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This individual is a gegbull, you can help this page by making 'jaks of him and soyquoting him
You can also milk him for GEGs if you are skilled enough or have stalked him.

Namefag is a term used to refer to users of imageboards such as 4chan and the 'party who have decided to ignore the default anonymity of the site by giving themselves a name or another distinguishing characteristic. Users who post images of the same fictional character (it could be from anything a videogame, anime, movie, show, book, etc) regardless of content are known as Avatarfags, while users who have unique tripcodes are known as Tripfags.

Namefaggotry and tripfaggotry is enabled by most imageboards, but the feature is widely disliked by the users because of how rife it is among trannies and attention whores, and because it's not permitted by the fucking oldchad culture. As a mechanic, posters can start a name/trip by entering one into the appropriate field in the reply form.

Most of the people who edit this very 'ki are namefags, as they are pussies who would rather engage in namefaggotry than use a VPN to edit the 'ki. ( retarded nigger 'ki admins block vpns and shit)

On the sharty, the name field was removed, rendering namefagging, in the traditional sense, impossible. However, on some splinters, namefagging and its cousin tripfagging can still be achieved, either through traditional methods, by putting stuff in the subject field, or using the fucking email field nobody cares about other than noahmusicfags. Plus, if namefagging on an imageboard doesn’t give you enough attention, there are plenty of other places you can namefag on anyways.


Tripfags are a subset of namefags who use unique password-hashed tripcodes so as to prevent impersonation by everyone without the password

Vanity Tripfags

Despite being devised as a secure cryptographic signature, some based retards use custom tripcode generators such as Meriken's Tripcode Engine[1][2] to fish for a custom trip that spells their name or whatever sequence of characters they're willing to spend enough computational power on. Cool I guess?


Avatarfags are posters who use specific images to break anonymity similarly to namefags, whether it be a character from a movie, television, book etc. or just a random image. Despite there being a no avatarfagging rule on both 4cuck and the 'party, we still have a few of them. They are often given nicknames which get them confused for namefags, many namefags are avatarfags too though

While most avatarfags are unfunny Trannies in rare cases some of them are actually funny and give birth to new memes and creativity


/sp/ tripfag UTV (!MjaFqpDkME) was advised to change his name and flee the country[3] after a mentally-ill gigachad stalker posted a massive diary and fanfic-infodump about him. Indeed, he stopped posting immediately after[4] and has never been heard from since[5]

Attaching a unique identifier to your every post is like publicly datamining yourself and is a good way to get stalked by schizos, but maybe that's the goal. Indeed, some tripfags seem to wish that they would be stalked.[6][7]

List of namefags, tripfags and avatarfags

On 4chan

  • El Arcón - Genuine, actual schizo[it just is, ok?] from /bant/ who constantly talks to himself[8] in his "constant anal rape thread", which is pretty much a recurring general that only he posts in. He solved the Riemann hypothesis meaning he is owed $1 million USD by the Clay Mathematics Institute. However, he was unable to get his paper peer-reviewed.
  • Eunice Tremble!!ZKj2GJmWmni - /qa/ poster suspected of being a CCP shill, made threads about the CCP and represented them as gigachads as well as having beef with a guy named Dean
  • FnF Pedo - a Venezuelan autistic pedo anti-zellig poster on /funkg/ who would later come to the sharty to make anti-zellig and pro-fnf posts. Hasn't been posting fnf as much as of now but is still active
  • Lee Goldson - Would respond to every My Little Pony post with a image of Barney coming after MLP filename "Bronies this is your mindset"
  • Lunamedia - a 4cuck /trash/ tranny whos obsessed with "The Loud House"
  • Mexican Twink
  • Nigger Cow poster - Would post the brown guernsey cow with the text being simply "nigger" and it became a meme
  • The Morrocan - Unfunny chudbaiter/troonbaiter bbc spammer and /bant/ user who also goes by the name Erika Furudo on the 'ru. Obsessed with some tranime called "Bernkastel" especially "Rika" who he probably wants to fuck with his tbp
  • The Swede - The creator of Soyjak (disputed, but he undeniably created Classicjak) and hasn't used the sharty in a while
  • Wayne Lambright - Skitzocow livestreamer and 4chan trip-user who lives in a shack in the middle of the desert, whose biggest claims to fame were running for President in 2016 and being laughed at on Mister Metokur's livestreams in 2021. Due to his many swattings, a cord tranny group named after him called the Lambright Legion emerged
  • ZelinkOP!DMk4c3ty22 - Some nigger nobody cares about

