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Operation Red Balloon

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The following contains material that some may find disturbing

Viewer discretion is advised.

The 'za has been ordered.

On October 24, 2023, a ring of pedophiles from Discord were discovered on YouTube, they seem to be operating by making children's themed porn videos. On the 25th, a thread was made on /soy/ targeting the channels and attempting to doxx the creators and shut down the channels.[1] This thread was then moved to /incel/ by a (((Moderator))), presumably in the hopes to kill the thread for unknown reasons. Later in early December, Froot deleted the /incel/ board, erasing all of unarchived information found in that thread[JUST LIKE MY HECKIN LOST MEDIAERINOS!!!]

Despite the New Frootist Order's official narrative stating that the motivation behind this was to cull namefags and the discussions surrounding them, some believe that this is rather a large coverup to prevent 'teens from uncovering information that could implicate past and present staff members. You WILL NOT question this, and you WILL take your meds.


Due to the common use of the word "goon" to signal eachother in channel names and titles, there is a possibility this is an extension of Goongate, especially bearing similarity to Jean Hollywood's "gooning account" which only had the purpose of promoting chronic masturbation and pornography to children and young teenagers on Twitter.

All of the accounts that are proved to have direct connections on Discord are subscribed to eachother, supposedly to get curious children looking at the channels tab to go deeper into the rabbithole (rather hilariously also making it easier for Soyteens to monitor them), but the largest (known) plug/portal for them is Yiffmakesmestiff; in his channels tab, hundreds, possibly thousands of accounts dedicated to "gooning" propaganda are listed [I wanted to confirm the actual number but the creator of the account locked his channels list], featuring many of the usual suspects – lolicons[2][3][4], furries[5], fart fetishists, zoophiles,[6][7][8][9] etc.


Several 'teens managed to infiltrate the associated 'cords to scrape potentially useful doxxing information as well as incriminating evidence. In Xelly's since deleted (GEG) abandoned discoal server, it was discovered that there was a hidden role known as (((anonymous access))) that allowed users to view potentially illegal material[10], such as animated "foalcon and lolis"[11]. The server is also populated with furtroons that want to host a gooning session in the VC, as well as countless other types of degenerates.

Users that are confirmed to have posted in this channel are 2d5553, igxellynsfw, nightyshy, merryrose007 and majorlagxi.


Similarly to #non-legal, this channel had potentially illegal material which could be accessed with the anonymous access role except this time it's filled with actual zoophilia, and 'p. which he admitted in VC

xelly admitting there was 'p and zoophilia (contains censored pony porn)
he recently brought those channels back

Notable findings

Lake Sprout

Despite not directly involved in the 'cord circle of the said pedophiles, the first tumor to get doxxed in this operation is Lake Sprout[12], a degenerate spic Roblox animator that produces fart fetish animations and openly links his NSFW content in the about section. This retard has a second active channel that occasionally posts vlogs that would show the neighborhood he lives in, leading 'teens to find his address and anecdotes of his life.

gassy greasy ass niggahe thought medications were only for one day! He MAD!!

Here is his full dox:

Juan Carlos Matus aka Lake Sprout

Address: Taxco 454, Nueva Esperanza, 21050 Mexicali, B.C., Mexico

Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]



Employee at Masterwork Electronics

With the target residing in Mexico and the majority of soyteens living in the US, so far no actions have been taken except for mass reporting his channel.

Xelly The Pony

Since Xelly found the wiki[13], I just wanna say. It's too late to fix what you've done. There's already everything important about you here. Your parents will eventually find out. You will probably be investigated. You will never be happy, so kill yourself, it will be better for you anyway. The feds will find you because you collected 1000+ despicable videos.

Xelly is one of the five channels mentioned in the master post. The channel uploads videos of female furfags twerking and having sex from Rule34 or other coomer sites and curates playlists of NSFW cancer from other handles in the pedo ring. The owner of the account is Kiyriih Clark, whose name can be traced from a Google Maps review under the same email he uses for his 'Tube. A 'teen infiltrated into his 'cord server and found out he's a jobless, suicidal[14], pedophilic[15], borderline schizo zoophile that hallucinates Ice Spice and VTumors showing up to his house[16]. Xelly seemingly has no concept of private information, and constantly shares embarrassing facts about themselves, making editing this wiki page very fun for me.

He recently deleted both #general channels from his old and new servers after some troon told him and gave him the link of the /raid/ thread and doxbin link. You VILL upload any archives you have of those channels.

Xelly admits to wanting to fuck animals
This nigga probably the guy that killed Soyberg lik get your monkey nigger ass out of here

Kiyriih Clark aka Xelly

Address: 595 Roland Manor Dr, Dacula, GA 30019

Emails: [email protected], [email protected]



Personal Discord: igxellynsfw, xellythepony

first call with xelly, he admits to taking pics of kids at 28:29 and talks about his psychologist saying he might have to go to jail after 27:00 or something
Xelly's dad using a dating site somewhere around 2007-2015 (when xelly was around 8-13)

YouTube: (NUKED LOL), ,,,


Mother: Jennaca Lasharol Clark

Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

(909) 659-3190


Father: Charles Edward Clark

Email: [email protected]

Wireless Number: (323) 849-8564

Randy Cook aka Majorlagxi

a pedo zoophile furfag that was active in both #restricted and #non-legal he works at a local pizza hut in Lake City, FL

he also commissions mlp "art":







MajorLagXi and his mother Anita K Moore
The arrest of Randy (Mugshot included)

ZekromLover Aka Zeklullaby/Zektroonlover

furfag lolicon toddlercon artist from honduras born at 1994-09-10

university address

zek stating he's in a catholic university


rule 34:




email: [email protected] [email protected]

password: ilovezekrom

^used to be active on his facebook account until it got disabled^


[email protected]:$S$D8tjnQpWlQMlZC07WFWeill6lH6fjoVq/prpAqSiIMFNJU7A.LP/


Zekromlover:[email protected]:ilovezekrom

hash: 39bb18915bff85a46d023d7461526e


An admin of Xelly's discord server.

name: Manuel McClain





Ed Sheeran's retarded cousin



age: 26

discord: furryguy69#9590


"Kayleigh Jackson Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States" according to his steam account



A known associate of Xelly's and a member of his 'cord, Loona is a lolicon furnigger faggot that wears cum-stained anime shirts. A 'teen investigated his facebook profile and found his name and address.

Jacob Nuss aka Loona

Address: 3319 Indiana St, Racine WI 53405[17] [it just is, ok?]

Extra Media

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.
kawaii desu catgirl ears
nigger club or something idk
don't kook at his teeth
xelly's ass pic

Miscellaneous facedox

Phase 2 - Green Balloon

Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.

Continuing with the operation, there is a fart fetish channel, directly linked to Lake Sprout, and some MLP pedophiles and creeps who scared like MrDavey (Parody channel), mentioned in this video[18]


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