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>Though Maybe you were looking for Markiplier Soyjak?

Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) is the original purpose was created. Many people in the are avid Markiplier fans, and Markiplier Soyjak remains the most common soyjak variant on He also belongs to /soy/ and whoever tells you He doesn't is clearly a schizo suffering a meltdown, disregard his concern with just a simple "meds"

Markiplier is a famous, very talented and a very handsome video game streamer and YouTuber, he also is an entrepreneur, movie writer, director and an actor. His most popular movies starring him include "Who killed Markiplier?", "A date with Markiplier", "A heist with Markiplier", "In space with Markiplier" and many more. At the time of writing this, he is producing an Iron Lung movie, yet he still finds time to record videos to entertain us like what a true YouTuber does. With his hard work, he rightfully gained such a following online, with over 35.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Markiplier is a German (from his father's side) and a Korean (from his mother's side).

His friends that he often records videos together are Bob, Wade, Jacksepticeye, Tyler Scheid, and many more. Mark, Bob and Wade have two Podcasts called "Distractible" and "Go! My Favorite Sports Team", he also had a podcast called "The Edge of Sleep".

In the context of adding a /plier/ board to, Soot described Markiplier as a "children's Reddit YouTuber" [1], which was an uncommon Soot L.

The Anti Markiplier

Despite Mark's aryan ubermenschen genetics, his brother somehow ended up being his polar opposite on the gemminess scale. Tom Fischbach is the creator of some faggy niggerstone furry comic called Twokinds.[2][3]


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