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OH MY FAUCI! This topic is literally Discord!!!
Don't trust anything you see. Read every revision in the page's history to learn the truth.

Discord is Jewish.


Discord is darker than coal...

Discord "servers" use "roles" to give permissions to their members.
Discord uses "channels" to separate different sections of a server.

Discord, also called der 'cord, Trannycord, Groomcord, Trooncord, Niggercord, Dustcord, Pedocord, Brimcord, Shitcord, Pisscord, Fartcord, Shartcord, Boogercord, Barfcord, Dumptsercord, Fedcord, Dicksword, Spergcord, Toddlercord, Faggotcord, Jewcord, the 'ord, Discoal, TikTok's Slave, Discuck, Reddit 2 and The Tenth Circle of HellYou Name It is an instant messaging service, infamous for its plague of tranny groomers and pedophiles (same thing), coalers, and other undesirables, in addition to the datamining glowies and power-hungry jannies. Despite referring to his dissenters as "discord trannies", Kuz himself has a discord account, though he is inactive.[1][2] Discord also has issues with CP spam, as the CP spammer and his clique are avid discord users.

It was created in 2015, though the mascot was an elf, but it got replaced with Wumpus the Hippotamus.

Discord also has a subscription service which costs users $10 per month. People pay to get "perks" like increased maximum file size, and a more in-depth profile customization. Discord users often neglect alternatives like the Matrix protocol (which they should, as its an Israeli honeypot[3]) possibly because they don't want to betray their favorite brand and go against the status quo.

It is known[4][5][6][7][8] that Discord is both The Coal That Is Killing /soy/ and the coal that is destroying the sharty.


bu5t, pronounced as "Bust", also known as Connor Howard, is a leftist foodist who sells loli hentai (anime porn drawings of little children)

get doxxed indian boy, using for explosive curry diarrhea as a jetpack wont save you now


The official Kolyma Discord server is usually inactive and, while theoretically being used for asking questions to the Kolyma top men,[9] in pratice it's mostly a scraper of Kolyma imageboard posts and the #other room frequentely has 'arty themed shitposting.

A closer look at an invite screen before entering a discord server. To get invited into a discord server, one must usually enter an "invite link" that consists of a string of letters and numbers. (Example: SZ7J2tN)

'nishment order from Kuz

Starting on March 18 2023, the following announcement was displayed on all boards:

Users who participate in soyjak.party-adjacent discord servers, and who wish to continue using the site, must leave them immediately. A complete crackdown on users who participate in these servers is under consideration and may be executed soon. This extends to the booru as well. Leave them immediately.

Views differ among 'ty experts whether or not the official Kolyma Discord server should be regarded as a soyjak.party-adjacent discord server (obviously YES). On March 22 2023, this announcement was extended into a site-wide rule (Rule 14) that reads as follows:

You will not participate in or promote discord servers, telegram channels, social media chats or groups, or other off-site, online communities which are harmful or evil in nature.[10]

This was a direct order from Kuz to combat organized groups (such as BBC spammers and trannies) that communicate through Discord and other such platforms in order to spread spam throughout the 'ty. The initial announcement and its extension to becoming a site-wide rule is regarded by most soystorians as being the the gem that saved the party, although this is disputed -- see Cobson.

Discuck shitting up the webs

On April 17th, this crackdown was brought even further, after some users started redirecting their domains to CP/spam oriented Discord servers. A large message was pinned:

Just a reminder that most of the sharty-themed discord servers (Which are explicitly 'nished) are filled to the brim with pedophiles, zoophiles, and trannies. This isnt being used as an insult, its stating a fact. These discords are frequented by notorious CSAM spammers, and this isnt an open secret, they are publicly invited by the owners. Rooms exist in which CP spam attacks are coordinated, and users are encouraged to share child abuse material through "trading" accounts. These are sick people.. Be vigilant and remember what kuz said about them. This isnt a reflection of the shartys userbase, its a indication of a healthy host infected with a parasite. These repugnant subhumans do not represent you or us, they are more akin to a malignant tumor, and with proper treatment, can be rooted out. One of the largest trooncord servers related to the sharty allowed Goth, the infamous cp spammer, to hold a Q&A; and socialize with members for weeks, despite knowing full well what he had done. They will deny this, but even the owner himself has admitted to jacking off to child porn. They are almost without exception in their evilness. We will begin to take these matters into our own hands, and begin action to end this insidious behavior.


