Soyvil War 4

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Soyvil War 4

Map of the conflict circa March 2024
Date3 September 2023 - March 17 2024

Pyrrhic Rootist/Frootist victory

  • Gradual end of fighting
  • Root becomes admin
  • Froot secludes himself from the sharty and becomes a silent owner.
  • Shemmy comes out as the main splinter





Flartson posters (initially)[2]

Anti-Soyumvirate Coalition:

Anti-Froot rebels


Jartycord and snitches

Kolyma loyalists

Dark-Kuzist uprising

Massacord & shills

Rogue Janny ( bunker) [3] /raid/ refugees


Multiple Discord servers

'P spammers
Babybot copycats

Booru faggots

Spammers and coalers
Commanders and leaders




The Soyumvirate



Lute (jartycucks)


Max/Yuka/Levi Goldberg

Scar (Shemmy Mod)


Svvt (Shemmy Owner)


Feralteen and his unfunny Discord friends

CodeCaca (Afterparty)
Casualties and losses
  • Muslims and bronies banned from the sharty, innocent 'teens caught in the crossfire:
  • The first Choodist thread is deleted
  • /nate/ gets catty wiped by Choodists
  • Froot responds by filtering the word Chood to Max
  • /qa/ suffers a failed cattywiping attempt by a motley crew of /soy/ rebels
  • Feralteen and his buddies force their awful soys into the sharty & booru
  • /sneed/ is deleted along with /nigger/ and /plier/
  • /zellig/ gets deleted and its posters create a splinter
  • Booru gets purged:
  • Catjak and other awful forced variants like Vorejak are wiped clean
  • Froot Floods the fucking site with Google Ads
  • Feralteen is permabanned, then unbanned again. Wiki gets flooded by him and his buddies
  • Wiki gets snitched and goes down, 2nd great domain drop happens:
  • Several threads[5] get derailed by the derailcord
  • 'Cord ruins many raids by posting 'p or snitching
  • 'P is spammed on /soy/ by 4channers who got mad at the internet
  • Froot adds 4chan-style advertisements to the sparty
  • Frogfeds flood the catalog
  • The "great" soysuit happens:
  • J@rtywiki gets defaced for a short period of time
  • Babybot declares war on self-inserters
  • Two disruptive 'cords get exposed
  • Mutts and europoors duke it out on /soy/
  • Booru is almostly constantly brimstone and vantablack coal, caused chaos to 'ru
  • Angeleno retires from soyjak wiki(Great!)
  • Froot's 'cord messages get leaked, allegedly
  • Poopson is officially released?
  • Another splinter site was created.
  • Site host temporarily goes down
  • Deletion/banning of anything related to said new splinter, as well as it being wordfiltered to ""
  • "Kuz" wordfiltered into "pedo" and "Kolyma" wordfiltered into "larp group"
  • Rogue Janny leaked The Noticeboard message
  • Froot gets fully doxed[Debated]
  • One janny gets fired
  • Doxing is banned sitewide until DOLL steps down. (Yet another splinter site was created because of this)
  • Invasion of soygem's pixelplanet coalie
  • developer goes rouge and nukes the site
  • Aftertranny 'cord server gets banned
  • The phrase swedishwin gives you a permaban on the sharty
  • is created and leads to a permaban if posted on the sharty
  • Froot steps down(?)
  • Soygem gets entirely reset apart from /soy/
  • Scar gets doxed
  • Swinny's page number decreases just to 1 after a catalog wipe.
Choodists wiping the catalog of /nate/, 23 September 2023

The Fourth Soyvil War, also known as The Froot War or The Infinity War (due to the fact that it involves a bizarre gigantic crossover of unrelated factions just like a certain movie beloved by soyboys), was a multi-scale conflict that began around September 3rd of 2023, fought by the Froot administration over and the army of those who support it, and multiple anti-Froot militant opposition groups, figures, and splinters, as well as some outside third party forces. It's argued by some that this is the most confusing Soyvil War to date.[6]

The conflict would gradually fizzle out after March 17, 2024, when Root became an admin alongside Froot, with Froot choosing to seclude himself from the site while still owning it.



The prelude to the war was when Froot purchased the sharty from Doll and subsequently created the 50 Board Plan. The conflict escalated into a full-blown Soyvil War after The Great Purge.

The Great Purge

Main article: The Great Purge

Starting on September 3rd, 2023, Froot initiated The Great Purge, banning anyone who posted on the boards /dawla/ and /mlp regardless of context, with /mlp/ posters being banned permanently. This was extremely controversial, and led some to flee to the jarty. The skirmish briefly raised the Jarty's PPH above the Sharty's.

The Clone War

The Clone War refer to /zellig/ - /psy/ war with /psy/ backed with mainly anti-zelligers and /zellig/ backed by zelligers and froot in the round 4 elimination polls, September 7th, 2023. It is called The Clone War due to both sides extensively uses bots to boost each poll. Angeleno intervenes to delete all fraudulent votes which show a favor to /zellig/. However, a rogue mod decided to nuke /zellig/ in retaliation against zelligers.

The /qa/ & Squatter Question

Many 'teens are upset with the state of the worst board as the quality of said board is currently abysmal, serving as an enclave for bronies, furfags and an assortment of offsiters such as 'cuck immigrants and discord agents. Said "people" sometimes breach containment and leak onto /soy/ where they post vantablack coals or even brimstones most of the time.

