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Operation Gemstro

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Operation Gemstro is a failraid.
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Operation Gemstro was an effort to add a gem somewhere on Castro street, San Fransico, home of the LGBTQ magazine San Fransico Bay Times which is livestreamed on YouTube.[1] The plan originated on /soy/ and several plans have been proposed on how this will be accomplished.[2]


Some soyteens suggested climbing up Cliff's Variety and placing the gem right up to the camera, but this would be too risky as it requires a ladder and no one on the ground would see it anyways. Most soyteens say that putting the gem on one of the rainbow colored buildings on the street is the best way to do this, as it would get the most attention from onlookers and the stream.[2]"

Who will carry this out?

A couple 'teens came out and said they live in San Fransico. One 'teen asked if he should do this, to which everyone replied yes. But this guy said he was out of the city and would return in like two weeks doe.

Some troon said he needed a train ticket to get there and scammed $80 out of a generous jakker who was willing to pay for the expenses.[2]"

What 'jak will be used?

Most replies say troonjak should be used because it's an LGBTQ theme street. A few soyteens suggested cobson or some other normal 'jak be used.

Some chud came up with the idea to add 'cado.[3]

The thread


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