The Great Purge

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>it's just like what tsar joseph biden did in 1844 in siberia or something

a sparkling new ‘toss
this as well

The Great Purge, also known as Operation Unthinkable is possibly the largest 'nishment wave in history of the 'sharty[it just is, ok?] that started on 3rd of September whern Froot decided to indiscriminately and publicly ‘nish anyone who posted on certain 50 board plan boards which were also locked. The ‘nish orders were as follows:

  • /fur/ -- posters were ‘nished permanently, UNTIL THE BOARD GETS DELETED[it just is, ok?]
  • /dawla/ -- posters were ‘nished for a whole day (later changed to permanently), and then it will be deleted
  • /mlp/ -- posters were ‘nished permanently, UNTIL THE BOARD GETS DELETED
Lee gets caught in the crossfire

This decision came under heavy criticism from the (un'nished) portion of soy community.

  1. None of the ‘nished posters broke any established rules
  2. Therefore ’nishing them actually goes against the rules for jannies/mods;[1] (>🤓)
  3. A portion of ’nished users weren't even the intended ‘nish targets, although Froot has said in emails and posts, that anyone who appeals and was ironically using the boards will be un'nished.
  4. Several users' 'nishments were reverted after appealing
A painting of the incident

According to newly-leaked documents: during the Great Purge, world-famous faggot and sole survivor of The Battle of the Ridge, Pinejak, was captured by Frootist forces and excruciatingly waterboarded for hours on end. The UN human rights commission is currently investigating this atrocity.


Gallery of pro-Frootist propaganda




  1. >You are not the coal police. If the post doesn't break the rules or guidelines, you WILL NOT delete it.
    >If something breaks the rules, delete first and only ban after repeat offenses.