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The Original Leebait

Marge, alternatively Marge moment or Marge, I'm confused is a term used by soyteens to indicate confusion, usually in response to a 'toss or a p#blm comic. It is derived from a leebait crop of Homer Simpson telling Marge Simpson that he is confused about the ending of the final episode of the TV show Equestria Girls.[1] The earliest known instance of this leebait being posted was on /tv/ on January 15th, 2020[2], and the earliest known use of marge as a term of confusion was on /tv/ on Feburary 18th, 2020[3].


  • Margerald: A post so confusing that it turned into a nonsense gem
  • Margetoss: An alternative word for 'toss (nobody except me uses it doe)

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