Because of this, some shitflinging occurred. 'Teens attempted to cattywipe /qa/ many times, but failed as they were stopped by anti-spam filters and jannies who banned them en masse.[7] [ITS AGAINST DA ROOOLZ CHUD] Discussion - often devolving into online throwing of hands - happened as some 'teens thought the jannies were being overprotective.

It's worth noting those squatters don't just dwell in /qa/ but they're also attempting to colonize other slow boards./qa/ is just the biggest colony.

An example of an offsiter, likely coming from /vp/ or /trash/, doing a pathetic false-flag. The file was deleted, it was cropped pokemon porn. Here we see the tranny complaining about zelligfags, even doe they're annoying, he does not have the right to complain about them since he doesn't use at all.

Kuz's response

Kuz has given his opinion on The Soyumvirate and Froot's administration, showing without a doubt he doesn't like Froot. On September 17, 2023, The Dailyjak alledged that Kuz said the following words, in relation to Froot/the Soyumvirate: >"Terrible people. Absolutely terrible how they are running things. Never seen someone as incompitent. Terrible what they have done to that site. The polls show they want me back. Look at the new guy, let's call him 1 percenter because thats what he has in the polls. And they want me back, yeah. Is it 60%? 70%? [Reffering to seperate poll] They messed up. They hate that guy"[8]

The Anniversary Scuffle

Main article: Anniversary Scuffle

After the animation project collab got released, a few discord off-siters began posting baseless critique, claiming it was "Twitter immigrant dust", this prompted a small battle between subversive off-siters and OC contributors. Froot sided with the discorders, to the surprise of nobody.[See the citation list]

Choodist cattywipe of /nate/

On September 23rd 2023, a teen claiming to represent the Cult of Chood declared war on Froot and demanded that leadership over the site be handed over to them, or however the live action is roleplayed.[9] Sometime after this, Choodists proceeded to catty wipe /nate/.[10] Froot responds by filtering the word "Chood" to "Max", referencing Doll's claim that Chood is Max.

The Frog Rain

Main Page: The Frog War

On September 26, The Frog Pond invaded the sharty, mainly in /soy/ and /qa/. The frogs are able to catty-wipe /soy/ for hours, prompting jannies to range ban all frogniggers and wordfilter "The Frog Pond" to "The Frog Clitty". Soyteens would later retaliate by attempting to catty-wipe and stealing GETs on their website.

The Lawsuit Saga Spat

In September 30, Angeleno sent a copyright takedown to Lute due to the various parts in the wiki that are copied from this very wiki. Lute responded by threatening to dox Angeleno should he pursue legal action. Shortly after, Angeleno backpedaled by deleting the copyright notice on the wiki and announcing the cease and desist was "retracted".[11]

"The Nigger Curse" happened on the wiki - some CHAD vandalized the j@rtywiki with 'cado and [BLACKED] ads, prompting the sole janny to run back to his PC with this hotpockets - which is a very good thing.

Emoji Spam

Main article: War on Self Inserters

The Baby bot guy began spamming emojis on awful self-insert threads, which sparked ire among the self-inserting faggots. This prompted a quick response by the janny team.

emojis also got banned ruining gemmy zoomerposting

Mutt-Euro War

Main article: Mutt-Euro War

Following the muttspam incident, some people start spamming a weird neutralplier edit to counter it, the Euromutt soyjak. Muttposters and europosters duke it out against eachother, and as a consequence the 'log stays vantablack for a few days.

The "Carter" Brimcident

The Carter incident, also known as the Froot-Kuz war or The Cold-lyma War is a conflict that began on December 3rd, 2023, a day henceforth named "Marge Sunday", concerning Froot's efforts to dox "Yuri Kuznetsov". This conflict is being fought primarily under the radar, much like my heckin james bond call of duty cold war kinos.

What we know so far of the events:

  • 1. froot starts babbling about kuz/carter/eduardo
  • 2. a few anti kuz threads get deleted
  • 3. root and froot are surprised
  • 4. froot then starts making random namefag threads (like doxxing some random literally who streamer, and making a mastodon instance for the sharty)
  • 5. soyjak party posting freezes
  • 6. booru is down


Ever since then Froot and Doll have been releasing more and more info on Kuz, which included the reveal of Max actually being an alter-ego of Kuz, along with pretty much almost all of KolymaNET being a giant larp.

Poopson Incident

(You can read about half of this thread here)

On January 14th, 2024 at about 9:00pm, the gem that damn near destroyed the 'farty was created. In this post, a (not so anonymous now) soyteen had predicted a horrible tragedy. The creation of Poopson.

Main Thread
The gem that damn near destroyed the farty

This was foretold by a time traveler, trying to warn us against the creation of poopson, and that we must stop it before 11:33pm. The thread goes onto much soyduelling, saying farewells to each other, and thinking ways on how to prevent Poopson. But to no avail, Doll joins in with their opinion, saying the following: [12]

Eventually this leads to the introduction of a mysterious admin... ϪOOT!!

ϪOOT bans OP temporarily, containing poopson, and not allowing OP to post him.


ϪOOT quickly unbans OP, when OP makes an extremely dumbass decision... They post their ban, and forget to censor their IP.

The thread suddenly goes from poopson to attempting to doxx OP, which doesn't get far, because they only had an IP and no other information, making it impossible to get anything expect their city. Many shartizens start wondering why we would doxx them anyway, as they are a fellow shartist, and made a gemerald thread. Op then asks to not be doxxed, and everyone shuts up about it.

