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This page is a TRVTHNVKE.

Average nuoldcacatroons from 711CUCK malding. Thank God these fags can't even pull off a single raid to save their lives

Opposite of Newfag

Oldfags are notorious whiners who would rather nostalgiafag for the rest of their lives than start or join anything new. Just admit that newGODS mindbroke you all and move on.

  1. Your memes were not funny. Grow up nigger
    1. >muh long cat
    2. >le mootxico
  2. I know you know that you sound like the same people /b/ pissed off whenever soyGODS buckbreak your faggotry. I thought you were supposed to be epic heckin 1337 hackers who know to not feed da trooooollls

btw did you know boomers on fucking usenet were using "oldfag"?

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