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Dust fucking coal

NAS is an acronym that stands for "Not a Soyjak", which refers to variants and images that lack the classic characteristics of a soyjak.

Categorization of NAS

A infograph that attempts to differentiate NAS and IAS.

In order for a variant to be considered IAS (Is a Soyjak), it must at the very least contain these properties:



Although the classic chudjak does not possess a stubble, an open mouth, and is most commonly used to mock chuds rather than soyboys, he remains a popular variant that continues to be posted on the booru and /soy/.

Subvariants of Gapejak

Subvariants include: Wholesome, Impish, Soylita, etc.

Subvariants of Gapejak often remove one or several IAS traits. Different users tolerate different degrees of these mutations before calling it NAS. Even THOUGH Wholesome excludes the open mouth, he is universally accepted as IAS. Most soyteens accept Impish/Swede as IAS, despite the missing glasses. Other users accept every subvariant as IAS, including Shoyta (misses every IAS trait defined in this article, except maybe the last one)

A proposed diagram of Soyjak Status. Soyjak Status does not translate to condonement as there are many coally Soyjaks

Examples of popular NAS memes


NAS coal is often posted by tranny demoralization raid squads in an attempt to demoralize jakkers. Rope, sneed, dilate.

Alternative Meanings

A Soy Nigger

NAS may also refer to the following:

Some niggers will claim that it means other things than those mentioned above. DO NOT listen to them. They are all schizos who haven’t taken xer meds yet

is part of a series on
The coal that is killing /soy/
Sources [-+]
Symptoms [-+]

TranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeBaby botVariant:UnknownShit Nobody Cares About

Treatment [-+]

JesusAdmin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content