The Wiki, which had a more lax stance on Discord, also announced a 'nishment which went into effect on April 20th.

The sharty's connection with Shitcord

None of you are capable of anything. You can't program, you can't doxx and you can't touch this server. Just give up you gay little dorks

I will assrape your boards all day long because I have all the freetime in the world


>were laughing at you in voice ch-ACK!

Although it is officially stated in the soyjak.party rules that advertising, or being part of Sharty-related discord servers will result in a 'nishment, and the Sharty despises the app itself, this hasn't stopped Discord users from continuing to make and shill them. This has left many soyteens to think that anything new is forced Discord coal, since these Discord groups commonly make themselves seem larger than they actually are.

Discord has been forcing dusty brimstone since at least January 2022, the same time CSAM, Goth, and Dancing swede.mp4 all arrived on the defenseless party due to Soot being busy with university.

During the spring and summer of 2023, a server was created by some lurkers and a sharty janny who groomed a minor into killing a dog, drawing a swastika on her belly, cutting and burning herself, and other stuff. The 'cord dubbed the footage of these groomings "mao's destruction". The server did these actions in the name of /soy/ and gained close to 300 members.[11] Some of these members (many if not most of them were foodists) would lurk the sharty in search of Jackbox Raiding threads in order to spam animal mutilation and footage of xheir groomings ('p) in the servers of streamers in a shitty attempt to "fit in." Once the server leaked, soyteens were not impressed. 'Cordies would talk shit and provoke useless drama in #General and VC. Many 'teens datamined and mass reported xheir server and eventually SHVT IT DOWN, finally bringing an end to this stupid battle. Once xhey realized IT'S OVER, some 'corders acked xhemselves and a couple others resorted to spamming threads with animal gore in last minute dilation before the 'nishmenthammer fell.

If you are in a raid thread (most likely a twitch raid) and see videos and screenshots of streamers and xheir 'cord servers being spammed with incredible gassy, scat, gore (isis shit, child/animal abuse), fetish porn, niggers, 'zellig, 'p, and other obvious 'cord material, then the raid has been hijacked by foodist and trihard trannies. Make sure to tell all 'corders to kill xemselves and when making a raid thread announce that no 'cord shit is allowed.

Since September of 2023, a handful of sharty-related servers had been spreading around, each with over 100 members and usually being shilled on the sharty. These servers are known to engage in grooming activity and spamming the sharty and wiki with race-fetish and 'p material.[12] One user described what they saw when joining one of these servers:

What I observed was the following behaviour in the pig-pen alone, only time I talked was about how to get further access. I lurked, hoping I could infiltrate, download the chats, then release them as an expose:

>Somebody spammed a 'p onion link, and the owner without any shame tried to get the FUCKING LINK to the deleted 'p spam until warned by another mod that recovering deleted messages was impossible
>I was told that I needed to submit a blackmail video of me jerking while saying nigger and wanting BBC up my ass. This is presumably so anyone crossing into the main server is afraid of getting that video spammed on the 'sharty if they snitch. I planned to make a fake video to get deeper access to get evidence. They were legitimately serious about this.
>The owner is a frog nigger. He is presumably Canadian, as he says "mounties" when referring to the feds once when asked about 'p spam on the server. He is a big fan of the BBC-son and is the only gif you are allowed to use on the server automatically. Presumably behind BBC and bnwo spam.[13]

This goes without saying that the discord rabbithole goes very deep, and is where the cabal of foodists, trihards, qafe, 09A, UTTP, makibucord, GIH, Various Splinters, Torswats, Cvlt, 764, Ethan Ralph Killstream, Sonnenkrieg, Atomwaffen, Patriot farms, Sew3r, Million Pity Tears, Gurochan, Lolico, and all the other discord freaks who ruin the sharty and other sites reside in.

Remember to always report posts made by 'cord users and mass-report their servers.

