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This page is a gem.

A diagram explaining the equipment and battle sections in short. is, according to its own wiki: "another popular web game created by Yendis Entertainment following the Player and his or her adventure to greatness." This is incredibly misleading given that it's just a playground for macro-using script kiddie niggers. It is best known for being a fun way to waste time in school computer classes worldwide, although the "fun" part is heavily disputable.

Necessary information

Depsite the inhospitably niggerish conditions (scriptniggers, decently dogshit mechanics, immense reliance on ping for gameplay); the game has proven fun and good for raids. This is due to the presence of a "tribe" system, allowing people to join eachother's tribes (teams with map-tracking, friendly fire disabled, and other amenities). Below is a neat list of information that is required to survive and thrive with your fellow soygoogoogaglets and to not get dicked on by mexicano preteens with no life to spend anywhere else.


Tribes, as they're called, are an ingame system to team up. They have various helpful effects for raids such as:

  • Disabling teamkill for members of the same tribe;
  • Showing a live 24/7 feed of where other teammates are on your map
  • Easier identification of teammates

They are instrumental in raping and murdering scriptniglets via numbers. Think of it like unit-spam in an RTS game.


Levels, or "Ages" as they're called in game, work about in the way you'd expect. To level up/gain xp, you have to smack things, animals or even people, which is done using your melee, ranged, turrets or spikes.

Ways to level faster

The simplest ways to level up faster are as follows:

  • Picking the stick and gathering 2 closeby resources at a time (ill-advised solo, due to the stick dealing 1 damage);
  • Farming freshies (not advisable given how much you have to move around for it);
  • Killing animals using the pit-trap + spike combo (very profitable, although you have to clean up your mess if you want to build.);
  • Windmills (not as fast, but stable income.)
  • Combining all of the above for maximum gains and gold (DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


"Scriptniggers" are a species of (typically) thirdie ESL shitskins who use macros and scripts on a dying web game. They are incredibly difficult to kill compared to legit players, and usually require a team of 2-3 to make flee or kill. They are incredibly cowardly, and being pelted by arrows from a repeater is enough to make them back down and wait for another opportunity to attack.

Some of their abilities may include:

  • Lightning fast healing (counter-ACKted by multi-repeater DPS);
  • Automatic hat-swapping;
  • Musket/sword combos (shooting with a musket then swapping to a sword to basically 1tap, insanely niggerish);
  • Instant trap-placement, among many others.

Hats and accessories

The game features a variety of equippable hats, all of which are obtainable through the store. To purchase any, you have to get Gold.

To see a list of all wearable items, consult the Moomoo wiki.


The currency of the game, from which you can buy hats and accessories. Although basically a tertiary (not even secondary) resource for base-building, gold proves valuable for equipping yourself with the right combination of items to molest and rape script kiddies; which will be discussed in the Tactics and strategies section.

Tactics and strategies

A diagram explaining the base-building section in short.

As is depicted in the helpful and informative diagrams, there are many tactics and strategies to adhere to for optimizing scriptnigger-BTFOment. All of these are devised for GROUP play, not for playing solo. Do not apply these strategies solo, you will get gangraped by tryhard edgelord niggers or scripties.


The average soygoogoogaga should equip himself with these following items (if possible, it is NOT mandatory, but it is OPTIMAL.):

  • A name referencing the Sharty or Sharty-affiliated media (obtainable at the beginning of the game);
  • The repeater crossbow (obtained at level 9 by picking the bow and later crossbow beforehand);
  • A monkey tail (store-bought);
  • The marksman hat (store-bought);
  • A shitload of wood for ammo (obtained by smacking trees);
  • The stick melee (obtained at level 2).

To obtain the listed items, (You) should have a healthy amount of gold (5 thousand in total) for the hats. This is most easily gotten by whacking gold ore, OR alternatively: placing down windmills, which we will cover next in our next section: base-building.


Base-building in is, in short, absolutely fucked. Although intuitive, it is difficult to produce a base that is easily defensible, as having small cracks in walls is more common than you'd think. To build an actual base in Moomoo, it is advised you take up the wall upgrades whenever possible. This means foregoing the cookie (a healing item upgrade) in favor of Stone walls, and, if you're daring enough to lose out on turrets and platforms, taking up the Castle wall.

