Mysteries of Soy Culture

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green: definitively solved / Yellow: possibly solved, controversial or not enough information / red: unsolved / grey: unsolvable

Mystery Status
What was the first soyjak? Disputed. This [1] can be considered either the first soyjak or NAS.
What was Sharty Post No.1? According to one eyewitness it was Soot saying "Welcome!", but others dispute this.[1]
Is Nate actually Soot? Nate Higgers is a known alias of Soot,[2] but its also a fairly popular name, so although its highly likely that the two are the same, it cannot be said for certain.
How much of what we known about Kuz is true? How much is keyfabe and how much are real events? Can't be answered exactly. This is even less likely to be resolved now that Kuz left the Internet. Kuz is honesly a huge rabbit hole. If you want to learn more about him, read the Kuz page on Bibanon. Froot claims "kuz" is actually a 19 year old from Tampa, Florida called Carter, as has the Jarty for a long time.
Who is Eduardo Foltz (the man that stands in for Kuz in the alleged IRL photos of him)? What is his relation to Kuz? Unknown.

Kuz himself stated in a voice Q&A with Doll that Eduardo is "a gentleman", implying they are not the same individual. Some speculate that Eduardo is a friend of kuz, used as a "stunt double".

How many soysphere adjacent discords are there? How influential are they in the culture of the 'sharty? Unknown, and most likely will not be answered in the near future due to the very nature of 'cords and their inhabitants.
Is 'zellig qway culture? More specifically, was it really prevalent in /qa/? Disputed.[3][4]
Was 'zellig spam in /qa/ really done by Massa's slave english discord mod Foenkie? or was it just some Märgerautismus schizo? Unknown.
Who are the 'p spammers? Is it one group doing it or multiple? Was goth really who started it or was he just a convenient patsy to get doxxed? Do the spammers have any relation to the Foodists, as some speculate? Unknown, but one of them was found and has been documented.

Definetly not a single person.


One of the raid snitchers who also happened to poison the well with CSAM and has been found and doxxed. He claims to be a foodist.[5]

Do federal agencies spy on the 'sharty like they do in 4chan and 8kun? Do they have any influence on the site's culture or administration? Yes.
What was before it was turned into an alternative domain for the 'sharty? Did Doll plan to use it as a splinter if the second great purchase fell trough? Considered solved. Soychan was used for domain squatting purposes.
Who owned the mysterious splinter What is its lineage in relation to the other splinters? Solved.
Is Lee still active in the 'cuck? If not, when did he give up? Unknown and likely can't be answered. More information in the article.
Who was Chood and what happened to him? Solved, Chood was confirmed by Doll in his last Q&A to be Dr. E.
Is Dr. E/Chood actually Max? Highly disputed.

Some believe that Doll made that claim after the fact in order to discredit Choodists. This may also undermine the previous point about Chood's identity. What is known is that both Max and Chood had admin powers on the sharty but it's not known whether Dr. E had any.

Why was the Froot page created on August 1st, before the Soypocalypse, and why did Angeleno decide to keep it? Froot is said to have shown interest in buying the sharty even before the 'pocalypse.
What is up with dailyjak (the old one, not the one Froot is supposedly working on)? Who owns it now? Unknown.
What's the encrypted info in the compromised pepe image, that's also the most commonly seen variant on the internet? Why has no one noticed this, and why is it only documented in this website? Can't be answered because of the very nature of steganography.
  • After checking 4plebs I've found only one post[6] that was made before the wiki post mentioning this so this wiki is likely first to document these datamining pepes.
How many 'jak have similar datamining and/or 'p embedded into them? Unknown for the same reasons. Large filesizes might be a giveaway.
Whom was Rapeson traced off? Confirmed to be Redditor u/bobrod55.[7]
Was lolkek ever an admin on the sharty? Lolkek was once briefly promoted to admin. This promotion lasted for last than a minute before he was demoted back to mod, meaning that this promotion was likely a misclick[8]
How distinct are SoyBooru and SPVA communities from the main sharty one? This question probably cannot be fully answered without a major datamining campaign.
  • However, SoyBooru in particular is known to have 'jak trends that differ from the sharty's.
How many Soot oldCHADS and /qa/ originalDEITIES are still around? Unknown, but their proportion to the current userbase is likely low regardless.
Were sexualised Soylita edits that got banned actually traced from 'p? Who made them? There was one that was traced from a HEAVILY CENSORED screenshot from Daisy's Destruction THAT WAS PUBLICLY CIRCULATED BY THE POLICE. There were countless others that had extremely suspicious proportions, seemingly traced from real, illegal CSAM!

Unknown. Some speculate it was the "GNUschizo" because he apparently made a fuck ton of weird soylita edits, but it was likely the Discord and the QAfe.

Tip: Just... do not research. I wouldn't venture out there fellas, those pedos got talent!

What is Doll's relation to Frank Hassle? Unknown
What is Froot's relation to Matpat? Sources say that Froot is Matthew Patrick. [it just is, ok?]
Froot has stated before that he somehow has a line of contact with Matpat.[9] Before and after this was revealed, some spammer was spamming Matpat copypastas here and in the 'sharty, wether this is a strange coincidence or he knows something we don't is also unknown. The person spamming Matpat was Feralteen thoughever.
How many hidden secret pages are there in the 'sharty? How many existed in its history? Unknown , this is definitely not as well documented as it should be
Was the raid on Lgbt/ that preceded The Great Soyset a legitimate raid by /qa/ posters or a false flag by 'cuck jannies so they had an excuse to lock the board? Unknown, arguments have been made by both sides.
Who created Euromutt? Disputed, many believe The Bulgarian created it but he denies it, It's possible Hamas 2 created it but that's unknown.


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