Operation Chud Hansen

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Operation Chud Hansen is the shiniest, most glistening gemerald ever to be posted on the 'party!

>Hi my name is Chud Hansen
>Here have a seat
>I’m here to ask you some questions
>Why did you put a hairbrush up in your bare butthole?

/cado/ gemerald

Operation Chud Hansen is a raid on the pedo-infested chat site kidschat.net. Using highly advanced soyence and experiments, soyteens in the SSA (Soyteen Soientist Agency) discovered the site was full of pedos trying to groom teenage girls. After this discovery, /soy/ created a raid thread, declaring the operation and its goals. 'teens, using any legal means necessary, would bait and uncover the identities of the pedophiles within this child grooming ring. This operation is named after the famous pedophile-hunter, Chris Hansen.

Trophies of war

This operation is still on going, but it has already yielded several gems. Nikocado Avocado porn was used to troll one of the pedos. Another 'teen successfully convinced a goon to send a picture of him inserting a hairbrush up his rectum. Several pedos have been ip logged thanks to the effort of a few brave 'teens. Furthermore, thanks to the effort of all the 'teens combined, Kidschat was temporarily shut down[1] along with teenschat[2] (Also the pedocuck devs responded to the raiding, geg[3]). After the immense sharty win, 'teens decided to move to 321chat.Also the soyim convinced brushboy to GOON to soytan


1. Make a fake profile of a teenage girl

2. Say in chat >free links to 14F pics in my dm's

3. Wait for a pedo to dm you

4. When a pedo asks for a link send them the link (without the https://).

5. ???

6. Enjoy free IP's!


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Pedophiles Uncovered


>Name: Alex / 'Cord username: twisterfg563

>From North Dakota US

>Reverse image searched and there were no similar images found

Alex , AKA Brushboy
A second image of brushboy sent to the 'teen

>Has a facebook , instagram and snapchat. Sadly refuses to give them to the 'teen as they are for his family >19 years old

>Works on a farm which has 10-13 hours shift on average. It is a big farming company.

>Failed at college , attempted to do Business Management

>Claims to live on flat land and says everything around him is flat aswell

>Shoved a brush up his anus. Along with a fucking pen.

>Sent the 'teen about 4 dick pics , 3 videos jacking off in his shitty tractor AT WORK (Note that this tractor is observed to be a big one so he works for some industrial farming company) has sent the 'teen several videos of him making tributes to several other girls (There was a few tits or so in there so he possibly owns 'p) and also made a tribute to soytan (All videos except from the other tributes are on the shlong)

>Wants to get pegged by the 'teen larping as a 13 year old. Keep in mind this man is 19 years old. Fantasized about the 'teen getting kicked out of the house by their parents so they can live with xer. Fantasizes about the 'teen and their friends coming to their house and pegging him. (This is all real by the way)

>Has a humiliation kink. He is willing to shove things up his ass. Is willing to do stuff with piss but not shit. He is willing to injure himself (etc. ``pain stuff with his balls``). Willing to write anything on his penis and his body. Also loves to tie his balls.

>Gooned to soytan (DO NOT RESEARCH!)

Dhroov info:

the jeet's face

>Instagram account: dhroov18_

>From India

>18 years old

Casteh info:

>Name: Jared Michael Jennings

>Phone numbers: (262)-902-8110 (he gave this out immediately geg), (262) 902-3545 (likely his primary number), (262) 886-9266, (262) 637-6197, (262) 902-3546, (262) 902-5439, (262) 206-0295, (262) 902-2251

>Family members: Bryan Keith Jennings (61), Leslie Jennings Jr (85), Shirlean Jennings (81), Bryan Jennings Jr, Tracy Jennings (57), Nichole Jennings (32)

>Addresses: 3036 Pond View Ln Racine, WI 53406, 3122 SE 17th Pl Cape Coral, FL 33904, 4518 Kinzie Ave Racine, WI 53405 (family home from the number he gave out,)

>Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

>Works at a company called Cree


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