The countdown til poopson still goes on, with more and more speculation occuring to what poopson will be, while hysterics about the site going down continue. Eventually the clock strikes 11:33pm (EST) and /soy/ is completely flooded with Poopson variants. The poopening continues on throughout the night, with the original thread being left with nearly 900 replies. This was a historic moment, most of the sharty was convinced we were gonna shut down, new admins introduced, old admins talking for once in awhile, massive site wide chaos, and the grand reveal of Poopson.

Poopson has finally come and pass, never to return again.

A Collection of all notable poopsons. Gray poopson riding dildo, was the most used form of poopson, despite it being NAP. even though the true poopson was posted:

Hark! It is said...

1. Poopson is real.

2. The 'Poopson Incident' was a deft piece of trickery by the Janny cabal in an attempt to end the age of Poopson with impotent 'jaks. None of the 'jaks in that thread were the "true" poopsons, though they serve their role. ϪOOT is smoke and mirrors.

3. The only true prophecy was 3919922. The green Poopson is forged. Only the screenshot The actual screenshot in 3919922 is nowhere to be found! How convenient... in 3919922 is an actual indicator of it's contour.

4. 3919922 was not a warning. It was the fertilizing catalyst by which poopson's specter was breathed into party's womb.

5. Every NAP is a simulacrum of poopson. Every brimstone 'jak anticipateth Poopson.

6. The real poopson was posted at exactly 11:33pm EST that day. Despite the many NAP, Poopson did come to fruition. Fortunately for the sharty, it was quickly bumped off the board within an hour. One of it's only viewers described it as such:

"It was... Disgusting. No Rapeson could dream of this horrible, horrible creature. It looks similar to this: [13]. A gaping, drooling mouth, with a little pecker popping out, while riding a brimstone dildo. It's face distorted into an unholy mess, with a veiny, also demonic appearance. It had no glasses, it was NAS. The truth is... It is even darker than vantablack... It was Black 3.0 [14]. I am undoubtedly traumatized, but I take heart in knowing... That no one else has seen poopson."

7. The true form of poopson is known as Black 3.0.

8. The original time traveller, see here: Here . Seems to have gotten some details wrong about the arrival of poopson, though they could be talking about the speculated Poopson Incident 2.

9. 6-8 are bullshit. theyre trying to censor me. "black 3.0" is but another simulacrum and another attempt for jannies to get poopson "done and over with". look into the history and you will see.

The Poopson Prophecy Every "NAP" posted (prayed to), every brimstone forced (revered) in homage of Poopson, every goat slaughtered sireth Poopson. To "move past" Poopson is a fools gambit. Poopson is not "sharty history", it is sharty present, and sharty future. Lo, make way, here cometh the age of Poopson!

On January 22, after many users lamenting the wave of low quality posts on /soy/ in recent weeks, a group of users decided to create a brand new splinter website called "," aka "the shemmy." Upon its release, it quickly surpassed the jarty in terms of pph and popularity, however, the Froot administration started banning users for posting on the splinter, and deleted threads talking about it. A smaller-scale conflict was also fought between and the jarty.

Even Soyjak Party Video Archive made a community post endorsing the site. Froot and the other admins consider users of the splinter website to be traitors.

Since the site's creation, it has experienced waves of porn (including furry, 'lita and 'p, possibly other stuff as well) spam as evidenced by the bans.html page. It's currently unknown who exactly is behind the spam but the site's staff seems convinced its the FDL trying to shut the site down. However it's likely the same groups of people who spam the sharty with that kind of material as well.


Main article: Operation 9/11

On January 25, the site got temporarily taken down by Omocat, the creator of OMORI;[15] a blotter is added which read: "We got booted from the new host because a person (Tiffany C. Liao, AKA OMOCAT, creator of Omori) reported us, she can be reached at 626-378-9957 or [email protected], if you prefer to personally share your thoughts via correspondance,[sic] you are welcome to do so at 748 S Corrida Dr Covina, CA 91724. Sorry for all the downtime :D"[16] A GigaChad theme was made default,[17] and /soy/ - Soyjaks got renamed to /soy/ - Gigachads. Since there is no evidence yet which confirms Omocat xerself was the one who reported, there is the possibility that it was the work of an 'mori obsessed jartytroon false flagging as omocat (or the result of Froot not taking his sproke 'n meds.)

The Froot Files

Since January 2024 some jartycucks have been looking into Froot's identity, finding supposed reddit accounts and leaking discord messages.

For most of its existence, the jarty has been a dead splinter site comprised of only a small handful of anti-kolyma extremists who used the site to vent about the state of the sharty in. However, since Froot's administration began, the jarty has been growing in popularity very fast, attracting a horde of child porn spammers, fetishists, porn-addicts, groomers, furries, and most of all, trannies, who have been ramping up production in spamming brimstone-tier threads all over the sharty, including racefetish spam, porn, fetishes, gore, furries, avatar/namefagging, and other cancer in hopes of making the sharty unusable so that users will move over to their dead splinter site. Jartyniggers can be easily distinguished by their very weird, often sexual obsession for soytan and just overall being a coomer, as evidenced by threads on their site discussing grooming/early porn introduction techniques. They also use use astroturfing and falseflagging to make themselves appear more genuine.

