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This nigger has Assburgers Syndrome

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>Just joined this site. What am I in for?

Opposite of oldfag.

Newfags, also known as Jews, Newtrannies, Newtroons, Newcucks, NewCHADS, Nusoicacas, Soyim[1], or most commonly: newGODs, are posters that are new to the sharty, often coming from 4cuck, iFunny, Trooncord or Twitter. Newfags are typically met with mixed reception, with some 'teens claiming that they are offsite "trannies" that post overwhelming amounts of coal, while others claim that they bring fresh ideas, OCs, and content to the sharty.

Newfags can often be identified by their overuse of both 'party and offsite slang, and text formatting options in order to fit in/raise a personal army, falling for low quality bait and ancient 'pastas, virtue signalling over their moral ground, poor quality traces, etc.

Anyway, kill newfags (that includes me) and I won’t kill (You)

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  1. everyone uses this term take your meds no i did not just make it up fuclk you