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Operation Bleached Bowl

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For the CIA-endorsed, Soot-loyalist, (((official version of events))), see: Colorfuljaks#Operation Bleached Bowl


The revision of this page titled "Operation Bleached Bowl" is considered by many to be the most accurate. The page was formerly protected by Soot to remove any mention of OBB, in a disgraceful attack on free speech. The revision you are reading right now, also known as the truth, is actively being censored by because it doesn't align with Soot's agenda. Click on "view source", copy the wikitext, and save it in a .txt file to have a backup of the article. Janitors may remove the page history retroactively to censor critical information regarding OBB. You have been warned.

Operation Bleached Bowl

An example of a Colorjak. It it also one of the only colorjaks. Most people respond to this image with negative emotions.

Operation Bleached Bowl was an incident where Colorjaks, the latest forced meme being spammed on were allowed to stay posted despite violating the rules. These are just regular soyjaks paint-bucketed on with awful colors, regardless of aesthetics. Most posters believe colorjaks are coal. Colorjaks were created somewhere around June 10th, 2021.


Colorjaks spawned a new soyjak variant made in retaliation against Colorjaks: Grayjaks. Like Colorjaks, these 'jaks use Wholesome Soyjak as a base, but instead of being colorful, they are instead depicted in grayscale. They are portrayed as secret agents, similar to CIA 'jaks.

Evidence of Operation Bleached Bowl. Moderators started cracking down on anyone who spoke out, causing users to randomly receive 'nishments for perceived criticism.
The first grayjak.
A grayjak drinking gray.
Markiplier grayjak.

Operation Bleached Bowl

The mods were letting colorjakkers spam the board (pretending to be offline) while 'nishing people who respond to the spam with scat, scatposters received unusually harsh 24 hour+ 'nishments instantly despite color spammers flooding the entire board with spam killing most gems, mods then use CIA psychological tactics to rewrite history, such as spreading the debunked claim that there were separate scat threads (untrue, scat was only posted to spam threads)

Evidence of Operation Bleached Bowl. While furry porn was deleted, Soot ignores the 'nishmet plea to avoid revealing that he is awake and aware of the board spam.
Colorjaks fill the catalog. [1]

Leftypol invasion

Several /soy/ users started to notice the unusual quantity of colorjak spam. After investigating (formerly known as, a poster noticed the following raid thread on /b/ - Siberia.

Hey guys Me and some friends on Discord have been messing with a website called "". We're posting rainbow-colored soy wojaks to celebrate pride. If you want to help, get some soy wojaks (a good source is SoyBooru), color it with rainbow colors on mspaint, and post it on the /soy/ catalog

This confirmed what many skeptics already knew to be true - the colorjak posters were in fact offsite raiders. The timing correlation with Operation Bleached Bowl suggests that Soot may have collaborated directly with Discord trannies or to raid his own website. Thus increasing activity and datamining potential.

Colorful or not?

Posters have taken notice of the fact that Colorjaks don't contain much color. In fact, the average non-Colorjak has more colors than Colorjaks, which at most contain 6 different colors.

Which one looks like the colorful one to you? Most people agree that regular Soyjaks contain plenty of colors and are already colorful enough.


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