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Soyjak trend, /soy/
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Natejaks are a series of Soyjaks that portray Nate, a Soycraft namefag who became a meme on the site. Nate is used as a way to express soyteens or users as a whole. Many believe that Natejaks have become Demoralization Coal as today it's usually used for that. Hes based off Nates minecraft avatar and notably has yellow hair, a red and grey shirt and a "1/3 years on bald cartoon man with glasses website" award

The first Natejak was an edit of a crazed Feraljak that was originally Yotsoyba

Other variants


Jake is the jartys expressive meme, unlike having yellow hair and a red striped shirt like Nate, he has black hair and a blue striped shirt. Unlike Natejaks which are allowed to be posted on xhey actually delete Jake for some reason

This edit was the first to spark many new portrayals for other soyjak related sites


Sean is soygem.partys expressive meme, he has orange hair and a green striped shirt. Due to his name, hair and clothes many believe he's Irish, but this can't really be confirmed


Lars is swedishwin.coms expressive meme, he has brown hair and a yellow striped shirt. He also has his own family or something


Dan is a proposed SoyBooru expressive meme, he has lighter brown hair and an orange striped shirt. He was created in a sharty thread about making a mascot for the booru


James is the proposed meme for this very wiki, he already has grey hair from memorizing all of the soy lore along with a purple shirt. Similarly to Dan he was created in a sharty thread[1]

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