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This page was written by hateful chuds!
This page contains content with far-right themes such as bigotry and racism.

Watch the alt right playbook and read the alt-right glossary in order to debunk the heccin bigots.

>w-why did you *sniff* hit me?

If (You) have been offended by "Nigger",
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This page is Iced tha' fuck out, nigga.


This article is about the cornerstone of written language. For niggers that glow in the dark, see CIA.

Niggers have flat wide noses, big lips, and are prognathous
A Black Man, not to be confused with a Nigger.
Oldfags do it too
Niggers in a nutshell.

Nigger, also stylised as NIGGER, is a racially discriminatory slur against people of the coloured persuasion. The word is often attested within enlightened scientific communities to be the most comical utterance ever to emerge from the English language, perhaps even besting the mighty though. Many[2] a highly intelligent commentator utilize the humorous properties inherent to the aforementioned lexical unit to bestow network-based dissertations upon a grand audience of fellow intelligentsia sophists via the Internet, pioneering a new form of scholarly discussion with highly potent jocual relief. However, academically indigent peoples pertinaciously contest such a usance by cause of trifling picayune, thereby partaking in an initiative as bestially as the ostentation of salacity and as vitriolic as eternal pandemonium. Let it henceforth be promulgated to one and all, that from the first stirrings of life in the animal kingdom to the matured societies still forthcoming, conveying the hallowed term "NIGGER" represents the cumulative achievement of all life punctuated by the labour of all humanity, satisfying a speaker's essence to the utmost extremities in the boundless levels of eudaimonia, lustrating a listener's psyche to the paramount effects of meditation, such a felicitous activity is imperative to contemporary quotidian lifestyle and to the augment in saeculum still forthcoming.

All niggers, especially wild niggers, are dangerous in groups, regardless of gender, and travel in packs. This is because they wish to buy a large bucket of KFC chicken and some fatass white hoes to share amongst their tribe. No respectable white people should ever come into contact with a gang of niggers. If you are a white person who has had contact with a nigger-wait, who are we kidding? Niggers don't know how to read anyway. If you come into contact with a nigger, it is advisable to immediately shower for at least four hours, lest the black taint assimilate you and transform you into one of them. Luckily, the nigger taint, not unlike those it infects, cannot stand the touch of hot water or soap. This is the reason niggers stink.

Nigger disabilities

Niggers all share certain mental and physical disabilities and negative aspects. Most of these listed below. Keep that in mind that niggers from certain regions like Africa have additional disabilities like being unable to acquire water.

  • Unable to swim
  • Low IQ
  • Unable to stop eating KFC, Kool-Aid, and watermelon
  • Unable to play any sport other than basketball and football
  • Being a thief
  • Being a rapist (Rapeson wannabe)
  • Being poor (the rich ones stole from someone)
  • Unable to understand the white race (excluding California trannies) is far superior
  • Being a rape victim every time in prison
  • Being a slut for gang nigger BBC (this usually applies to female niggers however there are also many faggot niggers who enjoy taking BBC)
  • Having AIDS/HIV or other STDs
  • Unable to aim and use a firearm properly (every time they shoot they have a 90% chance of missing)
  • Unable to quit their marijuana or cocaine addiction
  • Getting easily offended/trolled


Because of their inferior intellectual abilities, niggers are incredibly easy to troll. In fact, they even get mad when you are not trolling them.[even though doing some of these to literally anyone would get you a punch in the nose]

