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Proto soyjaks in popular media

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Yes, soyjak looking things have appeared in popular media and not just propaganda posters.


Adventure Time

In some adventure time episode, Finn draws a sigil on a wall that resembles a soyjak, having glasses, an open mouth, bald head and stubble. This drawing opens a portal into Niggerhell. Or so I've seen[it just is, ok?]. This face is actually a recurring visual gag, appearing in over two dozen episodes and is actually based on an IRL Soyboy.[1] The portrayal of a proto-soyjak being used for magical purposes or as a demonic sigil lend further evidence towards the theory that the creation of a 'jak and whether something is considered IAS is deeply rooted in the occult.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Kino book series. Due to monochrome coloring and simplistic artstyle, some characters in DOAWK can be considered proto-soyjaks.

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