Discord's relationship with this 'ki

Discord users are often regarded as The Coal That Is Killing /soy/

Ever since the Issac Kate article was created, a seething 'cordtranny comes around once in a while to this wiki to vandalize and spam 'p.[14][15]


Discord is known for selling user data to one of its main CCP-funded investors Tencent, the fact that manyusers (even those who profess to be based) stay on the platform after becoming privy to this information highlights the slave mindset which is ever so prevalent in users of common social media.

Alternatives include:

  • IRC
  • Tox
  • XMPP
  • (((Matrix)))[3]
  • Telegram
  • Guilded
  • Skype
  • Teamspeak
  • MSN
  • iFunny Group Chats
  • Usenet Newsgroups
  • AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
  • Pictochat
  • FAX
  • Telephone calls
  • Telegraphs
  • Morse code
  • Hand writing a letter and then sending it through the mail
  • Smoke signals
  • Talking to people in real life
  • Telepathy


Total Discord Troon Death (maybe some day)

After Kuz's retirement from being head Admin of Soyjak.party, Doll annouced that the booru's main admin, dust was stepping down. This has resulted in only gems being uploaded to the booru.

Discord has not shown much reaction to these events, seemingly have fallen over night. Disregard that.

The 'Cord Files

On March 10th, 2024, the largest and most comprehensive 'cord leak in sharty history occured.[16]


  • The twink 'jak party, a server dedicated to gay pornography on the /soy/sphere.
  • The colony, ran by bu5t, aka Brian Conner Howard, ran by a 'p nigger, and his cronies.
  • The Furcord, furry posting, general degeneracy. Full of BDSM coal, probably the guys spamming loli niggercoal.
  • Negancord, degeneracy that can't be really boiled into a fine description.

The rest are ongoing or too irrelevant or already leaked enough from testimony to even consider leaking.

Exports and User ID's​


SERVER ID: 1212218571808309248
Important channels:
guidelines: 1214032456655704084
announcements: 1214046052546773042
matrix-server: 1214274930032644127
polls: 1214723526125158451
join-leave-log: 1214309030529343579

generald: 1216464814533247017
forum: 1214549354963148893
gem: 1214383486253797377
coal: 1214318733691195402
media: 1214069405789454356
animals-and-nature: 1214733561135894600
copypasta: 1214335067925782549
bots: 1214075426897534996

vc-logs: 1214329878577676359
Orchestra: 1214336373486522438
Chud VC: 1214336409616392193

bu5t: 946418807461773323

Co owner:
jot: 939229749425889330

Gemerald: 1214291971649183827
big_migger_killer_7001938: 1215437131930148956
Joseph: 1214309534827421718
raidz: 1185238790831341628
autismo vi acc: 1212641636375593011
COBSOFFICER: 1163180483807543357
Curlfunction: 1212925314154496011
MGE Private Cameraman: 1215503008214024205
mister fantastic: 1209933525294387281
RoonGunner: 1214338014529191957

big man: 921903081170558986
braindeadretard: 1037958934637584430
CEO of Pizza Hut: 1215689810015031317
icebear: 1214260767600287817
islamicgangweed420: 1215989371103084805
JSNautistborea: 1139888939788943382
Neko Dirlewanger-chan: 1212240463382184038
sagemaster_14: 1214373913317085224 (what a faggot)
unc: 616752558601666560
1mpris0nbdyu: 1212468591321030707
CactusBread13: 1163180552506064996
Chud: 1203079865662971987
cobby: 1214280535237595216
Croud: 1012747980345966642
darkfinst: 1163179521294467182
deadkek: 1200105563309211719
dew: 1214426727866966018
diamond: 1214354111751782424
No longer sorting by role:
Divergence: 1214285009842872323
emet: 1213945212028850246
fancycobson: 1214257239913799730
fish: 1167170844599005336
george: 1212251832915595325
Gundamkellogs: 1204108253567647749
HeavensWaffles: 1215416487414865935
honk: 748124011099193355
HYPERAGARTHAN: 822878984152678460
IM STRAIGHT: 1163180552506056814
Isabella: 1212509434690150482
klein: 465929138126192670
koreydick23: 1051128038160613407
Kpe3ep: 1163179520908591114
legendow: 1014975764065697922
lylaroseevans6736: 1078636556597862420
mixxxxxxxxxxx: 1183104532834689165
Moderator Academy: 939595602235371630
mostwanted: 1163180552531226674
Nikkov: 997470155569369109
Niksy: 1182328796523794534
Noah: 1039227302392905790
O_Cybernetic: 1163180531639406723
phoot3: 939591733598097488
Pravdavitezi: 719050845550805003
rev: 1212178583225634949
shinnaakino: 1214340307110469644
Shqiptarman: 1179476605685485629
smith: 952654386222469131
spergborea: 1212416055893430293
SpongeDrivers: 1208418620489863279
Sture_Z: 1163180532197249139
SupaNika: 977942855861559386
Topor: 772542240605470811
Tyrone McNaygor: 1214310646582087821
Ufukhan: 936620576938786857
zkernington: 936676459077058690
Werid fucking character dudes: 937782754333053028, and, 1177078193262428301

