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The average NoLimitsPedia users

NoLimitsPedia, also known to 'teens as pedopedia, is a vantablack deathstone Encyclopedia Dramatica clone wiki that is created and run by foodists, pedophiles, and blacked spammers, who have a page about the sharty featured on their main page and organize tactics to derail and "troll" in it, citing colorful tactics such as "Spam 'p"[1], added by the admin of the site ximself[2]. Note that the name of the site is an obvious edgelord larp reference to the pedophile snuff site NoLimitsFun run by Peter Scully, who users, Zuken included, "ironically" idolize. A thread[3] is posted on /soy/ about this page of "trolling tactics", and the 'ki is immediately completely shit up down to every page, to the point where their jannies falseflag that Froot is involved with them with cdn der 'cord links to an Instagram chat in fucking webp format with almost no verifiable information contained within[4][5], and post a tortured dead cat on the main page to epicly own le soyteens[6] (warning: it is obviously gore). 'Teens begin to report the site to the registrar and cloudflare because they host animal abuse on their main page and encourage the posting of 'p, with the following copypasta:


Thanks to a series of investigations, I have noticed that one of the sites that you host, (NoLimitsPedia), is home to endorsement of CP as well as gore on the front page.

The site is known for being an Encyclopedia Dramatica clone, a site that also hosts shock content.

Here is some proof:

Proof of CP endorsement: (ctrl+f and search "how to troll")

Proof of animal gore: (page history:

The site is also a reference to No Limits Fun, a pedophile ring that made CSAM videos.

Not only that, the site provided defamatory content on a website administrator named "Froot," alleging that they had ties with each other (, the proof is at the top). However, this is false, as they used a fake instagram DM generator ( and the @ featured in the messages was not said user (

Thank you for your time,


The site is also DDoSed by 'teens, to which they respond by poorly ddosing the sharty because 'teens could still post albeit with a bit of lag. They also tried to counter raid this very 'ki but were shut down immediately by jannyGODS, since all foodists are unfunny niggers incapable of slowburn raiding. Afterwards, they completely locked the site from even being viewed by anybody who is not logged in[7]. They later bring the site back up with a bunch of falsenukes on the main page and an extremely old dox on the 'farms for some fucking reason ev&oe they didn't even do anything[8]. One of the editors on the site tries to remove the "Spam 'p" encouragement to which the admin re-adds it[9].

Later in the thread, 'teens discover that pedophile filipinx literal who Zuken is affiliated with the 'ki by a few doxGODS dropping a lengthy fulldox with videos, pictures, addresses, and phone numbers. Connections are also made between the EPI grooming groups on Roblox that go by similar names such as NoLimitsBlox, which was exposed by RubenSim, who exposed Zuken as well, possibly connecting these groups with the pedopedia in some organized 'cord pedophilia and derailment ring. Eventually, Zuken found the thread and responded to multiple questions, and tried to paint himself as the good guy despite being give three chances before.

Shutdown efforts

At first, ‘teens tried to shut them down with DDoSing. This worked for a while, but never shut them down, so they retaliate and DDoSed us. None of them actually shut down anything. After discovering more, ‘teens mass reported their site to cloudflare and their registrar, thus causing them to temporarily shut down their site for logged-in users ONLY.

After all of the efforts, it finally succeeded, causing the ‘ki to go into a log-in only state where their (very small) circle of pedo supporters could only view the wiki. After, they targeted zuken, as he was affiliated with them, and sent a PDF file (lmao) to his father. While the operation is over, ‘teens are still waiting in the thread for a response from his dad.[10]

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