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Operation 'Plier

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Operation 'Plier is a failraid.
You can update the page to reflect this. Better luck next time!

Operation 'Plier was a sophisticated, yet complex plan/scheme to get Markiplier to make a video about and/or the Soyjak Wiki.

Currently, it is assumed this plan didn't get very far. The extent of the raid's execution hasn't been documented, but it is generally considered a failure.


The goal can be accomplished by incorporating the core principles and practices of Jihad into the approach. Nothing is impossible.


To achieve the goal there will need to be a varied set of strategies for inclining Markiplier to make the video.


Reddit, more specifically r/Markiplier is a good target as there are several methods for spamming on Reddit. One method involves using a bot to DM every subscriber of a subreddit. Another method could use a Reddit bot to reply to comments with keywords like "Markiplier" with an informational wall of text about, however this requires lots of accounts with enough karma to post.

A more feasible method is mass-following users on an account with a name that would give people an idea to go onto the 'party, this will give them a notification stating that you followed them (e.g. '/u/join_soyjakDOTparty has followed you!'). However this feature is now opt-out after being mass-abused against Reddit trannies but despite that, it's likely that most posters have this enabled.

A method that would ensure everyone targeted would receive a notification is creating a subreddit with a name promoting the 'party and then mass-inviting accounts as moderators to this subreddit.

Another vector for spamming would be Markiplier's business email accounts, or his associates' emails (e.g. his editor). These could be spammed with fake fan mail to get Markiplier's attention.


On a more case-by-case basis, users of the Markiplier subreddit could be trolled into visiting the site out of curiosity. A good example where this worked is u/Roygbivsloweddown. If enough r/Markiplier users have similar experiences to Roy, the subreddit moderators or even Markiplier himself could become aware of the trolling and make it a drama.


Due to the imageboard nature of, Markiplier could be hesitant to showcase it since his fanbase is mostly underage. A countermeasure could be creating a dedicated SFW Markiplier board on where hate speech, racism, etc. are strictly forbidden. When spreading information about to Markiplier and his fans, the links should lead directly to this new board.


After the failure of this operation (as it is very difficult, 'teens lost interest), a nearly identical and much more succesful operation angainst youtuber turkey tom took place.

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