WARNING! This only works with niggers with an intelligence quotient under the threshold of 100, and the more cognizant of their race would elicit a reaction not favorable to us chuds. 
  • Inform them that not Whites or Arabs enslaved Blacks, but sub-Saharan Africans enslaved other sub-Saharan Africans and then sold them to Europeans and or Arabs.[3][4]
  • Tell them that former Slaves from the USA who were deported to Liberia enslaved the indigenous black Bush people[5].
  • Inform them that the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians were Arabian and not African[it just is, ok?]
  • Denied their slavery years (never happen)
  • Act "gangsta" around them. Use their slang, wear their clothes and address them with "brother".
  • Say something, anything, against a black rights activist or a famous black person (niggers don't know the difference between the two things, anyway).
  • Remind them that they are all welfare queens.
  • Remind them that they all used to be slaves.
  • Ask them whether their master allowed them to talk to a white person.
  • Kindly remind them that you're not cotton.
  • Ask why you're not allowed to say "nigga". Repeatedly.
  • Offer them fried chicken.
  • Call the police. The nigger will act like he just raped a white, latin or asian girl, whether he did it recently or not.
  • Hand the nigger a piece of soap. Tell him he looks like he needs it.
  • Ask a nigger how to rap.
  • Ask if it plays basketball.
  • Talk like an intelligent person. Niggers hate intelligent people, for obvious reasons.
  • "Trayvon Martin deserved it."
  • Inform them that "George Zimmerman" is of multiracial heritage and not white[6][7].
  • Show them this and that
  • Wear jet black glasses and walk with a cane through any up and coming black neighborhood at night while shouting: "MASSA?! Where is you?!" Bonus points if you can pull off acting deaf and wear a hoodie simultaneously.
  • Inform them that Uganda has a higher standard of living[8] and knows NOT to eat da poo poo.
  • Run after them with a noose and a burning lighter. Niggers are like cavemen, they are deathly afraid of fires that they didn't cause.
  • Ask them if they know the difference between Dr. Seuss and Dr. Dre.
  • Walk up with a calculator and ask if they have a problem. Even if they (inevitably) don't get this one, it results in a guaranteed chimpout.
  • Ask them if they knew that James Earl Ray was actually Ray Charles.
  • Tell them the following phrase: "In all sincerity, you blacks stole from Vanilla Ice. That man invented rap while you were banging spoons on Home Depot buckets for pocket change.... nigger."
  • Ask them if the Crips are physically, or just mentally handicapped.
  • Ask them if they ever saw the movie Jaws, and if it scared them. If they say "No, it didn't", inform them that since they are black, water scares them more than sharks.
  • Tell them not all Police officers are racist gestapo hired just to kill them
  • "George Floyd Deserved it"
  • Get some brown and red paint from your local arts and crafts section and use it for blackface. Bonus points if you put together a makeshift afro wig and wear it.

Always remember, every nigger has a gun! A bullet proof vest is mandatory when trolling them. Alternatively, just hold a melon hostage. And call the cops! Cops love nothing more than to catch a nigger with his pants down.

How to Defeat

Niggers can be quite a tassel to take on, as they were blessed with BBC genetics, making it extremely easy and sufficient to build muscle even if one had not lifted a single weight in their life!

When in a confrontation with a Nigger, you have two options, retreat, you can deescalate the situation by simply not interacting with the Nigger, because even then if you still try to reason with them, that would only piss them off even more (niggers are just like that i guess) but if you see yourself in no other option, you'll fight the Nigger, to a normie this would look like the odds are all against you.

With that said here's how to buck break one physically! With tips and tricks given by Master Soysei

  • Dodging attacks - Remember to ALWAYS have your guard up when even talking to a Nigger. they invested on cheap attacks like Sucker punching and physical engagement even when not warranted.
  • Choking - Remember, choking is your best friend, the nigger usually likes to bawl his fists at you at full speed and hope it hits something. choking them will slow them down and make them tired.
  • When it's on the ground - THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, if you successfully manage to place the nigger onto the surface. this is gemmy, as this allows you to stomp until they're out WITH EASE. (>JUST LIKE MY HECKIN' DEREK CHAUVINERINO!!)

But always remember a Nigger's ego is extremely high, that even if you win this fight it will be bad for you, You also have two outcomes.

  • Option A - The Nigger you just BTFO'd did NOT like what you just did (oh hell nah ytboi did NOT just do dat!!) and resorts to pulling out his firearm (usually a pistol but sometimes a uzi if they're gang affiliated) and blast holes in your chest, killing you. that's why during the fight you have to knock them out, NEVER give a Nigger a 2nd chance after going feral.
  • Option B - The Nigger is down and out but his pack comes swarming at you, niggers are rely a lot on their friends to do all the work because they're selfish little fucks, and they usually love fighting in packs. this will bad for an unexperienced fighter, but i'm sure if you have skills you can blast through the Nigger cattle with EASE!

Fun Facts

  • Watermelons, a favorite food of niggers, also double as incubation chambers for their young
  • Niggers, despite what (((They))) want you to think, are in fact a different sub-species than normal humans[even though if thats the case then why are they able to fuck our women and make fertile offspring? YUUUUP debunked.]
  • Every single aspect of Gangsta Rap is Jewish[9]
  • Nigger rap is known to contain tips and tricks on how to commit crimes such as bank fraud.
  • Nigger memes sometimes contain tips on how to make drugs as well

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