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This article is full of lies. Do not take anything written here as a fact - It is very likely this entire article is a complete work of fiction.

Nintendo's logo.

Nintendo is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. They are mainly known for the critically-acclaimed "masterpieces" series Mario and The Legend Of Zelda, both Soyjak favorites. Soyjaks and real-life Soy Boys alike will always defend Nintendo's actions no matter how controversial, such as when Nintendo sold an unaltered version of Super Mario 64 (a game from 1996) for $60 in 2017, sue everyone who uses """""""illegally""""""" their characters and sold sets of cardboard for $80.

Due to Soyjak's rejection of religion in favor of the science, he has turned to worshipping multi-billion dollar corporations like Nintendo and Disney as such, with this loyalty often stemming from: "THEY FORMED MY CHILDHOOD!", despite thus inhibiting the "cult-like" behavior he accuses religious fundamentalists of. Except out of loyalty toward children's toy brands rather than faith.

Like pottery, Nintendo is quite circlejerked over on 4chan's /v/, in which such fans often skirmish with Sony fans (Playstation brand consoomers) over who can prove their lifeless corporate bugman worship through "no u" 'jakking pictures targeted at each other. An entertaining display.

Tears of the Goyslop

One of the easiest ways to incite a surefire flamewar and shit up the 'log with technically on-topic threads on /v/ is to either aggressively shill or bash the newest installment in the Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom. Despite the fact that it is objectively no different to collectathon "open-world" Ubisoft goyslop games such as Horizon Zero Dawn or Just Cause, Nintendo fanboys will fight to their last dying breath to defend this game.