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Punisher Soyjak

Soyjak trend
Booru Posts 345 As of August 23rd, 2023
Based OnThe Marvel character

Punisher is a marvel superhero who kills le baddies and is very serius and badass because he actually kills them instead of jailing them so they can escape again and we can have edition 1646746539 of supergoyman adventures defeating them for the 6 millionth time. He is considered a higly controversial superhero because chuds may get the idea of doing the same thing with niggers, and as such is underused in the marvel cinematic universe.

He was popularized by a KYM user, known as Mr. Croat, who spammed it there during the great KYM raids of 2020, as well as Vinluv, who made edits on Deviantart as well.

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