Html exports, am a lazy nigger so will not label.


twinkjak.party fanclub
server id : 1212927711605952532
owner :
fedcute 1126210181819281529
trusted :
chud0581 1203079865662971987
cobson2 1208752953591074847
janny :
tr4nt 672514949184225310
76660811 1208584671403843594
yoivsntnsjan 1058664967836012597
verified :
jewmaster123 1097184749824524328
trec9c 941919392738979880
unsociablez 1201754590417277028
sagemaster14 1168214121083314240
reosaa 1128573295676100609
paintthinnerhuffer27 1214345253591711787
hamoodbox 1182326511240491008
endoeuropean 1091899831712223345
irenequacks 855599497376038912
hydrosphy 1086113688152457237
hazmetric 881105276172898367
guy6_72792 1216135746919076082
gandobando 1174467692451856494
e3459 1107120309464735806
frogison 1193053286144688220
problematicweirdo 895659579680120902
vdv_zv 1185617338574319808
zogmogkanako 1212443071808278632
rob_the_thug 847981335078895680
yurimikalovichkuznetsov 1214309534827421718
sqfran 673054865173512203
creeperking00 1004068102985748520
unverified :
_applebloom 1081749364571132005
clausward 782390252030656523
hypercoelion 1048622620968484887
after.party 1214266539134685204
chvd88 664291155852132383
aiden3theschizo 925331479897178162
cobson_wabag 719274266696089690
womendestroyer1488 1212181142178893834
clarkey92. 1176677786216321136
superniggerrapist1488 701864369679499274
gandobando 1174467692451856494
trixology 1168323885444382773
guy6_72792 1216135746919076082
hydrosphy 1086113688152457237
illuzzzion101 1142943743293542480
autistborea 1139888939788943382
baowowgirl 1149326863584460874
_rapecel 1200918466014756897
basedgodfan88 1212178583225634949
snepop 1212342601378963476
daisychain62 1140413955622318180
channels :
twinky : 1212927711605952535 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - Text Channels - twinky [1212927711605952535].html
cuties : 1212934401906835506 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - Text Channels - cuties [1212934401906835506].html
uglies : 1213603840218107954 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - Text Channels - uglies [1213603840218107954].html
allies : 1216255114482942094 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - allies [1216255114482942094].html
purpose-of-server : 1212928269905694810 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - purpose-of-server [1212928269905694810].html
rules : 1212927939587604521 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/twinkjak.party fan club - rules [1212927939587604521].html


server id : 1214367787703730296

owner :
paintthinnerhuffer27 1214345253591711787
verified :
ltiapii 1177078193262428301
zogmogkanako 1212443071808278632
zekus420 294917218632728578
graciasamigos 960398133806891039
cunninghim 1000041835424661615
basedgodfan88 1212178583225634949
poopcel 1214310646582087821
mansondoe 1039227302392905790
illuzzzion101 1142943743293542480
gerlobe. 1125154832987213844
fnfpedonigger 1163180483992100944
fedcute 1126210181819281529
clausward 782390252030656523
cobson_wabag 719274266696089690
buttmuncher11_13150 1215464169835331726
aiden3theschizo 925331479897178162
vintlor 917387022677721108
channels :
gemeral : 1214367787703730299 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - gemeral [1214367787703730299].html
shiteral : 1214511623855931432 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - shiteral [1214511623855931432].html
nate : 1214689015215816734 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - nate [1214689015215816734].html
gems : 1214511636967202816 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - gems [1214511636967202816].html
coals : 1214511646370693131 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - coals [1214511646370693131].html
bdsm : 1214511772342423563 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - bdsm [1214511772342423563].html
hamoodbox : 1214743785108541460 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/Furcord - Text Channels - hamoodbox [1214743785108541460].html
miller-grove : 1214409604906090496 (no messages so it couldnt archive ze channel)