On the 'party

  • Arcturus - Owner and founder of the original QAfe. Ukrainian nazbol larper and ONA satanist.
  • Baritone - Soycraft An autist that is known to be on the server 24/7. Has a dinosaur fetish, and wishes to engage in sodomy with a t-rex [even doe all dinos are dead and became literal rocks, MEDS!]
  • BLACK HAWK!jKMrjhSa7M - schizophrenic Jew who really likes the character Negev from the gacha game Girls Frontline, and claimed that she was the new owner of the sharty. He was active on during the Soypocalypse and now resides in the sharty's /qa/
  • Chud Doyle Poster - Unfunny Chudbait spammer faggot who was active during the late Doll to early Froot age
  • Chudraj Cobsingh - Does Every Thing He Can To Keep /Pol/ Alive. At Least One Reply On Every Thread. Tranny Enthusiast, A Very Opinionated Individual From Trinidad And Tobago, But Left The Site After Getting Doxxed On January 3 2024
  • Colorteen - Fat kid who painted himself to look like a Colorjak
  • Eessa!njvvrwAlqM - A Lee-copycat schizo who soyquotes any instance of Amerimutt with an image of a pair of black hands typing at a laptop or something. Quotes people with some black variant:unknown hanging (MAKIBU MEN.png) or some shit. Believes Amerimutt came from "Makibucord", or something like that. Now spams racebait.
  • Feraljak!!frNHxQfQWI - He claims himself to be the op on Rev and Minus 8 /raid/ threads and op on the /soy/ Glitch X raid thread. Even doe He care himself.
  • Feralteen - Also known as literal who, infamous Cytube admin, known for being a ruletroon, an unironic homosexual and being obsessed with some youtuber nobody cares about. Forced vantablack brimstone 'riant Catjak with Discord buddies. I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE.
  • FuckAllLiberals - a very old controversial soyjak artist and redditor from Texas
  • FunnyDog - Pooner avifag, refugee from 'cuck's /lgbt/ board, avifags with doge images or her own edits of doge as various 'jaks, (mostly gapejak, wholesomejak, and 'plier doughbeit) believes the 'party is full of chud lolcows, wrote this line for attention but slipped in her preferred pronouns thinking nobody would notice
  • gnuschizo - schizophrenic troonux user, 'lita spammer and pedo who talks about himself in third person. he is a pedophile with an extensive child porn collection that is known as penaiple on matrix
  • goth#3900 - A 16 year old QAfe tranny/faggot LARPer[of what?] and CSAM spammer from North Cyprus; because Turkey is lawless he will never be reprimanded by the state for his misdeeds.
  • Kleki - Attention starved Drawfag infamous for avatarfagging, also a 15 year old girl[9] with Asperger's Syndrome.[10] She started her threads off in /soy/, which were moved to /incel/[11], and for the time being, are now in /qa/[12] and currently she's rangebanned from the party after a sperg out with Froot. She is probably one of the reasons why Froot decided to both disallow namefagging in /qa/ and delete /incel/. Her threads were often more blogposting and self-inserting than drawings and they were extremely active, as they could get up to 300 replies in the span of one hour, spam need not apply.
  • Konata - Avatarfags with some tranime character named Konata or whatever, got random places rangebanned and even an entire file type
  • Kool Yung Sid !!Yt9bpGaLNw - A.K.A Vinluv Handesbukia
  • MarioMan7890 - Disgraced (former?) cordfaggot, actual brony and soulless drone who occasionally makes unfunny comments but is most of the time seen namefagging on coal threads in /qa/ (the awful sharty board). Was faildoxxed before, looks like Amerimutt IRL
  • misha!toX28GzCp (changed tripcode) - israeli jew and savior of the sharty (retarded and autistic) he also has a thing for black transsexuals
  • [email protected] - After the namefield was removed, a 'teen entered this into the email field while posting. It has since devolved into a group of Chuds, including frogniggers and later racebaiters, using it to annoy other soyteens and cause seethe. CSS is as developed to mock or hide Noah's posts. Might be the reason the email field was removed.
  • nojak!!sR3lIQVdVg - a real life soyjak.
  • Orca!!cWTstsK6rA - tripfag that originated from bunker.soyjak.wik. Staunch Anti-Zellig and Anti-pony poster; typically writes criticisms and sperges about current sharty affairs, not else much known about him currently.
  • Remilia!bRemiliaZc - Tranny that posted everywhere on the 'sharty and related websites. Caused soot to enable forced anonymity on /soy/ and filter "Remilia" to "axe wound."
  • Romanian Schizo - a Soyjak artist who uses VPNs from Romania, he's noted by his low-flow brush tool artstyle and ESL writing
  • The Bulgarian - a Bulgarian soyjak artist who hates Friday Night Funkin and responds "kys fnf pedo nigger" to every fnf post. Was banned but evades by phoneposting
  • Thugshaker poster - Unfunny tranny who spams the Discord/Reddit meme "thugshaker" aka gay nigger porn. For some reason he never gets banned for rule 5 or 7
  • wise sage!pHy49SKEBc - Schizo oldfag from /x/ who uses the name field to proclaim that he is Spyro from the star Alderamin and that is a similar title to Jesus Christ. His name field sightings are almost purely that, but he anon posts to datamine users of their soyjaks in duels.
  • !elUzZM2K/o - An avid anti-furry Filipino poster who began posting on's /pol/ around December[when?][December. Can't you read, fag?]. He has shown great displeasure with pro-Furry and pro-LGBT posting being supported on 4chan's pol/, and has thus moved to the 'party Xhe posts on the jarty now (got banned from the ‘arty a while ago apparently), albeit even they don’t tolerate xim very well. He is known as w7-890 or Pinoysissy and tends to lurk obscure imageboards at random without posting, though starting in the summer of 2021 he has also intermittently come to 4chan's /trash/ board. He alternates between begging for help with n00b-level MS Paint art in art threads and REEEEEing at the "furfags," always in a shrill, obnoxious, entitled tone. Oh, and he doesn't seem to have figured out tripcodes, and he really doesn't like it when people mock him by pretending to post as him, so don't do that, mmkay? This user also an AyyMD fanboy who has a rather niche interest towards virtualization and gaming laptops despite being inexperienced with linux and programming in general. He one day dreamed of building his own ADHD friendly tech company with strictly zero rainbow influence from scratch in a third world country. BUILT FOR BIG WEREWOLF COCK
  • !D4JLqEmRdY - The developer of the soyjak rpg maker game. Password: jojoba12
  • !!nhwL65gZrc - The owner of the Soyjak Party Video Archive.
  • !!AZUfTH4RXE - A popular /pol/ user but he stopped posting.
  • (Miscellaneous FNAC Developers) - The people who are making the horror genre-defining “Five Nights at Cobson’s” video game frequently engage with ‘teens and answer questions on the /fnac/ board. No single one of them have earned a separate line on this list. < wrong
    • xyz: hello thats me

