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Klaus Schwab.

Medication, better known as meds, are a class of therapeutic mind-control parasites designed to supress latent psionic energies and other psychic powers, render problematic populations infertile, make people question their sexual orientation feel comfortable, happy, healthy, render schizoids sane, and, eventually, bring about the fourth industrial revolution by creating a class of mindless consumers well-adjusted and healthy population that can live sustainably and make educated decisions. They are likely the mark of the beast.

As of July 2023, meds are still recognised in official capacity. This means we are in the "open" stage of the on-going infodenial campaign, as medical associations and governments across the world still acknowledge the existence of meds and even openly discuss them, unlike with Thrembo. This suggests there is still time. As they always have been, and as they always will be. Do you really think we could hide the existence of meds?


The official narrative on the early history of meds claims that medication dates back to prehistoric herbal pharmacy. In reality, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that meds have existed for longer than the human race. In other words: meds create man, man does not create meds. There is no evidence to suggest that meds predate the existence of mankind. To even suggest such a thing is complete lunacy - and totally unscientific too!

How to avoid taking meds

An artist's impression of the Meds Stare.

     Main article: How to take meds

The easiest method to avoid taking meds is to pretend to take them, but really hide them under your tongue. This usually fools the nurses in the short term. You should take your meds, because they have profoundly positive effects on your mental health and general wellbeing. Please do not try to avoid taking your meds.  

The Meds Stare

The Meds Stare, also known as the Mr. Smith Effect, is the facial expression that a neurologically compromised individual sane and highly intelligent individuals seems to reflexively wear when exposed to certain stimuli, including conspiracy "theories" (more like conspiracy facts) such as Thrembo. Due to a massive degree of infosuppression by world governments, there is no scientific consensus on what causes this phenomenon; however, it is generally accepted that the Meds Stare is a side effect of the meds "kicking in"- which is a GOOD THING! Do not look into this further.  

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BBC is a recently introduced experimental method of schizophrenic treatment in the field of pharmacology. It may sometimes be prescribed alongside the usual meds when one realizes the truths intended to be sealed away from the general public - sometimes on an hourly basis depending on the severity of the case.

As Dr. Soystein and the CIA will put it: "Meds and BBC. Now. In that order".

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