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Soyjak variant
Origin/soy/ (May 3rd, 2023)[1]
Booru Posts 74 As of October 27th, 2023
Traced FromTasting History with Max Miller

Platejak is a soyjak variant based on a community post by the Youtube channel Tasting History With Max Miller where he poses with a plate of tiger nut cake in order to compare the cake with the size of his head.[2]


First Iteration

The variant was first conceived when a thread on /soy/ was posted with the screencap of the community post. The original iteration[3] was met with poor reception, being criticized as being overly detailed[4][5], being anti-aliased[6] which makes it more difficult to make edits for and the linework being too thin[7], which makes it too dissimilar to wojak[8][9] (see criteria 1 and 3 in this post). The poor reception to the trace led it to being called a turderald[10]. In terms of positive reception, Chuds have described it a nice NAS trace.

Second Iteration

Overshadowed by the third iteration, got almost no attention.

Third Iteration

A third version was posted to significantly better reception.[11] Chuds have described it as 'SHARTY SAVING', 'glistening', and 'the newest actual gemmy variant'. Within the thread, a falseflagger tried to pin the creation of the variant on DA COOOOOORD. A few posts later, he wound up turning face and described the variant as 'pretty gemmy'.[12]


A less popular subvariant of Platejak exists, in which he is holding a second plate.


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