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Don't trust anything you see. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.
Tsunami kills people in Asia and we laugh. A man fulfills his sick desire to shoot up some place we laugh and we praise him. A little girl cuts herself live on cam, we laugh and demand more. Suicide, foul play, genocide- we laugh. Racism, sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, rape and unfounded wrath- we laugh. We are cruel; we do not forgive; we do not forget; we are the real face of the internet.
Some discord kid larping as a heckin' epic oldfagerino

This page is a gem.

This page is a TRVTHNVKE.

>Twitter and redditors are LITERALLY KILLING THE SHARTY AS WE SPEAK!!!! WE NEED TO INSTALL (my discord's favorite shock media) into literally every aspect of this website to stop them from infiltrating our secret club that absolutely nobody knows about!!!

Saving the sharty, one DNB at a time

The "Newfag Repellant" argument talking point is a frequently deboonked fallacy manifesting in several different factions within the sharty. Derivative of a genuine or feigned fear of the sharty and it's culture being overrun or otherwise impacted by outsiders from other internet factions or walks of life. Whatever the reason, the proposed solution is always more or less the same, the implementation of shock media into various aspects of the site, it's media, and/or it's culture as a way to "scare off" outsiders. It is implied by advocates that "real soyteens" are supposedly unaffected by said shock media due to desensitization, and thus it's implementation would have a negligable effect on the user experience. This is misleading. While many soyteens have been desensitized to most shock content, so are lots of disruptive degenerates who see this behavior as an invitation to act like a nigger on the website and post shit nasty enough to make a 4cuck squeel, which makes "newfag repellant" a "foodist discorder attractor".


There are many sects of shockposting advocates, commonly overlapping in members and all trying to push their prefered media that they definitely do not masturbate to (why would you even think that? There is nothing masturbatory about obsessively posting the same gore/porn images over and over again, you sick freak!)

TND (Nigger Gore/Snuff) Sect

An edit of tnd gore

TND, or total nigger death, is a meme/copypasta and the proposed complete eradication of niggers. More generally, TND refers to both the hypothetical situation of there being zero niggers ("zero nigger protocol"), as proposed by chuds, as well as the process of achieving such a situation (killing all niggers). TND is a core tenet of chudjak's philosophy. There is an important distinction between the meme TND, and the genre of gore, which also shares the same name. TND is one of the sects of shockposting that is most deeply rooted into the sharty's culture and has been around for a while. The most famous and commonly used TND piece is a gif of a gentleman of sub-saharan african complexion in prison garb having his head forcibly confiscated from his body via hunting knife by some jihadi. This is probably from some of the niggerwars down in that part of the world, of which there are many. It is not known whether or not he survived, but dancing gangnam-style cobson and calm I heart racism science lover, both of which being present at the time of the incident, may have valuable witness testimony to his condition and the identity of his oppressor. TND posters will froth at the mouth arguing the newfag repellent clause the second you call them out for spamming it, then they will levy the chud argument that it's not the same as normal gore because niggers are subhuman or whatever, then they will scream at you for being a pussy/nigger for not getting off to gore, then they will cry on /q/ with a aryan neutralplier, and so on and so forth.

What's ironic is how the users posting TND also post annoying BBC spam and other offsite fetish shit.

DNB (dead nigger baby subsect)

>dnb posters are not trannie-...

While the morality of posting TND is a subject of intense debate between unafilliated soyteens, the posting DNB, standing for dead nigger babies, is almost universally despised on the sharty, with the exception of a few unironic nigger-obsessed DNB posters. Gore of children crosses the line for most soyteens. The images posted are very obscene, one of them even being of naked kids, effectively making it 'p. Especially in 2023, disdain for the subsect began increased notably. This is the point, of course, where the "newfag repellant" facade comes in. DNB advocates have started to prove themselves as malicious in nature as of late 2023, such as a case in a November community christmas banner thread, where a specific user tried multiple times to shoehorn his favorite DNB into the banner, despite being deleted and banned by jannies multiple times, he desperately pleaded the newfag repellant clause, unironically acting like twitter didn't know about the site, which outed that his intention was to do no more than vandalize the banner for kicks.

Thug Sect

The Thug Sect entails all posters of gay nigger porn of various levels of depravity. This can range from relatively tame thugshaker media, like the "Axel In Harlem" animation, to the most depraved shit like scat and "piggy apple". Scat specifically is the most commonly spammed as of late 2023 (discord users are notorious for being obsessed with scat porn), often edited into bait and switch videos, that are most commonly aimed at 'teens, evident by the usage of soysphere media as the bait video. This sect rarely argues for their posting rights with any seriousness and there is no debate for said rights by soyteens. They are, for all intensive purposes, plain and simple, but at the very least, honest, shock trolls. The same cannot be said about most other sects.

Axewound Sect

>My neovagina is NOT the same as those botched transition surgeries! Are chudcels actually this creatively bankrupt? Why do they have all this shit saved?

