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Mexican Twink, also known as Q #tripcode or Mexican Thougher, is a ∞lb mexican, Redditor, "Gay", Pisscord user, Pol/ user and is featured in comics, fanart and other content. Mexican Twink based soyjaks were first posted in September 2021, By a user with a Romanian flag.


Mexican Twink originally started posting in late September of 2020. Mexican Twink used the name Q #tripcode on boards such as /int/ and /pol/. He eventually was bullied out of using his Trip code and Name fagging by users of soy /int/. He is best known for pretending to be black like The Morrocan, and posting Nas Dust on /soy/. He usually can be found out by looking at the filenames, word placement, spelling mistakes, and using "Zoomer Lingo". He used to post Clipboard.images, due to being lazy and not wanting to save anything on his computer. He now posts with his phone and on a proxy, with files names that start with 165.

Political Leanings and Beliefs

Mexican Twink is very vocal about his political stances. He is often encouraging certain ideologies to take dominion over certain regions or locations of the world. He is known for his alignment with Leftypol posters and Pisscord users, and has been seen posting images related to "State-enforced Homosexuality". He is known for disliking Russia, especially as this relates to the current Russo-Ukrainian War that has started up. He will post about how "Evil" Russians and tells users to join the "Azov Battalion" a well known unit in the Ukraine army, Controversial Known for it's Neo-Nazi symbols and ideology. He has posted about "nuclear-jingoism" and how much he loves "National-Socialism". He also often post about being a "Trans-Ally" (ironic knowing his other political positions)

Mexican Twink's political leanings border on authoritarianism, they are similar to Communism and Fascism.


Mexican Twink's laziness and over-confidence leads him to have the same Filenames, this has lead to some very suspicious and strange things being found out about him, such as his love of "pride". Mexican Twink is known to post hentai "Ahegao" faces when someone threatens to fuck him in the ass and ERPing in threads made by users asking about a different topic. He's pretends he is heterosexual by claiming he gets "Mad Pussy" or saying to other users when they enrage him, "Y'all niggas get no pussy". He has a collection of pornography on his hard-drive. He isn't confirmed if he's a pedophile or is infact bisexual. But in all cases, it's proven that he is a homosexual pretending to be a heterosexual.


As previously stated, Mexican Twink watches Pornography. Some say that he has an addiction to watch this. This has resulted in Mexican Twink masturbating and trying to start "Fap And Jak" threads that include Webms, and photos he can sexually arouse himself with. He is known to jerk off to several things, like anime and various V-Tubers. He claimed that his penis is 6 inches long, girth unknown.

Websites He Uses

He is a known and proven user of reddit, as displayed by him uploading images straight from reddit into /soy/ threads, trying to pass them off as genuine threads to avoid them being deleted the moderators and janitors. he also apparently uses facebook, twitter, and ifunny (ironic due to ifunny being a russian company.). Pointing out the obvious will result in him trying to label you as the redditor even if clearly uses images from reddit. He posts 4chan, Bunkerchan and He uses the boards /pol/ (confirmed due to a screenshot of putin with zoomer hair) /int/ (not hard to explain why) /lgbt/ (ironic) and pretends he uses /fit/, this was confirmed when a cross posting spammer posted pictures from /fit/ on's /r9k/. He is often dismissive and makes fun of people who use, by posting nate soyjaks with the 1 year on bald cartoon man with glasses website.

Things He Likes

Things that Mexican Twink likes and often posts on include:

Posting a soyjak holding a "IAS" card while posting nas to avoid deletion

  • Impact Font Memes
  • Black Text On White Background Memes
  • Trans Rights
  • Fascism
  • Communism
  • Suppressing Freewill
  • Blocking Anyone who disagrees with him
  • Telling people to Kill Themselves
  • Extreme Political Ideologies
  • Dogjaks
  • Discord
  • Donald Trump
  • Kayne West
  • BBC
  • Sproke
  • Soy
  • Azov
  • Ukraine
  • The word "Incel"
  • The word "Lmao"
  • "Black Culture"
  • Rap Music
  • Zoomer Lingo
  • Mumble Rap
  • Mass Replying
  • Spamming
  • Emojis
  • Racism
  • Imperalism
  • Colonialism
  • Capitalism
  • Processed Fast Food
  • E-Celebs
  • Vaush
  • Coal

Things He Dislikes:

  • ESLs
  • People who say "though"
  • Soot
  • Kuz
  • Romanian Schizo
  • Working Out
  • Doing Physical Labor
  • Getting A Job
  • Diets
  • BWC
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Inflationposter
  • Covington Farms
  • Gems


Eventually someone had enough of the Mexican twink's faggotry and make several soyjaks out of him. Read about them below.


Mexican Twink's caricatures as a wojak began with a Twinkjak with a mustache and with a Mexican flag T-Print Hoodie. Mexican Twink's design rapidly changed as more information about him was leaked (self-doxxed). Then he was designed as with no facial hair and wearing a light beige-brown suit jacket, white dress shirt, and a black tie. With a armband with the Mexican flag on it. In 2022, he was redesigned with a more misshapen face, sunken in eyes and rounder cheekbones. with slightly lighter skin and curly zoomer broccoli hair. This version was the most popular and used version of Mexican Twink Jaks. It was finally redisgned for a final time after Mexican Twink posted his hair in a /soy/ thread after claiming his representation as wojak was inaccurate. Vinluv was apparently in this thread, claiming he warned's users about "Mexican Shitposters" (see Dannyboytbh for a deeper insight) The lastest version has orange spiky hair, and lighter skin. he is depicted as wearing black dress pants and dark dress shoes, often with the laces untied. This resemblance is often comparable to several lead members of the nazi party. such as Hermann Goring or Joseph Goebbels.


Although Mexican Twink is assumed to be a schiziod delusion in The Romanian's head. It's been proven true that The Mexican Twink is real, and is a regular poster on

Mexican Twink's Wojak deisgn is often interpenetrated as being a nazi due to his politcal beliefs, although he shares an equal am-mount of communistic ideals. he is often depicted as being weak and feminine due to his cowardly nature, and how he is a hypocrite. Such examples of this is when he rejoices in posters he doesn't like getting banned by's moderation staff, but then if he gets banned. he tell the moderators to "Kill Yourself." This is why he is drawn as Chudjak or Amerimutt, due to his disdain for both. Having him be depicted as either would cause great discomfort and embarrassment to him.

Mexican Twink's Terror On

Status as "NAS"

Because Mexican Twink'jaks lack any "soy" characteristics or features typical of a common soyjak. It's usually considered nas, the only verdict remaining left is whether the post is a gem or coal, It usually is based on the following criteria

  • Isn't redundant (Fresh OC and new versions are posted constantly, to avoid repetition and boredom.)
  • Well drawn.
  • Based on Wojak.
  • Nas gem (because Romanian Schizo created it (Usually compared to Vinluv, but considered actually funny in some cases.)

Also because of his refusal to delete Mexican Twink Jaks, soyjak historians have taken the existence of Mexican Twink Jak as evidence that Soot is a chad.