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Object 775, was a Soviet experimental missile tank built in 1964. The tank had an extremely low profile, with a crew of two which sat in an isolated compartment in the turret. it is a more obscure but intriguing piece of military history. With its unique design and the ability to fire anti-tank guided missiles from a concealed, low-profile turret, the Object 775 aimed to be a formidable addition to the Soviet military's arsenal. Sadly the program was cancelled in favour of a new "MBT" tank which would result the Object 435 prototype for the future T-64.The Object 775's story is a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of military technology and the need for constant adaptation to meet the demands of modern warfare

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Relation to the Sharty

It is a well known fact that Kuz was a fan of Object 775, He had driven one of its prototypes while he was in the army and had used the metallic beast to kill atleast 243 Chechens[1]. Soot is also another fan of the '75 stating that whenever he played war thunder he would always pick it, getting 26 kills in a game once with it[2]. Many 'teens love the 775 and its not hard to see why its an amazing piece of military history, It's sleek design and pancake shape is a breath of fresh air in the world of tankery. Some compare the Tank to PPP, which is a good comparison considering that both are always used well and both are better looking than their compatriots.

Sworn Enemys

Object 775 has many enemys other than just US tanks (like the M60 Patton or the M1 Abrams), or IED's. For Example both Object 435 and T-64 due to them hogging up all the attention that the 775 should have got aswell being bad at doing their respective roles on top of that. Some other enemies include:

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  3. I saw it on the news I guess.