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How far we've come

Memes are those funny little edits you see online from time to time. Memes are very popular among the youth. Soyjaks are the most popular meme as of recent.[it just is, ok?]

Meme history

ignore that primitive picture above this is actually how far weve come
ignore that primitive picture above this is actually how far it is as of very recently. (might change this later)

The first memes started appearing with the rise of photoshop and digital art software like Microsoft paint and Adobe Photoshop. Over time this technology became much less expensive, and when the web was made people could now send shit to each other outside of email. As more people joined the web memes also became popular. These memes were called "fads" prior to 4cucks and something awful trannies using the word meme to describe these images.

Example of a modern "meme" (IAS?)

Memes became fully mainstream when Facebook was at its peak of usage, and ever since then their quality has fallen off. You can help by making more OC's.

On December 30 2017, The Swede created Soyjak, the best meme on the internet and the peak of humor. There has yet to be a meme topping soyjak in originality ever since.


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