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kikey kike

Anton Maximov
BornJanuary 1, 1980 (1980-01-01) (age 43)
Russian SFSR, USSR
Occupation(s)Owns a variety of businesses, extorts the white man on a daily basis
Years active2008 -
Best known forBeing one of the smarmiest jews known to man
TitleChief Rabbi
SpousesTyrone, Jamal and Demarcus
TripcodeMax ## Admin
Max is Jewish.


To be researched: Both Doll and Froot have claimed that Max was Dr. E/Chood, but this claim has been disputed due to a lack of proof. For more information about Chood, see his respective article. Can (You) help us?

>Oh my fauci, its just like Luke skywalker vs Darth vader

(((Anton Maximov))), or yuka, legal name Levi Goldberg[1] (that might just be his friend doe) was the director of the NSS, the manager of Kuz, and owner of the Yuriy-Kuznetsov Trust. On the Sharty, he has posted under the handle Max ## Admin, he is Admin_6, the prophecised Anti Soot.

He is universally hated by teens because he's sold Sharty to the highest bidder and is probably one of the few things where sootists, kuzists, dollists and off-site faggots all agree about, which could have resulted in the Coal That Destroyed The Sharty if the wrong person had won. He also enabled porn ads on the sharty for an hour to extort 300 bucks out of DOLL showing the kikes ability to squeeze the last few shekels out of an honest working white man.

Max is confirmed to be jewish by Doll



As of October 15th 2023, is offline, likely meaning the kike's finally run out of shekels.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

oldfag meme modified to make fun of max's incompetence
max is a nigger
photograph of max in the act of killing the 'arty

He’s a Jew.

Maximov came into kuz's life in 2008, likely taking advantage of a grief stricken, teenage kuzzy. According to a random document online, he was hired in kolyma in 2008, after Kuz’s wife died, and has been working as kuzs manager and personal slavemaster ever since.[2] After Kuz got aids, Maximov, instead of helping his dying friend (who he spent his entire life milking for every penny), made him dissolve his company and sign off 50% of his ownings[3] to cover his debt and medical bills. This apparently was not enough for Maximov, who, a few weeks later, forced Doll to pay him over 10,000 to get the sharty back.[4] This, however, was still not enough for the shekelsniffer, who then charged doll hundreds of dollars worth of fees from everything ranging from electricity to gas, to ink and paper for the contract he signed. Seriously.[1] YOO this nigger is straight up retarded xe can’t even program an image board, if this is the future of the party I’m leaving.

Fees Doll had to pay Max[edit | edit source]

Surprising absolutely no one, Max's bill to Doll looks like it was written up by Mr Krabs. Read it for yourself.[5]

>I wanted to clarify that these fees were not unjust or unwarranted

The Receipt Verbatim[edit | edit source]

  • $2.00 - Cost of electricity during transfer period
  • $5.00 - Processing fee
  • $10.00 - Unsightly website fee
  • $10.00 - Changing of plans fee incurred by kuz backtracking
  • $15.00 - Fee incurred by DDoS attacks
  • $19.00 - Domain transfer fee
  • $20.00 - Additional fees incurred from transfer of
  • $21.55 - Cost of gas when transporting physical hardware during repairs on July 17th
  • $30.50 - Bandwidth fees
  • $45.00 - Risk fee for dangerous/hateful website
  • $50.00 - Transfer fee
  • $100.00 - Time spent working on the website this week in cost of wages
  • $150.00 - (WAIVED) Cost of hardware replacement

Fees for the Contract[1][edit | edit source]

  • $0.25 - Ink for printing fee
  • $0.75 - Paper fee
  • $1.00 - Reviewal fee
  • $1.00 - Faxing fee
  • $2.00 - ACH fee cost

TL;DR Don't toss coins off a bridge around Max because he'll fucking jump, break his arms, then sue you afterwards. Also keep in mind that this was on top of the $10,700 that max extorted out of doll after initially offering to sell to him for $6.5k.

Crimes[edit | edit source]

  • Selling the sharty which Doll already owned after kuz left, then turning it into an auction… just because!
  • Forcing Doll to take out a loan, then milking him dry to the point of charging him for the gas bill
  • Putting absolutely nigger ads on every page
  • Being a hook-nosed jew
  • Lying about kuz and taking everything he had[6]
  • Locked /qa/ (the Sharty board, but its likely that he had some role in The Great Soyset)
  • Stood by while 'P and the Baby bot ravaged /soy/
  • Extortion
  • Usury
  • Tax Evasion
  • White genocide
  • Commissioning dozens of bwno videos from cecefem not yet but it'll probably happen
  • Hating 'teens
  • Giving Kuz AIDS by disguising as a prostitute
  • the worst ideas anyone have ever thought up
    More Judaism
  • Indirectly leading to the First Death of the Sharty

Depictions[edit | edit source]

At first, numerous variant:unknowns and generic jewish edits of popular variants were used to portray Max.

Later on, Max was represented with an angry peach-skinned gapejak with red eyes and often a jewish nose, dressed in a red suit.

Nowadays, the standard depiction of Max on the wiki is a variation of kuzjak with grey skin, a jewish kippah, orange glasses and a tracksuit with the Kolyma Network shield. Despite this, the older gapejak

Alternative identities[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Dr. E and Chood.

Sharty splinter[edit | edit source]

On the 14th of August /soy/ was locked (similar to how /qa/ was) and the board /bunker/ was made. Maximov was trying to get soyteens onto his shitty bunker, which had no images (at first) and the most fugly UI imaginable. Thankfully most went to instead.

References[edit | edit source]