On February 3, Froot got caught lying about the fnac discord, which in reality was likely the mod discord. Threads which talk about his lie get autosaged and deleted. A rogue janny then leaked the noticeboard message page which revealed a bunch of hidden jannies' usernames.

Dark-Kuzist uprising

On February 2, The Dailyjak posted a pro-Kuz message and declared a "dark kuzist uprising."[18] This lead to a wave of pro-Kuz posts which prompted the site administration to wordfilter "kuz" into "pedo" and "kolyma" into "larp group." Also in response to Kuz's attempted uprising, the Froot administration created their own Dailyjak to replace the Kuz one. Kuz later stated that all this was LARP by sharty mods and he wasn't behind it.

Froot gets doxed

On February 14, 2024, a HUGE plot twist happened. Apparently Root himself some guy pretending to be Root doxed Froot on, with the reason being "Private discord group chat where him and his friends, Doll and Angeleno create child porn and goon to it for hours. They also run a 4chan clone together called, where many of the userbase do not like him." The message was signed with "Get fucked Froot Sincerely, ROOT - Manager of". Froot's only response to the dox was "NO DONT ORDER PIZZAS I ATE TOO MANY" and the other site admins have yet to respond. This crazy turn of events possibly changed the tide of the war. Sit back, relax, grab a 'za slice or two, and enjoy the shitshow.

There was also somebody spamming 'p edits of soylita in the threads discussing the dox, with many of the users in the thread accusing the spammer of being a moderator of the FDL. Many users were banned during the situation in a huge banwave for supposedly being a part of's dox efforts.

However, there is doubt about the dox's legitimacy for a couple reasons, such as the phone number being german country code and 13 numbers in length (which is impossible if he really is italian) and suspicion of where the doxer got the info from (or whether the doxer was actually Root or not).

Frootist invasion of soygem wiki

A day after the Froot dox, a user began vandalising pages on the newly created soygem wiki, likely in retaliation for the Froot dox, calling it a "Dead cord website xddddddddd" and replacing multiple pages' content with "KYS NIGGERTRANNIES" and other spam. The offensive was weak overall and the spam was reverted only a couple minutes after.

Battle of the article

On February 19th, two users got into an intense edit war over the article on this wiki, with User:Yuka being pro-Frootist and User:TOTALFROOTISTDEATH being anti-Frootist obviously. The two reverted eachothers' edits, with User:Yuka's page revision declaring users to be discord trannies, while User:TOTALFROOTISTDEATH's revision was much less biased. The battle clocked in at a total of 48 edits before the page was locked and kept at the unbiased version. In response to the conflict, User:TOTALFROOTISTDEATH commented "nahh lil bro is SEEETHING about this page."

Italo-Argentine War crossover

A heccin' crossoverino!

After Froot revealed his nationality, the Fourth Soyvil War crossed over with another highly prolific flame war which had been ongoing nonstop on SoyBooru for almost a year prior, the Italo-Argentine War. The Argentinians and Mexicans quickly began to side with the Anti-Frootists, and the Italians began siding with the Frootists. >ITS JUST LIKE HECKIN AVENGERS INFINITY WAR!!!!!

Moderation overhaul

On February 24, the site moderation approach had an overhaul:

Many users were upset about the ban on doxing, and in response created‎‎, another splinter site to continue operations on. Both and were attacked with a baby-bot style script advertising some 'cord server, and swedishwin was also attacked with a neutralplier bot. Hostilities between the two sites arose when it was discovered that Scar, a moderator of, was the one that gave the doxing ban suggestion to Doll via telegram.[19] Soygem users, who are anti-Froot and sometimes pro-Doll, call swedishwin a "foodist nusplinter full of angry frootists that arent capable of even raiding some 4 viewer twitch streamer", while swedishwin users, who are mostly pro-Froot but anti-Doll, call soygem a "dead website that's full of oldtroon larpers and tranime avatarfags." Basically, the splinterfags are infighting.

These hostilities have resulted in swedishwin users attempting to Dox scar, as well as soygem users reporting swedishwin to its hosting provider. Below is everything you need to know about the two splinters:

  • Anti-Froot
  • Not pro-Doll, but they don't hate him either, he was a mod there at one point
  • Mostly against doxing
  • Iceland

  • Anti-Doll
  • They dislike Froot but not as much as they hate Doll
  • Pro-doxing
  • Sweden

Also note that the phrase "swedish win" or "swedishwin" leads to a permaban on the sharty so be careful.

Pixelplanet theater

Things were peaceful all the way over at the 'planet. When launched on January 22, its users created a mural near Iceland to celebrate the site's launch. The mural stayed untouched until the late hours of February 25, when Frootists and Swedishwin users invaded. Below is the timelapse of the invasion, Sweden VS. Iceland (oh my soot the swedes are back just like the days of old!):

After remaining vandalised for the majority of the day, soygem troops finally began taking back land by using bots to restore the coalie during the late hours of the 27th. They were met with harsh resistance by Swedes who kept pissing on the Iceland impjak by placing yellow pixels, despite the bots being deployed. Eventually the swedes retreated from the north and put an end to the Swedish occupation, for now it seems.

The coalie at the beginning of the counter-offensive, circa 23:00
After the counteroffensive

During and after the counter-offensive, the swedes fled to the thrembo part of the coalie and spammed black pixels, though they were defeated and the Icelandians began expanding their coalie.

