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A virtually hairless black skinned guinea pig with orange fur on it's nose with chewed lettuce on it's side.
An image of Poog with chewed lettuce.

Poog was a pet guinea pig of the skinny pig strain of a soyteen on soyjak.party. He was very commonly posted on /soy/ and also had memes made about him.

Social media and interactions

Apart from it's interactions with the (now BACK, WE'RE JUST GETTING STARTED) soyak(s).party, PoogGOD uploaded on youtube under the channel https://www.youtube.com/@Mother2IsTheBestGame, enjoy your heckin 5m blogging videos about the life of a guinea pig, you heckin wholesome redditerino!



Gringo. The image that started it all.

The origin of this is quite strange, but actually began when somebody posted a thread with a GIF of a chinchilla which was supposedly getting raped, having a seizure, dying, or a combination of the three in a box. Within this thread a 'teen talked about a chinchilla he once bought from an animal convention which died within days, because unknown to the 'teen, the chinchilla was actually suffering from a rectal prolapse, which immediately prompted other 'teens to accuse the owner of chinchilla anal rape.

After this happened, another 'teen decided to post the first images of Poog which he got from the same convention, but since there was already discussion of animal rape and anal prolapses from other 'teens in the thread already, the 'teens then accused this 'teen of possibly raping Poog and his other pets as well.

This then prompts him to post images of Poog to show his well being.[1]

Rectal prolapses are actually relatively common in chinchillas, because they are gay animals that are as fragile as a harlequin babby made of glass.

Here's an image of a chinchilla having a prolapse. I couldn't add it to the article, because Angeleno is as fragile as a chinchilla.


Poog eating a carrot while watching Matlock in the background.

Apparently Poog's favorite show was Matlock. This theory is supported by the amount of pictures and videos of Poog that have Matlock in the background, such as his farewell video dedicated to the demise of the 'arty.

One of his favorite songs was Lil B's - Suck My Dick Hoe, for his reference to Matlock.

Poog's No.2999999 and No.5000000 GET

Poog's No.2999999 GET on /soy/

On the night of April 24th 2023, Poog achieved /soy/'s No.2999999 GET cementing his status as Sharty culture once and for all.

His getting the No.2999999 GET and not the No.3000000 GET is significant, because despite Poog's status as 'arty culture, he is still NAS. So, his getting the No.2999999 and reserving the 3000000 to, uhhh, whatever 'jak that got it (it was chudbob and troontrick) was the best situation that could've happened.

Later that year, on the 11th of October, Poog & Cobson achieved /soy/'s No. 5000000 GET to the demise of discord & furry coalers. The initial response of some nuteens was confusion as they did not know the meaning of PWABAG. https://soyjak.party/chive/thread/18697.html








Poog and Rabbits

Contrary to someone's belief, Poog or his owner never intended to do anything malicious towards any rabbits or their owners. What could have been seen as unwarranted hatred only came after the page was vandalized. <--- meds it wasn't vandalization, it was simply the facts you chud <You started posting pictures of your rabbits on the wiki article for some reason. Can't pigs and rabbits live in peace??

Why someone thought this, I don't know, but we never meant any harm. <--- meds again you ran over a rabbit with a lawnmower <It was an accident. I was trying to cut grass and they were huddled near a tree. I actually tried to keep one as a pet, but he was to feral, so I let him go.

I have autism btw


On January 2nd, 2024, a thread was posted to /soy/ announcing Poog’s death that occured on New Year's eve. At first many 'teens thought the post was a hoax, but ROOT posted in the thread to confirm that it was real.[2] January 2nd will always be remembered as the day /soy/ cried.



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