On the ‘ru

  • Albert - Namefag that actively participates in the newest Italo-Mexican War. He is an extreme schizo and keeps changing sides, known for his constant hate against satoko_hojou_fan, whilst also siding with xer sometimes. Sources say he's either Italian, Peruvian or Albanian, though he is most likely Albanian, since he has never denied it and has said multiple time he's a Muslim.
  • Ayyyple / Bruhfruit - Drawfag 'cuck spawn from Niggerhell, pedophile, zoophile, porn addicted loser who keeps forcing BAD porn of his shitty OCs into the 'ru. He's still active but he however shills his mediocre subvariants on the 'ru anonymously. Soybooru Moderators have since ceased to take any action against him. (additionally active on Twitter doe)[13]
  • boxman - Creates 'jaks for the purpose of soy duelling, quality in posts varies.
  • Fozzy - Joels half indian cousin, uploads mostly about namefag drama and random shit he sees on the sharty
  • funnystuffs - Fucking nobody that Joel is obsessed about
  • Gelisht - Also a drawfag, has a twitter account, probably a twitter immigrant, posts margecoal and other drawfag shit, rumoured that he draws soytan porn and claims he joined since 2022. Inactive
  • Hamas_2 - namefag who posts euromutt, for some reason some amerimutt keeps obsessing over him from time to time and shits up the comments with the phrase “HAMAS_2 IS A SHTLZJDJAJDGSUXHDHD NIGGER” or some shit like that or whatever the fuck yeah. It is unknown whether xhe is actually Italian or not.
  • Italian_Chad - namefag countrywarrior, one of the main combatants of the Italo-Argentine War and the Italo-Mexican War, makes jaks out of your country if you insult Italy and hates satoko_houjou.
  • kleki - Extremely brimmy, attention starved 'cordspawn drawfag and also a woman that keeps continuously coaling up the 'ru with NAS porn she drew, despite (allegedly) being underage not the real Drawkleki tho just an impersonator, actually she has an account but she only has like 3 posts Groomed by Joel if that’s matter
  • lifesucksthenyoudie - Same as YaroslavTV, except with slightly more personality. Dislikes Jasonjak and Tomboys and is also obsessed with some jewtuber "LSMark" for some reason. Permanently banned after posting too much NAS.
  • Lolkekkeklmaolmaolmaoxdhaha a former Soot-era Admin responsible for wiping the Booru twice during the Soypocalypse, and being banned for such.
  • satoko_houjou_fan - Consitently trolls for hours at a time in almost every single post comment section, also a very well known countrywarrior and main combatant of the Italo-Argentine/Italo-Mexican Countrywar. He's an ex-janny who used to approve barely-IAS countrywar """soyjaks""" and tranime and is obsessed with the underage character "satoko houjou". Several conspiracy theories about him using alts to upload and approve NAS coal exist. His eternal rival is Italian_Chad, an oldfag namefag who partakes in the countrywar.
  • Sectionalism - Posts racebait and OCs. Involved in Italo-Argentine War
  • ShadowMario - most famous bbcspammer who is eternally banned from the booru.
  • The ShitItalian - Italian countrywarrior who supports Ukraine and responds to every pro-Russian post with a hanging Russian Chudjak
  • bbc & bwc (samefag) - unfunny racebaiter troon.

On the 'ki

On the 'log

  • Scar - Mod who also is mod of the shemmy
  • Weebhunter3000 - Owner of the now dead, and admin of the site.

On splinters

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