understand This )

These are some music that was suggested by /raid/GODS in that thread MOST of 'em are very gemmy!

{ It's just getting started! } ( Very gemmy, use this when you are scrolling on the thread [ if maybe it would load >:3 ] )

{ Second Morning! } ( Also gemmy, use this when "It's just getting started!" is over )

{ Swat Evening } ( Used when donny GODmann { Note that is still unknow to this day the swatter } swatted his home )

{ bant Hate } ( Very brimmy, it was suggested by a namefag named "Cirnoss", don't use it! )

{ Soydrenaline } ( O My FAUCI!,USE THIS ALWAYS )

{ FBIfags Watchlist } ( O MY AUTISTIC TRANNY SON!,used when everybody from his server abbandoned him )

{ MOM! I'm On The Board! } ( OMGSISA, used when Nguyễn Văn Hiếu delivered his little message to Cloog's house )

{ You Better Run RYAN! } ( O MY GODSTONE!,Cloog's donwfall! )

{ IT'S OVER } ( RYAN YOU'RE LIFE IS NOT NOTHING!!!,used by Cloog itself when he runs from the police! { REST IN PISS YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED YOU MAP SHIT } )

Phase VI - Aftermath

The thread itself lasted for like six days, then soyteens immediately lost interest in the war. After that, a namefag called "Yotsuba" said that he knew the OP of the thread and he could deleted that in finale the thread was deleted for good ( Archives were already made and the doxbin is still up so... you took it in the ass bro )

Cloog after two weeks after the war ended acted like nothing has happened, he posted a shitty community post with Rick And Morty 🤢🤮! ( No wonder he was bullied at school xd )

Cloog's mom ( Mary ) again just posted a photo with him making the situation worse with his dox ( Note that in that photo Cloog has a very shitty beard xd, groom yourself you stinky ass! )

Several other small shitty communities ripped apart what was left of the TND riddled 'Cord over the next few months (notably December 18th,) so much so that the few admins left had to denounce Cloog to prevent further nukes and raids.

The /raid/ Thread

Major Cloog on /Raid/ on created on the 15th of September 2023 has been the most active and autistic ridden thread on all of Soyjak.Party from Sept 15th to Sept 18th with over 1200 messages in the thread itself, originally consisting of 3 links to his allegations and a Doxbin containing his full name, his address, his college, phone number, his socials and other relatives. The thread was mostly comprised of Amerimutt chuds and Europoors as the thread would only be active during those daylight hours. The thread contained immense sperginess, raids, gems, and impersonators and it was one fuck of a ride. As the thread grew, the more Soyteens had taken notice of Mr. Niggerson we have here, resulting in extreme attacks from the 'teens. Such as but not limited too: Pizza Bombings, Swatting, signing his personal email and address to a seed packet magazine site or some shit, EXTREME discord raids with TND SPAM, immense jakking, contacting his college and relatives and a potential attack of his house from a Vietnamese chud who was in the local area.

Significant People and Events

Good Side

Nguyễn Văn Hiếu

Nguyễn Văn Hiếu was once a long forgotten demi-god who was awoken from his slumber to be summoned to the thread to fight for the soyteens, Or as the Soyteens called themselves in afformentioned thread, "The Chudnation", he was in Cloog's local area (His Uncles house in Alabama so happened to be mere houses away from Cloog's) and his original intention was to pull up to cloogs house and kill him, until other soyteens deescalated the situation by suggesting he just send a threatening letter in the language of Vietnamese on his doorstep. His uncle found out about his plan and scolded him, a few hours later he had to fly back to Vietnam to return to his palace. Nguyễn Văn Hiếu was the gemmiest chud in the entire thread, avenging South Vietnam for their defeat in the Vietnam war, giving them a long lasting victory against Cloog Inc.


Adult Anti-Furry who was re-enforcing the soyteens by archiving everything in the thread and the wiki as the jannies weren't too pleased with a random raid thread and the NAS wiki being unnecessarily popular. He posted Cloog's shit to other altchans and helped spread the word. A true warrior at heart.

donny mann

A chud in the thread who vows to ruin Cloog's life as Cloog's mother tipped him off to the FBI, and is now being tracked by Glowies and Kikes alike, his intentions are to kick him out of college and skull drag this nigger in the dirt. ( I'M ON THE FUCKING WIKI SOYBROS )

Bad Side

Major Cloog

The day after the epic autistic sex thread was made he with his gay sexfriend G13 Raven called us 'farms offbrand and the autistic 4cuck version! After that embarrassing statement he made, he went offline for like 14 days. ( Don't worry my boy! His mom is still active on his Facebook and she posted an ugly photo with Ryan 🤢 )

