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Are you sure that it's just getting started? Because my peer-reviewed studies indicate that IT'S OVER.
The complete main mural as of November 2023. See the construction Outdated timelapse (.
The state of the mural as of November 29th 2023. It will likely be shit up in a few days by some Indian microworkers from Fiverr., also known as The 'lanet, is a pixel art website similar to, with the notable difference that there are no trannies and the cooldown isn't excruciatingly slow.


  • Download the images below
  • Upload it to and set appropriate coordinates

Keep in mind that the overlay has autocolor feature, meaning you don't have to bother picking the right color anymore.

You WILL restore the 'lanet to its former glory.

Quick Rundown

This is a quick rundown for those unfamiliar with the 'lanet.

  • Don't use bots unless you can get away with it. You probably can't and will get the coalie wiped by the jannies, so just don't, okay?
  • Hiring human help is legal. (according to some the oldfags) The reported prices are 0.5$ per 1k pixels and 5.5$ for an artwork of unknown size. There is a non-zero chance that this WILL be used against your work.
  • There is a timer mechanic that makes sure you don't chud everything up in 10 minutes. Every placed pixel will increase your times by a cooldown amount (usually 7 seconds). Once you reach the 1 minute mark you won't be able to place pixels anymore, which means you must wait. Virgin pixels(white and sea blue) cost 4 seconds, winning against the void in a minigame halves the cooldown.
  • The void is a minigame that appears every 2 hours at the 10-minute mark. The system will tell you the whereabouts of the objective in the chat a few minutes before you can play the minigame. You will either have to find it or wait until someone else finds it for you and posts it in the chat, like a selfish little fuck. The void is a growing circle that has to be slowed down by placing pixels in its way. The game ends either when the time runs out (win condition) or when the void reaches 100% of its size(lose condition). Winning halves your cooldown for 30 minutes, losing increases it twice for a short period. There's also supposedly a stalemate or something.


On March 15, 2022, the first PixelPlanet thread was made, instructing all 'jakkers to build a 358*358 advertisement for the sharty. Notably, the ad in the original post was reused from the PixelCanvas thread, although it was never archived.

The thread was initially met with skepticism, but the artwork was quickly completed 5 days after the original thread was created.

After completing the ad, new projects were made: a sproke ad under the first one, completed after 2 days of construction, and a thrembos ad right to the first one, which is complete. Additionally, signage saying reddit is coal has also been completed.

One Planet user accused the party of botting and got a janny to roll back the "reddit is coal" panel, but the 'jakkers eventually rebuilt it over the next couple of weeks. More recently a vertical panel featuring a troonjak hanging from a soyjak's mouth was built.

Until November 2023 the main mural had been completely removed from the site by the jannies. However, on 14.11.2023, 'teens suddenly launched an operation to restore the Soyborea (along with many other coalies). As of 29.11.2023 the main coalie has been completed with two new additions: the Babyjak and the FNAC ad. However, shortly afterward, it began getting vandalized again. Unfortunately, interest in repairing the main coalie has seemingly died down significantly, so the future remains uncertain.

Restoration of the Soyborea

On November 14th, 2023, a thread with a call to restore the main mural has been created. The thread started with some enthusiasm since the teens just finished the Ukrainian coalie and were prepared for the next objective. However, curiously enough, there was one Chud that was VERY insistent that everyone uses bots because he was REALLY concerned over poor 'teens wasting their time on stupid shit. A few days later, one of the pixelcordian soldiers discovered a report thread by WTFBBQ that tried to frame the 'teens as botters, all while trying to vandalize the mural using bots. It has also been discovered that this very faggot has been crying to jannies that the mural should have been deleted for months on his alt. Was he the man behind the slaughter of the coalie all along?

A few notable things that happened:

  • Some infighting between the 'teens whether the zelligers trying to build their shit next to us should be holocausted. Apparently the Zellig Derangement Syndrome is very real, its causes are yet to be discovered.
  • One of the letters has been vandalized at least 2 times, with the jannies ignoring the report for both. A chud who's likely WTFBBQ himself[it just is, ok?] visited the thread boasting about how he wasted the 'teens time by simply buying a few pajeet slaves to place pixels, both of which he likely sodomized right after.

The restoration has been completed as of 29.11.2023. It will probably be shit up literally the next day, albeit.


Operations are trolling, vandalism projects in PixelPlanet. They differ from the art described elsewhere in the article, by being destructive instead of constructive.

Operation Swine Dive

Operation Swine Dive consists of replacing Ukraine with water pixels, defacing their Stepan Bandera pixel art, drawing Russian flags, and drawing Zs on the map. Hohols then cried to the jannies and they rolled it all back. IT'S OVER. However not all of it was rolled back, and the invasion of Ukraine influenced Russia's ongoing war with the 'Krainians, albeit it might be that the pixelplanetgoers thought we were Russians. You can also view this gemmy art at,6719,-9781,4

conclusion: moderate 'sharty victory, ukranians called dem mooooooods and there is still pro-Russian art on the majority of their territory.

Operation Frog Genocide

In Operation Frog Genocide, 'teens targeted the KEKISTAN region. The first main target was the HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US Capture the Flag mural. Most notable among various instances of vandalism: they got Cobson onto the mural, ruined the flag, added a lot of "BBC" graffiti, many barely recognizable 'Queen of Spades' symbols, and "/QA/ WON" and "FROGNIGGERS LOST" graffiti. Shortly after they completed the Cobson, it was defaced with a bunch of coal, but still remained up. If anything, it was made a bigger win. After the Cobson was complete, the 'teens jakked up various aspects of Kekistan, most popularly replacing "kek" with "kuk" or "ack" and adding ropes to the frogs.

The next main target and biggest task was to replace the giant "KEKISTAN" with "KUKISTAN" which succeeded in less than 5 hours. This effectively renamed the region to KUKISTAN, marking this Operation as a big sharty win and a huge Frognigger loss.

At this point the owners of the region gave up on fixing it, so soyteen's moved their attention to the 2 BIG ass kekistan flags they have there: a normal one, and a more chuddy black sun one. and added a bunch of micro-'jaks all over the unprotected surface of the flag and changed the central symbol to black dicks and tranny flags.

Throughout the carnage, it wasn't uncommon to see vandalisms that remained for more than 3 days. It has become clear that how quickly the raid ends, depends not on the Kukistani's ferocity, or their defense capability. When it ends depends almost solely on the Sharty's eventual boredom of breaking the buck. As of writing, the Raid has endured for 5 days.

conclusion: decisive 'sharty victory, the frogs gave up after trying to fix the U in the large KUKISTAN lettering.

Operation Anglo genocide

similar to the above but with UK and the UK flag instead of the pepe colony. After it was discovered a ppf discord was using us, efforts died down. However it was still a minor sharty victory, as the UK is known to have very good defences and has barely ever been taken over. It was colonized for four days

Operation Furry Genocide/Operation Total Furfag Death

On the 3rd of March, 2024 a ongoing thread called 'teens to target a b*ykisser canvas. It was quickly chudded up; in the meanwhile, many moved to vandalizing the other furfag canvas. Some also started targetting nearby canvases

Jannies and User Opinions

Due to many deep cover efforts by 'teens, the natives have a mostly positive opinion of the sharty. Some jannies do as well. The chuddiest janny has to be Manchukuo, who makes references to the sharty from time to time. Sallbet, one of the head moderators, is personally neutral. Domi, one of the tranny jannies, is indifferent but has made at least one reference. Shaddy is just a good janny and WILL help you. All the others have no idea what the sharty is, but we WILL indoctrinate them.


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