Nothing Ever Happens

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This term is usually associated with washed-up Chuds who are upset that TND still hasn't happened.

Nothing Ever Happens is a phrase commonly used on /pol/ and other boards in response to expected major "happenings" that turn out to be a nothingburger. It is the exact opposite of the phrase "It's Happening" which is commonly used on 4chan and in anticipation for something exciting that is about to happen.

List of times when nothing ever happened

The Zone-sama Dox thread

During the events Operation 9/11, after Minus8 had a spreg and left the web, 'teens thought it was a good idea to go after Zone-Sama, a very popular Porn "artist", who is best known for making animations like look too similar to show that is being "parodied". Zone-Sama is also commonly miscredited for creating the Anhka Ride animation, which was originally created by the previously mentioned Minus8. During the thread, the only things 'teens were able to find were find were a name- that being Peter Murray Hill, country of origin- which was the UK, and that his grandfather was a notable actor, who likely would be disappointed in what his grandson was doing. But the thread was abandoned because as you all know, Nothing Ever Happens.