Lord fart

A random faggot who joined the thread just to "mock" us and began moralfagging that pedonigger Cloog and saying stuff that didn't make sense at all, such as defending him for bullying a little girl on VC. After getting roasted by the soyteens, he deleted a lot of his threads ( not all of 'em ) probably because he was ashamed of his action. Btw if you see this you are the most worthless piece of shit that the 'party had to confront EVER! ( KYS YOU CUM WASTE PROBABLY NEITHER YOUR PARENTS LOVE YOU I HOPE YOU WILL GET RAPED BY ARYANGODS! YOU DISGUST ME! )

{ It's speculated that under his namefag there is that mongoloid of G13 Raven }


R.M.P. ( Ryan Moralfagging Protocol )

9GAG, 4chan and Cloogs server collectively raided the thread

Cloogs Server didn't participate much aside from changing their all user names in their discord to "Chud", joining the thread to call us niggers, spammed potty humor nonsense, spammed unfunny Gen Alpha discord memes, and tried morally grandstanding about Major Cloog bullying kids and pulling shit out of their ass to justify Cloog's actions.

9GAG 'P spammed Cloog's server and sent nigger cocks in the thread, not much significance.

4chan joined to call us all 3rd world retards and called us autistic incels or something.

Soyentente ( Us )

We Soyteens didn't did too much, in the first day or war someone called "Kuz' ( Not the real one doe { Maybe } ) spammed his dox on his shitty pisscord server, mods and cloog's fanboy obviously didn't like it so they yelled at him KYS after it was unfortunately banned ( thk you little buddy for your support )

On the second day some namefag called "Major Nigger" made another thread on /raid/ inviting soyteens to raid his shitty niggercord server, after a while en masse they raided Cloog with Nigger Gore, Cut Cocks And Balls, scat, goatse, ect... for this, a lot of Cloog's fans left the server. ( GEG, Deserved )

Niggerworthy Community

Aside from major nigger raping kids with his SMALL BLACK COCK I think there needs to a public record of how NIGGBLISTICALLY retarded this niggers community is, and no, I'm not about to start calling them 12 year old Anti-Degen white knight faggots.

The Admins

The admins of his degenerate community are some of the filthiest bug eating piece's of shit that has ever been born out of a woman's vagina. You bet your pisser that if you piss one of those jannies off they will do a columbine mass shooting on your ass. They also like to falsely accuse people of making 'p when from time to time, and these niggas will draw porn or have someone draw their character as a female, as some funny coomer bait.

The Mid Rankers

These are by far the most degenerate in his Shitcord server. These are usually low ranking members that join as white knight anti-furries, then became furries in about a year or two. They usually are always posting degenerate shit, coomer bait shit, and content that the usual teenager with unrestricted access to the internet would. Also, these mid rankers usually tend to be bi-sexual after they get molested by the admins.


These less-than-human troglodytes should be stirred away from the internet, otherwise they'll either groom you, or get a bunch of niggers to harass you. There is still a lot of info to talk about but I'd like to end my cope session here.

Memory 'pasta

Brings back memories. I used to be friends with this nigger on discord 2 years ago, and we ended things after I criticized his 15 year old furfag friend for drawing smutt of herself and whoring herself out to Cloog's friend group (he was 18 at the time) and he called me a faggot for it, its obvious what his intentions were in the first place.

Create a goofy violent persona based off of a children's game avatar to lure in an 11 year furnigger to molest at the age of 17. Genius. Now he's fucking famous because of the anti-furry movement and he's seen as the "furry killer" or something, despite having 15 furry discord onahole e-girls by his side. He's your typical black negro faggot retard in the artfag community who grooms kids like kittydog. Fuck this nigger, glad the soyteens are taking notice of him. - chud6 from the 'booru

Two anons claimed that Major Cloog and his buds would dox his "detractors" as they personally "knew him", they could of just said shit to escalate the attacks and attract attention to him or just a samefag trolling. Or they could be legit seeing as how the tranny who falsified allegations against Cloog was doxed and Major Cloog did NOT tell his server to stop and may have been involved.

2024, January 24 revelations

This page was written by twitter immigrants.

On January 24'th 2024 a get this TWITTER USER brought Major Cloog into the spotlight with some dub of a video made by worthykids(Literally who(Marge?))

There has also been a bunch of gemmy videos made on Major Cloog about his controversy.

The gemming up campaign that started all. Scratch that, it's forced meme coal that every new Cloog Inc member says as soon as they join. [2]
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