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You getting ready to make your gemerald bait image

Things you need to know before starting

USE POWERPOINT/LIBREOFFICE/GOOGLE SLIDES INSTEAD OF PHOTOEDITING PROGRAMS LIKE GIMP/PAINT. They aren't meant for making informational posters. Trust me when I say that this will save you HOURS. I'm not kidding or making shit up. It is REQUIRED if you want to easily make these things.

You will need to decide your approach. If you're going to go all in and don't care about being banned, use the 'ru as a reference to get pictures for your bait image. Otherwise, stock images will work just fine.

This guide will not be on how to write bait images but rather on how to use tools to MAKE bait images. You need to have a bit of creativity.

If you need to edit images before putting it into your powerpoint program use or GIMP. NEVER USE THE DEFAULT MSPAINT. It's also useful if you know how to use the magic wand tool. Here's how you can learn it within like 2 minutes(saves hours). and gimp


Here is a great example of text. Going from most attention grabbing to least attention grabbing. The font used is Passion one. you can get it here and you can get it in google slides(you have to hit the add more fonts button and search for it). Note that it comes from jewgle

All good bait images must have TEXT in them. It should convey a message that can derail / make people seethe and generally cause anger. Your bait image should NOT have too much text in it; no one will read it. The text SHOULD NOT be too small. Bonus points if your bait image is still readable even when the imageboard user hasn't enlarged it yet. Here are some tips to make your text stand out:

  • Outline important text or outline everything to make your bait image more attention grabbing and stand out. Libreoffice Google slides Microjew Word
  • DO NOT USE IMPACT YOU SELFISH LITTLE FUCK. It's a shit font that's barely even used in memes anymore. Instead, use similar fonts like Passion One. Trust me, this will improve the bait image by 10000%. See the attached "this text is outlined" image to see where you can get it or just download it here
  • Your title should enrage the reader and hook them to continue reading.
  • Your font should grab the 4cuckers attention.
  • Colors like yellow should be avoided as they blend in and are hard to see.
  • Make important keywords bold for added effect.
  • Just because the spellcheck says everything is fine does not mean it's fine. Use ChatGPT to fix wording when needed.
Look at these images(the second one is streached I know) Notice how the backgrounds draw your attention. in a sea of random posters and shitty low quailty white text images. these pictures instantly capture your attention because of there backgrounds.


This advice is moreso dependent on what bait image your making; however, there are still some rules you should follow.

Note that these examples are all very subjective and based on what bait image your making. Feel free to do things however you want, as long as they look good and catch the 4cuckers attention.


Images are something that can greatly get a 4cuckers attention. Note that when working with images it's better to edit it in a photo editing program like or GIMP and then drag and drop the image into your powerpoint program.

  • You can use Online AI tools like slazzer (there's probably better tools out there though) to automatically remove the background of any image and have the transparent version. Just right click and save as once you're done. No need to login. Extremely useful.
  • Learn to use the magic wand tool. I mentioned this before but its still extremely important. and gimp
  • If you want transparency in your image so you don't have a white background everywhere then you're going to HAVE to use .PNG. Jpeg / jpg formats DO NOT SUPPORT TRANSPARENCY and the little checkerboard pattern will come off as a pure white background. Only faggots and troons use .jpg
  • Your image does not really need to be required to get the message of the bait image. its OK if the bait image still conveys the same message with or without the images you have. What matters most is that it gets the 4cuckers attention
  • You can get bonus points if the image you included in your bait poster is funny

example graph

Statistics and how to fake/manipulate them

If you want to make graphs and satistics in your bait image then your going to want to learn how to manipulate them. you can see a guide for that here

Heres some basic guide to making graphs jewgle slides libreofficemicrojew word

Finally heres some advice to manipulate your statistics in your bait image

  • Using the wrong graph can misinterpret data in your favor
  • make the minimum value in your graph large/small to where it makes the difference seem more massive/small than it really is
  • don't be afraid to cherry pick data

manipulated statistics have the ability to make anybody believe almost ANYTHING if you make it believable enough.

Lie Lie Lie

90% of 4cuckers who see a informational attachment will believe almost every word of it as long as it looks professional or enough work was put into it. If you NEED to put evidence in your thing than try putting dead links. that will make it seem like the image is just really old and the links are dead but there was once a bunch of evidence. Here are some great examples of lying

Heres an example of a fake reply or message put a bunch of these in your image to make it seem like people agree with you
  • You can make fake 4chan replies to make it seem like people agree on X or Y in your image. see if you want it to be more believable then just screenshot the reply and leave the image out.
  • Human psychology is weird. For example, if I said "blank can increase your chances by 0.6x" you most likely wouldn't care. But if I say "blank can increase your chances by 60%!!!!" then it will grab your attention more. Always use % instead of decimal
  • Giving barely irrelevant comparisons can strengthen your argument. for example "How about instead of banning tiktok you ban assault rifles?"
  • If you need to use a graph then use a pie chart. You can easily change the visualization of the pie chart to be slightly bigger for one side than the other. This makes something seem MUCH bigger or smaller than the other. If anyone calls you out (0.0001 chance here.) you can simply point to the percentages and say "no the percentages are accurate." because while the percentages are accurate your pie chart visualization of that drawing is biased.
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