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>Though Maybe you were looking for Discord?
>w-why did you hit me?

If (You) have been offended by "Niggerhell",
please click here and slowly scroll down to the bottom of the page.


”France” redirects here. Not to be confused with “FR,” a term coined by Zoomers

How it feels to browse the 'arty in 2024, except when I'm online then it's gemmy

Niggerhell (also known as Tartarus or Hell 2) is a mythical dimension said to located on the inner surface of the 'log and is related to the deboonked alt-right hollow earth conspiracy theory. It is said to be a place without any gems. Legend states that every banned IP address finds its place here, and its inhabitants are forced to eat bugs and take their meds for all eternity. Its where the communist daycare police state that stalks me comes from I think.

The current location of niggerhell among the many planes of our soymultiverse is unknown, though recent studies have concluded that it might actually be some location you’re reincarnated to on Earth.

How to Escape niggerhell

Down in the deepest darkest and dustiest pits of the Congo coal mines lies an alleged entrance to Niggerhell. If one manages to find said entrance from niggerhell itself (assuming it’s real), they’d theoretically be able to go through it and come out to the other side to our world once more. Though, they’d find themselves in Central Africa and now they have to find a way back home, but that's not as much concern as being stuck down there. (Oh my Wendigoon a Dante's Inferno reference!!!)

Notable inhabitants of Niggerhell

  • Everyone I don't like or agree with.
  • You probably
  • The hecking valid black trans plus sized queen who shortened this entry.

Things to do in Niggerhell

  • Dilate
  • Perish
  • Eat bugs
  • Take meds
  • Eat fried chicken


The Sneed niggers being welcomed to Aryan Heaven

Aryanheaven aka Agartha is the polar opposite of Niggerhell. In contrast, the Agarthan aliens crafted it out of marble and diamond. It is a kingdom adorned with the most glistening gemeralds. Gemlets flow through the creeks, and deposit sediment to produce more gems. Gems are etched on walls to be remembered and commemorated for eternity.

Notable Inhabitants of Aryanheaven

  • Everyone I like and agree with
  • Me
  • Henry Kissinger

Things To Do In Aryanheaven

  • Thrive
  • Laugh at all the fags who made fun of you or something

Other Locations