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NPC's, otherwise known as non-player characters, are all the people in your daily life that you suspect of not being sentient. This can be detected by observing characteristics such as them believing in things like Science, repeating the same lines when talked to, wearing a mask outside everywhere or having no eye reflection like that guy in "The Thing" (kino movie btw).

What to do when confronting an NPC

NPC's have a predilection to accept anything the media tells them to while denying anything else. When dealing with them in daily life you can quickly get what you want out of them by agreeing with whatever mass produced dialog they said and adding something made up and say it was from a WW2 documentary, this can get you many favor points with certain NPC classes.

An artistic representation of an NPC

When a nearby NPC becomes hostile this can be solved in a couple simple ways. The easiest step can be done if anything you do in public aggravates them, simply ignore them (especially if it's a woman). If the NPC is seething they might be prompted to engage in a battle scenario, a good tip when dealing with them is to always carry a firearm and a pair of cool schizo-sunglasses as to see whomever in your vicinity is one of them.

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