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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

Matomo is a product that allows website owners to accurately spy on their userbase. Marketed as an open source analytics program with loads of privacy posturing, Matomo, going beyond simple information such as IP Addresses and User Agents, has the ability to allow webmasters to easily collect a vast amount of information about users using functions in Javascript, ranging from screen resolutions all the way to a users geographical location [1][2][3]. Matomo can also be used for what they call "session recording" [4], which means that a website can record everything you do with Matomo, such as keypresses and clicks, the same behavior of a Remote Access Trojan. This can be used to build a psychological profile on you.

Unlike websites that use third party tracking scripts such as Google Analytics, which you can easily detect and blacklist, you have no way of knowing for certain if Matomo is installed on a website or not since its a first party script, the only way to be certain is to disable javascript even doe Ghostery can alert you of its usage and you can just look at page source or network requests in devtools.

Usage on

In a sequel to when Soot implemented Google reCAPTCHA on the wiki as a new temporary extended length measure to fight spam and build back better in the new normal (and deanonymize 99% of the userbase and train an AI for the pentagon in the process[5]), Soot has installed a copy of Matomo on the imageboard and wiki for no apparent reason[6] and has failed to mention this in the sites privacy policy[7], please disable javascript on (which you should be doing anyway) before its too late and the government comes to your home to detain you indefinitely using new laws passed under the Fourth Industrial Revolution so they can mentally castrate you with antipsychotics and sissy hypnosis.

"No longer using analytics software"

If you go on the front page of, you will find a status update by soot, claiming that he has stopped using Matomo. At the time of that update's posting, a file named "analytics.js" remained on the domain, however Soot eventually deleted this file on 16 May 2021. [8][9]

Usage on

It's been here since May 2023[10] and is running on the wiki RIGHT NOW (click view source for proof).[11]