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Oreo are a brand of lemon bull sperm filled cookies consisting of wafers made up of chocolate flavoured meds, estrogenic and other mind controlling substances such as soy, corn syrup and floruide; and a light dashing of bugs for that genuine post-industrial experience. They are pumped out by Nabisco for the normie cattle masses. While Oreo are enjoyed by soyjaks across the world, one ‘jak in particular has taken an obsessive liking to these "cookies": Nojak.

Oreo are legally food[[They just are.. okay?]].

They're called oreo not oreos.

Hydrox is better btw.

Sproke Oreo (Sprokeo)

Sproke Oreo are an incredibly rare lost media type of Sproke-flavoured oreo that have been hidden from the public in a massive disinfo campaign by Nabisco. After the massive “Sproke Papers” leak in 2021, it was revealed that during the development and testing of the sproke oreo that candidates who consumed them entered a state of psychosis known as “sproking out”. Very little is known about the Oreo themselves other than that the creme of the cookie was made up of 60% Coke and 40% Sprite (The Sprokian Ratio)

Oriana Hernandez/kungfucarafu

Oriana Hernandez, also known as kungfucarafu, is an amerimutt bbc qveen who has an unsatiable appetite for bbc and oreos up her ass. The sharty raided her wiki about some "Untitled?" OCs and it got so severe to the point that she had to shut down the fandom 'ki.

Nojak sproking out over his beloved cookies

Relationship with Nojak

Nojak's connections with Nabisco allegedly landed him a lifetime supply of Sprokeo, which he keeps stashed in several hidden caches across America and Israel. The legend goes that the young adventurer Nojak came across a wisely sage, who was a member of Nabisco's wizard department, and who promised him all the Sprokeo of Nojak's worldly desires; however, when the foolish Nojak accepted the offer, he was also bound with a most servere magical curse: that he would be doomed to live out the rest of his days forever unable to review his favourite Oreo (due to threat of dmca takedown).