Common fails:


Gaps are, as you should've inferred from previous sections, small holes that the player can squeeze through. These are bad because it allows free entry into the base for enemies, and due to the hitboxes of the walls it is very difficult to hit someone squeezing through until they're fully in; so it is advised to make walls with as-small-gaps as possible. This means that, optimally, you should be placing walls with your mouse locked to the direction of the wall, making sure to place them as tightly packed as possible, and to add spikes on the outer end so as to secure them from being attacked by sieging trannies.

Lack of entryways for friendlies

This is, as it literally states in the title, a lack of entrances for fellow soytoddlers. This makes the logistics of getting out and attacking people or gathering resources difficult, and wastes extra walls which could've been repurposed to extend the base just a little. To make a secure door, one should place 2 pit traps (one on the layer of the walls, and the other on the layer of the spikes.). This provides an effective way to get in and out of the base without having to squeeze through a crack and without it being accessible to enemies, seeing as the pit trap locks them in place once walked over. The humble Pit-trap door can prove useful as a defense in and of itself, by making enemies stuck which makes killing them way easier.


Over-extending is when you fail to plan ahead and make your base way too big, spread-thin and bloated. This commonly leads to underdefended weak spots, which are quickly utilized by enemies to breach faster. To avoid this, simply build in a world edge or corner, use any available resource deposits as nodes to build walls between (given that they're indestructible and are impassable), and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, remember that building is a team effort. If you run out of a certain structure, call up another soy to fill in for you.

Lack of proper defenses

Failing to add any defenses is a sure-fire way to immediately ACK like the retarded shitskin who can't build (You) are. Below is a list of some basic defenses that are REQUIRED and are NON-NEGOTIABLE.


Spikes are an amazing utility, as they not only provide an additional layer of wall to prevent any squeezing (god-forbid you couldn't build properly), but also act as deterrence for anyone wishing to tear down your heckin' wallerino. It has been documented to sometimes kill people, but their main purpose is just act as an additional layer of wall and prevent people from trying to break it.

And for the love of god, please use upgraded spikes like greater or spinning, because regular default spikes deal atrociously low damage, are easy to destroy, and make your base more of a target as it looks more noobish.


Turrets, although expensive, should not be overlooked. They provide an extra fighting hand during defenses, can finish people off if they're not careful, and act as additional deterrence due to their knockback and intimidation factor. They have literal aimbot, deal 50 damage and shoot every roughly 2 seconds. It is important to note that they are utterly incapable of shooting over resources, and thusly shouldn't be placed behind them.


Platforms are unlockable structures that you can place over water and land, and walk over. When placed over land, it grants anyone standing on it the ability to shoot OVER walls using their ranged weapon. These are definitely not necessary, however they are very, very useful, not requiring soygwagwas to exit the base in order to shoot enemies.


In this section, we describe the most effective and efficient loadouts for bootyraping skids. Our main concerns will be price, scalability and ease of use.

Standard loadout

The most basic bitch of basic bitch loadouts for us raiders, this is optimal for those who don't want to spend too much time moomooing it out and just wish to pelt randoms with a hail of fire alongside their fellow soyteens. The core components of this loadout are:

Repeater crossbow

The repeater crossbow, also known as the raper crossbow/MG42 is the primary arm of the soyldiers deployed in this shithole. It provides the highest DPS of all the ranged items, due to its respectable 30 damage and 0.23 second firerate. It does however, have a disappointing projectile speed, and slows down the user quite a bit; which will all be addressed with the following accessories.

Do note that it uses 10 wood per shot, which may be way too much for some; if so, consider equipping the musketeer hat.

Monkey tail

The monkey tail increases the speed of the user by 30%. This can almost fully negate the 35% speed decrease of the repeater, however be warned that it lowers melee damage by a ton. Do note that ranged damage is wholly unaffected for whatever reason, so it is best to use this to harass melee users.

It costs 2000 gold, which is relatively low.

Marksman cap

The marksman cap increases projectile longevity and speed when equipped, making it perfect for the repeater as it entirely negates the shitty speed and low range.

It costs 3000 gold, which is also relatively low for most hats and accessories in this God-forsaken shithole.

Musketeer hat (optional)

The musketeer hat halves the price of every projectile, at the cost of you not using the marksman cap. This is great for the repeater crossbow, as it wastes ammo quick; but do note that that means you won't be able to reap the benefits of faster projectiles.

It costs 5000 gold, which is the collective cost of the entire loadout up to now. This is entirely unnecessary unless you don't want to waste time gathering resources. is part of a series on
Trolling and Raids
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