After prolonged fighting for multiple days. And both sides fighting over the icelandic 'jak for 7 hours. They would decide to make peace, and with that shemmy 'teens allowed the swinny 'teens to make their own advertisement next to the coalie. And the swinny 'teens allowed the shemmy to finish its expansion. This has opened the possibility of the two splinters to get on better terms.

The finished expansion alongside the swedishwin addition.

Soygem gets nuked

On February 26th/27th, a new developer was added to help with development of the site, however none of the moderation team had the idea to make a background check or didnt even verify anything about the new developer, this turned out to be a fatal mistake because the developer turned out to a aftertranny going rogue almost immediately. The rogue developer went on to create a thread on the sharty's /soy/ leaking sensitive information such as: Shemmy's Banlist The Janny List Some threads in the janitor only board /j/ And thats it.

Xhe also went on to wipe soygem's /soy/ with a bot erasing days of hard work necrobumping 30 days old threads

The sharty thread quickly devolved into a shitflinging contest between shemmy's moderation team and the afterparty tranny

One of the other developers for the shemmy named codefag saw this and went on to create a video of the shemmy's catalog to prove it wasnt dead. However xhe SOMEHOW forgot to log off off xher mod account and as an result the ip's of the posters on the catalog and xhimself were leaked as well as xher thread deletion password.

Shemmy's users were ENRAGED by this embarrassment of the moderation team, one mod given emergency powers, went on to say: "It was a good run while it lasted.JK, A BUNCHA PEOPLE ARE GETTING RAPED TOMORROW MORNING BUT THE BOARD WILL STILL LIVE WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN" "I am not sure about the either but i sincerely hope the coder gets kicked out because he proved himself as a retard." "I was given a mod account by Pool literally a few minutes ago, but i was a janny b4. The site's 100% gonna go through massive restructuring after all this cringe shit happened and i am already hiring the new developer (my personal friend)." (xhis words not mine)

Being uterrly embarrased codefag's last statement was: "its codefag i deleted my user back to being 4chan anon bye y'all"

This however was not the end of the situation as just moments later the site became unaccesable with the home page just being replaced by a text saying: "CODEFAG WON. SCAR WON."[20]

After around 45 minutes or so the soygem admin, Svvt. Would come on to restore the site and to call codefag a trooncorder and stated "i have no idea what led to him having a spergout like this but the damage he did is minimal (due to him being retarded) and i've removed him from everything", and caused a migration of the 7 people who use the shemmy to the sharty and shortly therefore after a bunker being made for the shemmy that was made by Scar.

This incident showed all the things wrong with the shemmy, the mismanagement, the almost daily drama, da cooooord, the lack of critical thinking skills by the mod team and many more.

Angeleno responded in the thread saying "I remember talking to codefag and asking him how he knew he could trust the new dev." The leaker also stated "friendly reminder to shitgem dev that we also have much more data on the server than you even realize + have a cloudflare captcha bypass in the works and an automated spamming solution in development" "i will not rest until shitgem dies".

The Reforming of the Swedish Trifecta

On swedishwin, a thread was stickied reading:

"We must reform the Swedish Alliance of the First Soyvil War: Impjak, Deformedjaks, and Wholesomejaks. Why? Because I just read the Soyvil War wiki pages and it would be an A24 slow-burn cinematic masterpiece just like the avengers or something. We have already acquired Swedish editions of the Impjak and Wholesomejak, but no Deformedjaks. To amend this, I decree that the drawfags must produce a Deformedjak named Thunberg(Lars' little brother with down syndrome) within 24 hours. If they have not completed this task within the allotted timespan, I will decree a fatwa against DeviantArt and punish the drawfags by forcing them to mass-produce stealthjaks for the war."


^Holy Meds.

Afterparty ('cord server)

New up to date page with relevant info since soyvil war 4 is over: Afterparty (Cord Server)

The Return of Kolyma

In yet another bizarre plot twist, Carter/Kuz returns and announces the return of Kolyma on March 1st. Marge! this shit is getting confusing.

Sharty jannies nuked every thread announcing this news, and anyone who said that Kuz=Froot got banned as well, joking or not. It's clear the current site administration wants nothing to do with any potential kolyma fuckery:

Note "kuz" is wordfiltered to pedo

There was also a secret message hidden within the page:

Doll's response to the whole ordeal was "What a delusional freakshow."[21]

Kuz also made a telegram post responding to all the Carter drama, click expand to see the words words words kuzbabble.

Hello friends 👋

Time for a small status update.

Some of you may have heard that KolymaNET is resuming business operations on 1 March. I am of course very happy about this, because Kolyma was a passion of mine. It is being reformed under the ownership of lolwut, the owner of Vidlii, and a very close friend of mine. Me and him will be the two members on a new committee, which will oversee Kolyma. Read more here:

Some of you may have questions. I will try to answer them. But, I am still a private individual, and I request that you respect my privacy and my families privacy as well.

Firstly, I have nothing to do with the party and do not plan to have anything to do with it. It is in responsible hands now, I think, and I have nothing but good wishes for its admins. I have heard my old friend, doll, refers to me as carter. If this is some sort of inside joke, then nevermind. But thats not actually my name. Doll also said some other things about me that aren't true, but I think me and him would both prefer that it stays sewage under the bridge. My name is also not Eduardo Folts either, as I stated in a Q&A before I left being admin of the party, it isn't me. Take everything you have hear about these things with a tablespoon of salt.

