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Operation SoySphere-Cobvas

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This article is about an ongoing operation. Some details may be redacted

Progress after the first few hours

Operation SoySphere-Cobvas, originally called Operation Cobvas, was an effort to construct a 180x180 Cobson pixel art on the communist art website The plan was announced in /soy/ post №358274 on 2022-02-24 and construction quickly began on site (-4239,-536).

>Then the plan became to slowly expand the "soysphere" with other iconic 'jaks like impjak wholesome 'jak, ominous 'jak, jacobson etc. After establishing a solid base, we could attack the █████████████ area with █████████, but they have a lot of supporters and bots too probably.

The operation mostly received widespread support, with well known posters CobDaGem, Vinluv Handesbukia and w7-890 contributing. Some vandals attempted to deface the Cob with QoS logos, snot, tears, bloodshot eyes, and "coal" written. These attempts were quickly stopped due to vandals' lack of effort and being severely outnumbered.

The operation was discontinued in favor of, due to being a infested with obnoxiously high cooldowns. The swedish gem remains incomplete to this day (as of 3/21/2022). But cobson was built, as was the original plan, and that's what matters in the end.


There are two primary ways to contributing to this project: Manual Placement and Bots.

Manual placement

Manual Placement is as simple as looking at the provided reference image and aligning the pixels on the image to the pixels on the canvas. This method, while the intended one for the site and the least technically involved, has a few problems. Manual placement requires active user intervention, users may end up wasting time (i.e the user forgets to click a pixel when his time is up), and it may lead to errors if users are not careful in their placement.


Bots are both the most time effective way of drawing on the canvas. Although they may be the most effective, one user proclaims that obvious botting may end up with the hard work being deleted[1]. Despite this, 'jakkers have refurbished an old bot for use. A download link to this bot may be found here.

Using The Bot

GNU/Linux or BSD
  1. Download the bot
  2. Unzip the bot
  3. Read the file
  4. Ensure Python is installed (Version 3.9.10 has been tested to work with this)
  5. Ensure the following packages are installed:
    • websocket-client
    • Pillow
    • requests
    • pyqrcode
    • pypng
    • six
  6. Once installed, run any of the .sh files to begin contributing to a project.
    • The .sh files may be used as examples on how to use the program if you wish to make your own canvas projects
  1. Download Python from here (if you don't already have it).
  2. Download the bot
  3. Unzip the bot
  4. Make sure to read file
  5. Copy the path that you placed the folder at. It should look like somewhat this:
  6. Open up command prompt (cmd.exe)
  7. Enter
    cd (the path you copied)
  8. Enter
    python ./
  9. Put any image you want in the PixelCanvas folder
  10. Enter
    python3 ./ --mode_defensive True --draw_strategy sketch -x (coordinates here) -y (coordinates here) -i (filename here).png -f "d5af23136acbf28360a0b309b89b8424"


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