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Operation Wikisneedia

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This page is a gem.

The 'za has been ordered.

The post that started it all

Operation Wikisneedia was a community effort that originated on the /raid/ board of whose original goal was to "raid Wikimedia Commons with Creative Commons licensed soyjaks". [1] Since the original post, its objectives and actions have grown to include enriching some of Wikipedia's many articles with subtle references to Sneed's Feed and Seed. [2]

Within days, Operation Wikisneedia operatives began posting several soyjaks to the Wikimedia Commons. Some of these remain there to this day. [3]

Other 'jaks, however, were not as lucky. While all surviving 'jaks were released as fully original content (meaning they were not based on existing 'jaks) and under various Creative Commons licenses, some were uploaded as "ineligible for copyright" due to "consist[ing] entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship". Wikimedia jannies were quick to seize upon this and attempted to sabotage Operation Wikisneedia by utilizing this technicality; one 'jak was deleted immediately (likely due to its referencing Among Us, a copyrighted work), [4] but another was subject to a major battle between Wikisneedia operatives and Wikimedia users.

The Battle of Janitor_Soyjak.jpg


Janitor_Soyjak.jpg is an image depicting two disgruntled jannies that was uploaded to Wikimedia Commons on May 5th 2021. That same day, it was posted to the /qa/ board of 4channel along with a link to the image on the Commons. [5] The thread received many replies, including one from the creator of the template that the image was based on, who said he was "beyond honored" to see his 'jak template on Wikimedia. [6] Unfortunately for Operation Wikisneedia, one anon claimed that he had "nominated [the image] for deletion". A deletion request had indeed been filed by an anonymous Wikimedia account, sending the fatal signal that alerted Wikimedia's jannies to the file's presence. Soon after the request was filed, the battle of Janitor_Soyjak.jpg began.

The following is a log of Janitor_Soyjak.jpg's "deletion request" page. [7]

"2601:40:C003:9550:102D:219A:5E54:EA69" is the anonymous Wikimedia user who filed the initial deletion request
"Pantshorse" is the Wikisneedia operative who uploaded Janitor_Soyjak.jpg


copyright violation. also likely non-free


Original poster here:

Uh huh. The creator hasn’t claimed it (they even responded in a thread I posted it in, and expressed joy that I created it; their message not only implies that they enjoyed this page, but that they think it’s very unoriginal and low effort; thus being able to be created by virtually anyone; thus working with the ineligible tag). No one has claimed this image, (no one has made it public domain either) so I have no reason to think it should be deleted. Whatever though, bro.


This is not an image-hosting site, this site is for freely usable non-copyrighted media.


And it’s not copyrighted.

After this exchange, two Wikimedia jannies, "E4024" and "Achim" both voted to delete Janitor_Soyjak.jpg, the former suffixing his request with "unless there is some subtle scope that I am not able to see", and the latter citing "lack of COM:EDUSE" (essentially insinuating that Janitor_Soyjak.jpg had no educational value) and "wrong license".

Pantshorse then responded to Achim's vote to delete:


Oh? It’s not educational? I can give you TEN reasons why it is.

1: it is an example of how humanity will always rebel and mock authority

2: it is a prime example of internet culture, demonstrating the extreme hostility, anger, and hatred born from anonymity

3: it shows how simply and easily an image macro can spread online

4: it shows how the introduction of easy to use computing technology has allowed quality of internet content to drop off

5: it demonstrates how internet communication can allow fame to come to many more people than before; by simply creating an appealable image you can achieve thousands of people reposting it and gain massive or minor amounts of fame

6: it is raw, uncompromising punk energy seen in generations before; it shows the cycle of old things becoming new again in different forms; from gothics, to hippies, to skateboarders, and now, in the latest from, memes

7: it’s a good example of a hidden meaning; you may see it as useless and crude; but it has many things to teach you. It’s a good example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

8: it shows how dedicated people are to something that used to be a joke a few years ago; I spent an hour or two writing a serious page and arguing about why it shouldn’t be deleted just for an image macro; that would be absurd a decade ago.

9: it shows a peek of a new future in content; easily consumable, easily shared; easily discussed.

10: it’s the beginning of a new age; where every person is so public that every mistake; every funny face; every regret is turned into a piece of artwork for others to laugh and laugh at

The jannies remained impassive, unable to respond to this BTFOing. The next day (May 6th), one user named "Eaaaaugh" whose profile proudly states that he "can nominate things for deletion" posted a Warosu (a 4chan archive website) link that showed Janitor_Soyjak.jpg used in a thread (but for some reason he didn't link to the actual post, instead linking an entire archived page of the /fa/ board). He claimed that this was the "[a]ctual source" and that the link was proof of "copyright violation". Wikimedia's unscrupulous jannies didn't question this "evidence", and it went uncontested by Wikisneedia operatives. Four days later, a third janny named "Aasim" voted for deletion.


Way above the threshold of originality and no evidence of free licensing. Also Commons requires that all files uploaded have educational value. For the purposes here, "educational" means that it has prospective use on other Wikimedia projects.

The next day, on May 11th 2021, Janitor_Soyjak.jpg was deleted by rubin16, a Wikimedia janny who claims to have deleted nearly thirteen thousand Wikimedia images. For his admirable archival efforts and biting polemical defense of the spurious charges levelled against him, Pantshorse was sentenced to a week-long 'nishment from editing the Commons. [8]

Further Trolling

Even after operation wikisneedia technically ended, 'teens still continue to add adding stealth gems to Wikipedia.

Editor Doxes


Wikipedo best known for suppressing all data and research that would support genetic cognitive differences between different races. Works at some university in Oregon as a liberal arts professor.

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