Secondy, Max and Kaguya, are no longer Kolyma administrators, or even affiliated with KolymaNET in a business sense, and their sites are not related to me.

Three, I am not sick, and past rumors about my death were false 😉

Fourthly, more information about everything will come in time, but just know that KolymaNET, especially under lolwut and I, is a peaceful organization, and we do not seek to reignite competitive hostility with our old peers. Lolwut and I just wish to run our business.

You can subscribe to this channel to stay updated about other things in the near future. Have a good day.

On March 3, Kuz and Lolwut created, a site discussing all the drama and rumors. Both Froot and Doll gave their responses regarding the site, and anyone posting links, making threads, or even talking about the site was handed a permaban.

HoI4 thread

On March 2 a Hearts of Iron 4 roleplay thread was made on /soy/ centered around this conflict. It received over 200 replies and was stickied for around thirty minutes. 'Twas a big gem.[22]

Froot steps down(?)

On March 5, Froot supposedly announced he would be "stepping down" for some reason, there's not much info on this.[it just is, ok?] This claim has lead some to speculate that Froot is actually Jet Neptune from Fishtank Live because he "stepped down" just before season two of fishtank started.

The Admin War

Main article: The Admin War

The Kiwifarms Sharty thread has devolved into a war between admins of the sharty. Starts from Doll making his account, then Kuz made a post there, and finally Froot joins the war there.

Swedishwin Skirmish

On March 10th hostilities between the Swinny and Shemmy would arise again. This was the result of a few Swinny ´teens attempting to forcefully advertise their website on the Shemmy. [Despite the fact Shemmy posters don´t at all align with the Swinny.]

The attack would start out with threads advertising the Swinny with their mascot. Soon after this started up, the jannies would catch on quick to what they were doing and deleted their attempts quickly. Depsite their best efforts to try and keep up the spam, the threads were near instantly deleted by jannies, with this they would soon give up after around 15 minutes. When this happened the Swinny raiders would turn to derailing the ongoing cytube by shitting it up. A thread was made to poke fun at the raiders for doing just that. Some soyquoting and arguing would occur within the thread. but soon it was discovered by a ´teen that a former Shemmy mod, viasyni, was hired by the Swinny. A ceasefire was essentially established within the thread where the raiders would recognize this situation, and stopped the attacks.[23]

Despite the small skirmish tensions still exist between the two splinters as both insult eachother on their respective site. Although it seems preferable to either side to not start a more serious conflict out of it.

GemBooru hack

On 16 March 2024 at 00:26 UTC, an unexpected figure breached Gembooru[24],'s local booru: a frogposter avatarfagging as a collage of 6 frogs. He vandalised the site and added pornographic advertisements:

The hacked homepage, with the porn ads cropped out

The Gembooru was bruteforced, clearly indicating that its security was subpar (since bruteforcing is one of the unreliable ways to crack a password and usually done on a whim). Apparently the host password for the site was literally "shemmyskibidi1488" and our familiar hacker frog simply passguessed it.

First minutes

The site wasn't immediately up for public editing and uploading. Until 01:00, the website wouldn't accept any uploaded files because it accidentally used a Rule34 theme which would redirect you to Rule34 every time you clicked a link.

Raid begins

The Gembooru as it appeared during 16 March, 2024

On precisely 01:00 UTC, the website was updated, giving it a simplistic theme and actually allowing functional image uploads. All accounts present at the time were snatched and used to upload 'P, though around 01:12 the frogposter who hacked the website kindly reset the account passwords, made more accounts for teens to log into, and allowed anonymous uploads. Teens who logged in through the hacker's accounts proceeded to flood the site by uploading tons of bullshit such as frogs, soylita, soytan porn, loli porn, waifu spam, low quality scibblejaks, o9a shit, and tons of other crap.[25]

IAS uploads cease

At 01:17, 'teens began pulling the brakes on uploading 'jaks, as they would help fulfill GemBooru's original purpose. An influx of frogs and bait has been spammed on the website by 'teens instead of 'jaks in order to stray away from posting IAS gems (which would be coal during this raid).[26] Autists were caught spamming shit nobody cares about like margerald videos, literal random images from a Lorem Ipsum website[Marge…], and Never Gooners burning down buildings with trannies in them. Slopjaks like FnF Pedo and Brown Troonjaks were a common sight during this raid. The original proposal for what would happen to the website was Cobbert spam, making it a partial Cobbert victory.[27] Der 'Cord kept spamming brimstone 'p.

Raid concludes for the day

Trannies start uploading loli and photo 'p on 02:14, halting the raid as 'teens would not like to be associated with it.

Types of 'p spammed by troons

After most teens and frogs departed from the raid activity, the newest notorious boogeyman known as Captain Woomy attributed to himself the continued spamming of Splatoon porn, Overwatch SFM porn, Doomergirl/E-girl Wojak porn, SNWO propaganda, Choodist propaganda, and tons of Danbooru coal (as if you would want to associate that with yourself). A cord loli spammer was derailed with islamic state jihad gore and got called "kikeniggermonkeygorillamammalianpisscord"[28] Another boogeyman, Kellyfag, a Pro-MAP spammer, was suspected to be present and spammed Kelly, Deviantart coal, and brimmy MAP flag edits.

Note to editors: Do not glorify pedophiles. Nobody cares what these three boogeymen did. Let them fight, we aren't associated with them.


