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Warning! The following may feature disinfo, psy-ops, or other infohazards created by the CIA. Proceed with caution.

Poop 2 is a discreted and debunked alt-right conspiracy theory[1][2] that claims a superior version of human feces called "Poop 2" exists, and many of the global elites are trying to hide its existence.

Poop 2 vs Poop

>Poop2? doesn't exist, take meds and eat the buggies incel.

Currently there isn't much known about poop 2 other than the fact that poop 2 has soul,[3] which makes it superior to original poop in many ways.

When Dr. Soyberg was asked about whether or not Poop 2 exists or not, he accidentally admitted that it exists[4], but he immediately took back his words which led many chuds into believing that the (((Big Sproke))) paid him to be silent.

Oslo Poop Treaties and Poop 3

A Soyjak working for the CIA was censored for violating the Oslo Poop Treaties when discussing the possibility of PEEPEEPOOPOO or POOP3.[5]

Poop 4

"I know not with what substance poop 3 will be made of, but poop 4 will be made of sticks and stones".

- Albert Einstein


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