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My Little Pony is children's cartoon aimed towards little girls, but ended up appealing to adult men of plebian taste, who happen to be sexually attracted to cartoon horses[1]. Many self-identify as Bronies, thoguh the term hasnt been popular in almost a decade. 9 seasons of the mainline show exist.


Main Article: Lee Goldson

Lee Goldson was a poster during the end of the last golden age of 4chan (even though there wasn't even a golden age, ever), and also spent his days on a crusade against manchildren bronies. Due to his dedicated mission against all pony references on 4cuck, Anons used said autism to test his reaction time, this is known as Leebait.


On 4chan

At /co/

In the year 2010, following the release of a teaser at Hasbro's website, Anonymous users on /co/ anticipated the release of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the release of the first episodes sparked discussions on /co/, where Anons talked about the show, but are mostly fantasized about how it would be like having sex with each of the Mane Ϫ. As the episodes came along, to /co/'s demise, interest in the show was building up at an impressive rate, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was often frowned upon by fellow manchildren who though they were better than anyone else because they watched a PG-13 show instead of a PG show.[2]

At /b/

Eventually, ponies started spilling out of /co/, and into the dwellings /b/, amazingly, even /b/, with the most horrible, most shitty, most retarded threads in the history of the internet couldn't bear the sight of cartoon horses, what followed was nothing less than an utter Culture War.

Posting ponies on /b/ would become a bannable offense, Moot eventually ceded to the ever-growing bronies after they flooded every corner of the website with ponies. Sometime later he opened /mlp/ while creating General Rule 15, which is still enforced to this day. Following the opening of /mlp/, it rose to become one of the most active boards on 4chan, which can't be said for its current state, with dwindling PPH (Ponies Per Hour), factionalized generals, and overall hostility.


Ponychan was an imageboard that is used for posting bronies. Ponychan was created on 7th February 2011.


  • /site/ - Site Issues — The board for discussing site related issues, questions, concerns, and suggestions.
  • /arch/ - Twilight's Library — The resting place for the best threads from Ponychan's past. Don't forget your camera!
  • /pony/ - Show Discussion — The place to discuss the show and its universe.
  • /oat/ - The Serial Box — This is the place to host serial threads.
  • /chat/ - Chat — New & Improved!
  • /rp/ - Roleplay — The place for, well, roleplaying. Feel free to jump in.
  • /fan/ - Fanworks — A hub for fan projects.


Ponies were on rare occasions posted on /qa/ but had little to no presence until the late doll era. It is believed that pony posters began posting in force on /soy/ and /qa/ after a sharty raid on /mlp/'s circlejerks such as Cytubes and TF2/Gmod servers, eventually rising to more relevancy on the late Doll era.

With diminished moderation during the late doll era, pony posters were able to spam NAS pony threads with little recourse. Doll's refusal to deal with the spam and sympathy for them shown in the /q/ Q&A threads was one of the major factors destroying Dolls image before the sharty's closure in August of 2023.

World Economic Forum predicts that My little pony VILL replace Ongezellig as sharty culture by 2030.[3][eventho it isn't]


As a part of the 50 Board Plan the /mlp/ board was created. It became one of the most active FOTM boards, gathering existing pony posters, Lee baithers and even tourists from 4chan's /mlp/. By the time of it's closure /mlp/ managed to get 573 posts, while, for example, /zellig/ only had about 400 at the time.

On September 5th Froot ordered the board to be locked and everyone who posted on it to be permanently 'nished. However, interestingly enough, this didn't disqualify it from competing against /sneed/ in the matchoffs.

Pony Drawfag

One of the faggots who joined amongst the /mlp/ invasion and began making xerself at home on the sharty.[4]

Xe renders what many deem as NAS coal, such as a ponified Doll. His artwork was posted on websites such as e621[5] and twibooru, the posters in these websites were anonymous.