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Operation Pokém-ACK!

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This page is sylver.

Somebody I made in my head
Operation Pokem-ACK!
Part of The Global War On Troons

>Oh look, the kids are finally getting along!
Date7 Feb 2024 - 1 Mar 2024
Location, Discord, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Tenor
Result Success or failure depending on who you ask

The Party

Supported by:










Various Pokemon subreddits

Tranny journalists

  • As few as 10 /raid/ newGODS[it just is, ok?]
  • Some random Furfag [it just is, ok?]
  • 500 chuds[it just is, ok?]
  • 30 trans women and other random furfags[it just is, ok?]

Operation Pokém-ACK! was an operation with the goal of re-taking a bunch of media, characters, or franchises that were hijacked and used by trannies, such as DnD, SCP, Postal, Warhammer, Rainbow Six, TF2, Rain World, and Pokemon. And then, chudding them up.

Reasons for the operation

  • It is well known that trannies will take innocent shit or random character and try to make it a symbol of "trans rights".
  • Chuds need to take things that trannies like and start making them Chuddy. For extra gegs!
  • BTFOing of trannies.


February 7, 2024 - The first thread is created, /soy/ started uploading stealthjak Pokémon GIFs to Tenor.[1][2]. This would mark the beginning of the operation.

Stealthjaks at the top of Tenor's GIF page

February 8, 2024 - The Soysylum, a chudded-up version of the SCP Wiki would be created.

February 13, 2024 - The second thread is created[3].

February 16, 2024 - The third thread is created[4].

March 1, 2024 - Raid comes to a close.


During febuary, in one of the thread[s], 'teens developed a variant of soyspeak based on Sylveon and other things in Pokemon;

  • Sylver = gem
  • Umbrestone = coal
  • moonblast = bump
  • Thunderstone = Brimstone
  • Sylverald = Gemerald
  • Trubbish = Vantablack
  • Aryeon = aryan sylveon
  • SWABCC = She will always be chud culture
  • HWABCC = He will always be chud culture
  • team valor = chuds
  • team mystic = 'cord
    Sylveon in 1937
    Sylveon in 1937

^Nobody will say that.

The frontlines

The Reddit Theater

Upon suggestion that 'teens make variants of Sylveon, one 'teen suggested posting Israelieon on tranny subreddits and then when said posts get deleted go whine about anti-semetic trannies to the Zionists on r/Israel, this idea was left with standing ovation by 'teen unanimously. However these efforts have been mostly unsuccessful as reddit tranny jannies are leagues more active than our own jannies and would quickly be deleted, a problem exacerbated by snitchniggers (wow, who could have possibly seen that coming?). However, 'teens manage to some gemmy reactions out of tranny redditors in horror of the idea of a pro-israel Sylveon (even tho, trannies and kikes are secretly allies and that said trannies would probably get killed by Hamas foot soldiers the moment xhey set foot on the Gaza strip).

Gallery of Seethe

The Original Israelieon

The Twitter Theater

After giving up on reddit, 'teens decided the next best option to spread around anti-troon Sylveon. 'Teens plan to accomplish this by setting up a network of 'teens to like and promote each others posts.

>yours reeks of terrorism i think mine is way better kill yourself even doe mine represents a side that started a war with a terrorist attack

Gallery of Seethe

The Tumblr Theater

By FAR the gemmiest front of the attack, one 'teen posted Israelieon onto Tumblr and farmed seethe so genuine it reads like an AI was asked to talk like an IRL Soyboy. The trannies there were so assmad that they tried to make a palestine sylveon covered in watermelons and 'ru-tier countrycoaling.[5] Tumblrites are so easy to troll, you can just post an image and like 5 words and prompt paragraphs of ripe soyquote material from these bunch of Faggots. Tumblr trolling has been massively underutilized, especially because the fags who still use Tumblr are some of the most insane trannies on the whole internet.

Tumblr Seetheralds


TERFeon is an idea some 'teens have where basically make anti-troon memes under the guise of being TERFS. 'teens would then spread these memes over to feminist places like the Crystal Cafe who would then hopefully spread around the meme- because TERFeon would be something they would unironically do. As of right now. 'teens have managed to recruit a genuine TERF account on tumblr who refered to TERFeon as quote, "an icon". With this success 'teens plan to recruit and spread the meme to other TERF accounts.

VS. 'Cord

Through out the threads, it was made very clear that 'cord users have attempted to derail the op on multiple occasions. Most of these incidences were the usual tactics, which none worked this time because when these incidents would happen, sylvGODS would wait it out. Others were so brimstone, it nearly killed the op.

'orn incident

A samefag 'cord user nearly killed the op by creating vantablack, gay furry nazi edits of Sylveon while false-flagging as a sylv-poster. When these images were deleted by jannies, the catty was then flooded by furry 'orn off all sorts. Luckily the catty was cleared in about thirty minutes, but this ultimately left a bad taste in the minds of other 'teens on the site.

Samefag trips

Currently, 'cord users are attempting to samefag trips in an attempt to BTFO the op. This won't work for a few reasons;

  1. It's painfully obvious its the same person- mostly because xhey typically use out dated terms like "based", out xhem as an offsiter
  2. Many of these posts have numerous spelling errors- outing xhem as an esl
  3. The best way to defend against a samefag allegations is by providing proof of screenshot indicating (you)s- something which this user hasn't done.

The gems made

More images can be found on the Booru: Pokemon


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