These are the people who excell in posting genital mutilation on demand, mostly of trannies, for trannies, the kind of mutilation that makes the BME pain olympics look like a kid's movie. This sect has far more restraint than the rest, rarely outstepping their boundaries, and only posting their shit when an actual tranny is found out or makes xerself known in a thread. While this makes them far more accepted than the other sects on the sharty, axewound posting sits on a tenuous ballance between being a gem, and being horrid brimstone. On one hand, nobody really wants to see a tranny's infected axewound, on the other, reminding trannies of the horrible mutilation they have subjected themselves to, is both hilarious, and an absolute win. The axewound's acceptance has seen it's incorperation into actual soyjaking. Some poor, tortured, martyr of a teen made the sacrifice of accurately tracing of them from a tranny subreddit, and that trace has been used in troonjaks to this day. Oddly however, axewound posting has nearly gone extinct on the sharty as of 2023. This can most likely be traced to the new admin, froots, retarded policy of banning all troons/troonbaiters on sight. The impacts of this style of moderation policy are not in the scope of this article, but they are very grave.

Note that troons are severely mentally ill psychopaths who probably get off to the idea of mutilating their genitals and pretending its a "le heccin' poggers neovaginarino", so axewound posting should be used as a reminder to normalGODS about how gross trannies really are.

Cheese/Tranime Sect

No you don't get to see any of it, freak.

This sect covers all the autistic freaks who post their weird race fetish/rule 34 porn and hentai/loli on the sharty, as well as 4cuck tranime pedophiles. There is little to say about these people, other than the fact that they are 100% not soyteens and explicitly target them. They are also banned on sight, rightfully.

BMT/'P sect

>You have a 'P problem don't you? Yeah, we can help you with that

The name explains it all. These are the CP and BMT spammers. The worst of the worst. Nobody defends them, except for pedophiles and Discordians, of course. These people are the extreme end of shockposters, usually both getting off to the thought of exposing people to their shit (a common thread with most shock sects) and as a conspiracy to kill the sharty by 1. making everyone leave, and 2. getting the sharty in trouble with the feds for 'P.

Cado/Coinslot sect


Of course the best course is saved for last! And the last would be... Cado's ass! This is the most controversial sect of them all! Why? Well let's find out! Nikocado Avocado, or 'Cado is a man who needs no introduction. The patron saint of the sharty, Cado has a place in every soyteen's heart, but Cado's not a saintly saint, for he loves to show off his taint, along with the rest of his bits on his onlyfans page. Little did Cado know, that one particular photo would become internet famous, perhaps even more so than it's owner. You know it, you love it, the imfamous coinslot. Like TND, cado's 'slot is a core part of sharty culture, and still is to this day. The coinslot was and still is used for all manner of raids and invasions. Everyone loved coinslotting, regardless if they liked looking at the 'slot or not, and everything was good and just. However, as time progressed, the most fervent coinslotters grew desensitized to the 'slot to the point where they started to be... changed by it. Suddenly, the 'slot they would only save for their vicims, became something to casually post wherever they pleased. Keep in mind as you read this now, that we are talking about a fat faggot's greasy asshole, and the people, who for some reason, are infatuated with that greasy asshole to the point where it's no longer just a weapon to them, its a toy. Well safe to say, they got a little bored with that toy, so they went ahead and downloaded HIS ENTIRE PORN LIBRARY (that was originally from his OnlyFans because there just has to be a fucking demand for that) and began posting it incessantly everywhere they could with reckless abandon. It has gotten to the point, where the once thriving sharty culture of actual cadoposting, as in not porn, has fallen on the backburner to all the pornspam, to the point where it rarely shows up at all. Moderators for some reason enabled this, despite the fact that it was fucking pornspam, but wait it gets worse. Enter Froot, a soyteen turned admin, who just happens to be one of those 'cado spammers. He is famous for vigorously encouraging coinslot spam, which has caused it to explode on the sharty. Rarely you can go a day without seeing a coinslot, which is not helped by the fact that there is A FUCKING COINSLOT BANNER! It's common knowledge that the coinslot doesn't shock anyone on the sharty anymore, so the question arises, why? Why do they insist on posting it? because it's funny unlike everything above

The answer will probably be "because its 'cado!" in the same nature as a cobson poster would say, "because its cobson!" but instead of a soyjak, its a fucking gay porn library? It is hard to gauge how people actually feel about the 'cado porn problem, as Froot, being admin has a heavy influence on public opinion.


The general takeaway is that a large number of people want shock media to be a mainstay on the sharty, but most of these people want it simply because they like it, not because they have some crazy insight about it "saving the sharty", and that you should formulate your opinion on all of this with that in mind.

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TranniesNAS ♦ Pro-tranny posting ♦ CoalpostingDustBrimstone ♦ Engaging in and talking about sharty drama ♦ Pro-pedophilia advocacyCP SpamSnitchesSpamDemoralizationPorn ♦ Altchan/4chan Raiding and Jackbox Raiding slowly becoming less and less common ♦ Märgerautismus SyndromeSelf-insert syndromeBaby botVariant:UnknownShit Nobody Cares About

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JesusAdmin Thrembo ♦ KILLING ALL CORDNIGGERS ♦ Reporting bait and awful threads ♦ Organizing raids ♦ Bumping good threads ♦ Doxxing trannies ♦ Implementing a CP filtering system ♦ systemctl stop nginx ♦ Not taking your meds ♦ and most importantly... Original Content