Doll steps down

On March 16th, Doll announced on a livestream that he was planning to retire from his adminship. On March 17th, Doll's adminship has handed over to Root. Kuz responded to this on the 17th with this:

"Since doll is retiring (right after I wrote about how much he lied to everyone), I wanted to end this disaster on a new note. I know that doll has read every word of what I wrote (he complained about it in a livestream), yet he of course doesn't respond to any of it here. He went strangely silent in this thread after blog posting in it for weeks."

"Another one of his big claims recently, which I never covered is that he "was scammed during the auction". That this was all an elaborate set up to make him pay more money and that no auction was actually held. This is false, and he knows it. Even if it was a scam, I would be just as much of a victim as he was, considering I paid about 30% of his bill."

"But it wasn't, it was a real auction, and he almost lost twice to other betters. He witnessed it all and still made the claim that "no one ever bet" and that max just made up fake bets to increase the auction price."

"And so on. There were bets made by some other guys including a guy who called himself benjamin, but max had a 3 day expiry timer on those chats so I dont have them anymore. Each better was shown eachothers bets so doll was very well aware that people were making offers. He would have lost the bet if I had not gave him four thousand dollars of my own money out of good will at a time when I had to sell almost everything I had to make ends meet. And this is why it offends me that he backstabbed me. When I left, he was a friend of mine whom I wished the best for and gave money to, and when I came back, he was lying about me. Sure we had an argument and the widely publicized "breakup" was happening at the time, but we still were in cordial communication with eachother."

"Another claim he made was that I (or max) are holding the Logwarehouse archives hostage. This is untrue. The logwarehouse was stored on dolls server and it was given to him when he bought the sharty. He either lost it or it got lost during the chaos. We do not have it, and this is yet another example of him blaming his incompitence on sabotage."

"I am not going to get into the other things he said, I already have. He's backtracked on many. including the claim I was CP spammer and posted CP on my own site (While LEO was active on it), despite "my" post history being leaked multiple times and this never being mentioned or noticed. Or that I blackmailed soot and the owner of Vidlii to sell it to me. He says that to explain how my purchase of huge sites fits into his carter dox. Maybe he'll make up another excuse for my most recent $20,000 co purchase (More info coming soon. Christ is king)."

"Froot is stupid and goes along with whatever doll says so I hope with doll gone this will be the end of the arguing. And hopefully doll will stop threatening to swat some random 19 year old in florida because hes taken out his pent up rage on someone he thinks is me. Doll, dont get pissed at me because you made the stupid financial choice of spending 8 grand on a dying soyjak forum."

"You told me and everyone else in kolyma that your wife was suffering from ovarian cancer (and tried to get us to give you gifts/other money) to help this and you still put yourself in debt for this site. Now that it didnt shake out you claim it was all a hoax and you are the victim. Why couldn't you let sleeping dogs lie and let us go eachothers ways? Why did you have to pick me as the scapegoat for your poor decisions? In any case, I hope that this is the end of all that. Go live your life man. You have a wife and a family and they need more attention than internet addicted teenagers. Hope you can get it all together."

Soygem's Great Reset

On March 18th, after the outage of yesterday soygem would experience their own crisis in relation to a potential shutdown. In the middle of the day the site would suddenly shutdown, going to a cloudflare host error. This would continue on for 2 hours as many of the ´teens who populated the site moved to scars bunker, which would end up getting raided by ´cord faggots. The bunker would be spammed to death for another 10-15 minutes before the admin, svvt came back to restore the site which took around an hour to complete.

Due to the host not keeping the sites data, the boards, posts, and moderation staff was reset. Due to the reset of site and also the loss of the wiki and booru some question if it´s over for the shemmy or not.

Scar gets doxed

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On April 12, Scar (AKA User:Wellmeaningjakker), a well known namefag who is an admin on the Shemmy, was (supposedly) doxed, along with a face reveal.[29] In the thread, it was also implied that Scar is a discord user, but users began arguing over the validity of the dox and the 'cord allegations. This event is still ongoing and details are very unclear, stay tuned.

The Shemmy's ban page during the battle

Invasion of, a 2003-4chan era style imageboard formerly owned by Kolyma and formerly administrated by Kuz, was raided by the sharty on April 19th. The 100000 GETs were stolen on one of its boards, and a pro-frootist thread celebrating the victory was stickied on /soy/, certifying the current sharty administration's ongoing hatred for the kuzists.

Lee won
The sticky on /soy/

Kuz & Doll continue

Even after his retirement, Doll continues to smear Kuz's reputation with tons of different accusations, posting on sites like and kiwi farms, along with lolkek who made a recent return to the site. This is likely in retaliation to the now deleted site Kuz made about Doll and his accusations. Kuz had this to say in response to Doll's continued accusations:

"I am highly suspicious of doll's and "lolkek"'s claims.

While reading the thread with supposed evidence, I saw doll claim that max had called him and his family and threatened to kill them, and that a Tennessee address(?) had requested cashapp money from his family. I doubt that this took place, and it really does worry me that doll feels the need to make such insane claims. My hope is that he is being called by trolls who have his dox. He claimed I doxxed him, which I did not, his dox was made public when he accidentally revealed his paypal account. Worth noting I am not located in the US anymore.