server id : 1209931667758645298

owner :
yurimikalovichkuznetsov 1214309534827421718
jannys :
fishbowl7788 1209925642817376308
verified :
caesar1121 837402778509901824
pravdavitezinowandforevermore 719050845550805003
anser1326 428340073575219200
draingang2004 1086096898886209697
josephdudley 749116603517370408
obliterationist 637278400217743372
boywhatthehell 534907928264572928
nihcur 965768061338669067
kooznetsov 1134245455803453481
professionalbargainer 1210111836066807858
rvpe_gvd 1209923209873326154
uncb3 616752558601666560
ostmage 655012032512262144
gruntbelt 435767955968491520
vnlre 1094943079976411229
channels :
general : 1209931668375347214 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/negancord (formerly new little dixie) - Text Channels - general [1209931668375347214].html
new-toss : 1214337320283799683 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/negancord (formerly new little dixie) - Text Channels - new-toss [1214337320283799683].html
music : 1210031380604657714 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/negancord (formerly new little dixie) - Text Channels - music [1210031380604657714].html
books : 1215768162784772259 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/negancord (formerly new little dixie) - Text Channels - books [1215768162784772259].html
animal-and-nature : 1209932358598271046 https://file.garden/Ze5j_zHwPg7iwG40/negancord (formerly new little dixie) - Text Channels - animals-and-nature [1209932358598271046].html

Note that the file.garden shit doesn't have media, but since most of the media is scat shockers, you should be fine without it. Assume that any of these links have NSFW material.

Kill all 'cordians.

Highlights of the leak

In short:

-Bu5t has generally moved away from 'p, and has moved on to bibisi, weird fetish posting, and raiding other splinters to try to shut down competition. Due to how the general channel in the colony is constantly nuked, the full extent of the reach of the colony of baiting on /soy/ or any potential illegal material(s) is unknown.

-The Twinkjak.party is mostly 'cord. If the 'cord went, almost all the posts would go.

-Not all froggies, but a sizable amount of froggies are 'cord and are being disingenuous with arguments. If you thought people who did demoralization coal actually believed it, you are mistaken.

-As can be gleaned from the raw emotes and attachments data in the .zip files and some of the .html's, 'lita and 'lita adjacent content is a fairly popular thing. 'ru images containing are often shared on some servers. This doesn't come as a surprise to most of us, but you could be honestly mistaken for believing that a significant fraction of 'lita viewers are innocent. The main audience for 'lita content and OC is on the 'cord. It's unknown if 'ru artists who draw 'lita are actually connected or even aware of these 'cords.

Update: The colony 'cord got fedded, #PACKWATCH: https://kiwifarms.st/threads/soyjak-party-the-sharty.145349/post-18162322


is part of a series on
the coal that is killing /soy/
Sources [-+]

Tranime4cuckTranniesTwitterRedditDiscordPedophilesSoyBooruJakparty.soySoygem.partyJanniesNightly RaidsNusoicucksFurriesFoodistsgothRedJewsNuleesFrootThree-Letter AgenciesDynaDot, Porkbun and Epik/nate/WariAvatarfagsAdmin 6PoopsonYou[You just are, ok?]

Symptoms [-+]
Treatment [-+]
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"Ze conspiracy theories are coming true."
Entities that want to shut down Soyjak.party [-+]
Tactics used to shut down Soyjak.party [-+]
Major events [-+]
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"Faggots of the world, unite!"
Related Figures and Entities [-+]

Kuz (Sootist Perspective) ♦ MaxObject 775SobotRedDoll (formerly) ♦ Goth (allegedly) ♦ Kolyma NetworkKolyma DatingNSSVidLiiDevyachYuriy-Kuznetsov TrustDiscordEduardo FoltzKuz impersonatorTheKuz.win

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