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Optimistic nihilism

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Optimistic nihilism is darker than coal...

Science says you should stop worrying and just consume

Optimistic nihilism is the ethical guideline OBJECTIVE FACT every true soyjak follows. It is a bastardization of nihilism, using its message of life being ultimately meaningless to draw a conclusion that basically boils down to "but you have to follow our ideology anyways, be a hedonist consumer and don't you DARE be hecking bigoted" (which goes against everything nihilism stood for but just trust the fucking experts okay??). It is the basis of all soy, as it justifies every subsequent action like eating bugs or living in pods because who cares about owning things when you're just le happy.

In other words it's just absurdism but rephrased to sound like it's a modern concept.

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Ian McConnell - Important

Kurzgesagt's video <-- This channel is unironically funded by Bill Gates

Optimistic nihilism
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