I of course never spammed CP on any site, and I maintained this position since the early days. An argument could be made for the suspicious timings of my arrival and the subsequent CP spam that showed up in soots era, I now believe this to be largely the work of discord servers trying to associate my name with their actions. You can see in most sharty discord servers, accounts with names like "Yuri Kuznetsov", "Kolyma Network" or "Kuz". These are either attempts to associate my identity with evil, or just some sort of joke. The accusation I have spammed cp, let alone posted on the nu-sharty is completely false.

Doll claims kolyma and I have involvement with discord groups. This is categorically untrue. I knew very little about them when I left owing to my disinterest in handling such grotesque things. Doll knew when we had conversations to spare the details from me because I didn't like to hear them.

I believe that, if doll is being truthful about these supposed calls, that he is being harassed by people upset with the light being shone on discord servers. Doll has never once considered reaching out to me about any of these things, despite the fact I am openly willing to help and cooperate with him with these issues. I asked max about this incident, and he knew nothing of it. I sincerely hope that this was a troll or someone else calling dolls family, because if he made this up, the implications of his willingness to lie about something so serious are quite dark. What would stop him from faking records, IP's, or more? What is his end?

Why would doll lie about me? I don't know for sure, possibly because he thinks I scammed him out of 200-400$ dollars. It's max's problem but he can't take it out on max so he has been running smear campaigns on me ever since I left. And, since I left, I have had absolutely nothing to do with the site. No discords, no posts, no spamming, I have 0 to do with the site. When I came back to work on my NFT project, I then, and only then, noticed doll's (At that point) month-long campaign of trying to convince people random shit about me. He has since backtracked on almost every single one of those claims when I made a site responding to them and pointing out some of my own criticism.

I later took that site down because I didn't want to inflame things further. It seems he is still promoting more lies about me, and for what? I am totally irrelevant to the site in its modern form. I have no friends who use it, no bets hedged on it, not the slightest care for its success or failure. I have nothing to do with it in any way, yet he still is intent on creating a anti-cult of personality around me, and chalking up every negative thing that happens to the site to me or kolyma. Maybe it is some sort of inferiority complex, maybe its because he is trying to hide his own misdoings. I chose not to publish the majority of the awful and suspicious things that doll told me he did because I do not have the energy to fight an e-battle with him. No clue why he keeps picking one.

So doll, for the final time, I am offering to have a conversation with you, and you can discuss anything you want with me. The claims you are making, especially about your family being harassed, are worrying, and if they are true, you need to investigate their real origin instead of blaming it on the first boogeyman you can come up with. I genuinely would help you if you wanted my help, and if not, then I would be utterly content to never hear about you again.

Worth noting that dolls claim that every "pre and post kuz" admin has confirmed "I spammed CP" is a misleading claim. Soot did not confirm that, he denied it twice in earlier Q&As, and said "it wouldnt surprise him" when asked if I was a cp spammer after being essentially begged to say I was by sharty mods in his Q&A. And lolkek had private conversations with multiple people and said it wasn't me."[30]

Doll responded with the following: "Alright, I suppose the undead zombie of Mr. Kuznets has found his way out of the crypt once again and is asking for my attention in his usual manner, and I expect my phone to start ringing soon as he activates his friend in "the Russian mafia" to threaten to kill me and them for the 5th time now. There will be big paragraphs, screenshots, wailing and gnashing of teeth, but not right now sadly as (drum roll) I just walked in to work. This should give the guy who said he would host kiwifarms and buy 4chan several hours to harass my friends and family that didn't change their numbers, to address me by my aliases, and to claim that everything and everyone that points to his misdeeds online was out to get him/actually pointing at someone else who he closely associates with/is totally fake. Time will tell, young soyteen, which way he will take this story. But as I said, the freight won't get moved without me. Maybe I'll reply tonight or this weekend."[31]

Soygem Invasion of the Swinny's /soy/.

The Swinny's log before the janny woke up.
The Swinny's log after the raid by Soygem. Notice the 3 stickies.

After a while of increasing tensions and small raids between each site. A full on invasion and subsequent catalog wiping of the Swinny's /soy/ would begin in the middle of the night on the 20th of April.[32] Due to the fact that the Swinny has almost no jannies on at those times the raid would go undisturbed for a couple of hours. This would continue till the Swinny's jannies would wake up and realize what was happening. Unfortunately for them the raid had already almost completely wiped /soy/, despite the high page number it was set on. This would only leave one actual page of posts and 3 stickiest left. Alongside this the shemmy would steal /soy/'s 5000th GET just to further embarrass the Swinny.

There would be an attempted counter-attack by what was left of the Swinny's forces with the process of embedding their link into images used frequently on the site, and attempting to wipe the site with said images. Although this would soon fail as some natives of the Shemmy would see these Swinny threads and call them out to jannies, in which they were quickly deleted. A Swinny poster who was attempting to force this would soon stop at the realization that it'd be impossible to wipe the Shemmy with embeds, all but putting a stop to this counter attack.

Overall this would be considered a total Shemmy victory, solidifying its grip on the splinter sites of the soysphere. This would also show that the Swinny might be on its last legs as its jannies are completely ineffective at preventing raids and the sites population is unable to effectively mount an attack.

The stealing of GET 5000 by the Shemmy.

End of The War

With Froot just becoming a figurehead and all other splinters losing relevancy/fading obscurity it was safe to say the SW4 ended the day Root took over as admin. This does not mean an end to all other minor wars and skirmishes which occur daily, though

See also

Other Soyvil Wars:


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